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Significant Events

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Significant Events




Some of the more more significant close encounter events.



Noteworthy Events:


1663-08-15; Russia/USSR, Roboziero


Category: UFO Sighting


August 15th, Saturday. As the people of the village Robozero (in the Bolozero district, Russia) were in church they heard a loud noise in the sky and many people left the church to see what was up. One of them was the farmer Levka Pedorov who told the story to the monastery monk, who documented it in script. In midday a "great ball of fire" descended from the south in a clear blue sky over Robozero and moved across the church to the near lake.


Document: Roboziero Russia 1663



1897-04-17; USA, Texas, Aurora


Category: UFO Crash


A mysterious airship is said to have crashed in Aurora, Texas on April 17, 1897, exploding into many small fragments. Reportedly, the occupant was child-size and greenish, and the craft contained papers covered with hieroglyphics. The pilot's body is supposed to be buried in the local cemetery. Although the case was widely regarded as a hoax, new investigation brought to light a peculiar alloy that was eventually analyzed by the McDonnell Aircraft Company.


Document: Aurora, Texas 1897



1908-06-30; USSR, Siberia


Category: Explosion


A mysterious explosion rocked the Jenissei portion of the Siberian forest. People living in the area observed a huge fireball that rose up high in the sky. Russian scientist Kazantsev researched what he described as the Tunguska blast, going so far as trailblazing through the area in search of an impact crater that was never found. Trees in the area, though, were knocked to the ground from an epicenter which, unlike normal blasts, was more elliptical than spherical, following the original object's trajectory. The witnesses who observed the fireball later succumbed to a deadly sickness very much resembling radiation poisoning.


Many theories have been suggested as to what caused the blast.


Most prevalent among those have been microscopic black hole impact with the Earth, collision with a comet and a nuclear powered extraterrestrial vehicle losing control and crashing.


Document: Tunguska meteor impact 1908



1932-05-00; USA, Ohio, St. Paris


Category: UFO Photo


CE_1932-05-00USAOHStParis_1 CE_1932-05-00USAOHStParis_2


The unidentified flying object in the picture could not have been a street lamp, simply because there were no street lamps there at the time. There are no power poles or power lines visible anywhere in this picture. Summer 1932, Mid-day, St. Paris, Ohio. This picture of George Sutton of St. Paris, Ohio, taken near mid-day (as may be seen from the shadows on the ground) shows a vintage automobile with a 1932 license plate on the front bumper. The owner of the photo album says there were no electric street lights along this road in those days. Nobody has been able to account for the dark object seen over Sutton's left shoulder in this photograph.


Many have claimed the photo a hoax, however 1932 is a little early for this particular type of "saucer" hoax snapshot. 1932 was certainly long before the "saucer" mentality which debunkers love to claim permeated US culture (and gave rise to both hoaxes and delusions and mass hallucinations, they claim) thanks to various visual media, from sci-fi comics to movies; Certainly long before Kenneth Arnold's infamous description of the discs seen at Mt. Ranier in 1947. It was 1938 when Orson Welles broadcast his radio play adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The War Of The Worlds" where martian ships were described more like marching robots on tripodal limbs with flailing tentacles, death rays and black, poisonous gasses.





1942-02-25; USA, California, Los Angeles


Category: UFO Sighting


February 25, 1942 - US Military Fires On UFO Over Los Angeles!

Known as the Battle of Los Angeles, the details of this remarkable UFO encounter are such that has produced extensive reporting on the subject for over 3 years, as more and more evidence and information come in from researchers and those enthralled with the event.


"Los Angeles Times" staff photographers snapped several photographs of 15 or more silvery UFOs in night searchlight beams. The objects were circular in shape and somewhat luminous. 1430 rounds of anti-aircraft artillery shells were fired during the one hour observation. Nothing was shot down. Witnesses included searchlight crews, gun crews and thousands of spectators.






1944-05-00; Norway, Karenten


Category: Foo Fighter


A German Air Force photographer snapped a picture of a bright slightly radiant globe of light in the daylight sky above the wing of a neighboring aircraft in the formation. The aircraft was a Norwegian craft.


This is just one of many photos of "foo fighters" taken by pilots during the war. This particular photo was taken over Germany. These inexplicable spheres and discs of light were reported to be seen flying in formation, sometimes in what appeared to be mock battle or simply tailing squadrons of fighters. At the time, many military experts believed them to be advanced German flying machines or some kind of new weaponry, yet the "foo fighters" never attacked allied aircraft.





1946-00-00; Norway, Spitzbergen


Category: UFO Crash


A piece of evidence of Alien visitors surfaced in 1946 when General James H. Doolittle was sent to Spitzbergen Norway to examine what was described as but not named a Flying Saucer. Of particular concern was the level of technology of the craft and the fact that the bodies recovered were obviously not of terrestrial origin. It was also disturbing that the vehicle seemed to be a short range reconnaissance craft. This finding was due primarily to the fact that no food, water or other provisions of any kind could be found. This indicated that there were more Aliens and more Flying Saucers with an unknown mission and with a technology that was far beyond our reach. The concern escalated when a second crash occurred on 06/12/50 on the Mexican side of the Texas/Mexican border. The craft struck the earth at such a high speed that very little could be found. What was found was taken to a nearby Atomic Energy Commission facility for examination. It was determined that the pieces recovered belonged to a similar craft as that recovered at Roswell. It was decided that the alien technology must be kept out of foreign hands at all costs.



1947-06-24; USA, Washington, Mt. Rainier


Category: UFO Sighting


Nine silver saucers, flying over Mt. Rainier, were observed by Kenneth Arnold as he flew his single-engine plane over Washington.


June 24, 1947 - Kenneth Arnold's Famous UFO Sighting


PENDELTON, Ore., June 25 (AP) -- Nine bright saucer-like objects flying at "incredible speed" at 10,000 feet altitude were reported here today by Kenneth Arnold, a Boise, Idaho, pilot who said he could not hazard a guess as to what they were.


Arnold, a United States Forest Service employee engaged in searching for a missing plane, said he sighted the mysterious objects yesterday at 3 P.M. They were flying between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams, in Washington state, he said, and appeared to weave in and out of formation. Arnold said he clocked and estimated their speed at 1,200 miles an hour. [end]


Note: Arnold estimated the speed of the UFOs at around 1,200 mph, or, at 10,000 feet above sea level, Mach 1.63. The fastest aircraft in the military at that time topped out at 700 mph. It was not until 1962 that the Lockheed A-12 Blackbird took flight achieving Mach 3.2, at altitudes of 40,000 ft. or more.


Kenneth Arnold has been credited widely for having coined the term "Flying Saucer," but in reality, Arnold didn't see saucers. He described a one-piece, winged "heel" sort of craft, or a crescent with a domed top, and commented that their movement in the sky was like saucers "skipping" across water which reporters then drafted into the lexicon of contemporary lingo.


Nonetheless, what Arnold saw and described was certainly not conventional aircraft known to any civilians at that time, though we do know that Nazi Germany was working frantically on craft of similar design and shape just before the end of the war and may have perfected it, the knowledge then falling into the hands of the Allies. It is certainly possible that the US Government/Military had such advanced aircraft as part of blackops projects in '47, but we simply don't know. One then has to contend with the myriad of reports of alien pilots found at the Roswell (and other) crash sites, seen by many eye-witnesses, and the total similarity in the description of the crashed craft. It would be unlikely that the skies were being shared by men and extraterrestrials alike in the same kind of ships.





1947-07-02; USA, New Mexico, Roswell


Category: UFO Crash


July 2, 1947 - Roswell, New Mexico - The most famous and thoroughly investigated by journalists, this is the crash that launched Majestic-12. It was the first and only time the U.S. government publicly admitted it had recovered a crashed flying saucer. Within hours, the craft was whisked off to Wright-Patterson AFB and a new cover story emerged, claiming it had been only a weather balloon (Project Mogul). In recent years, the officer responsible for that cover story has recanted. Three or four humanoid bodies were recovered; one was alive for a short time.

More information.



1948-02-01; USA, Ohio, Circleville


Category: UFO Sighting


Mr. B. Stevenson observed a glowing orange disc, 60ft in diameter and 12ft thick, hover over his farm. He was attracted to the object by the sudden fright his animals exhibited. Mr. Bruce Stevenson sighted a large saucer shaped craft hover low to the ground. The craft emitted a high-intensity orange light before ascending into the night sky. Mr. Stevenson reported the sighting to the local police who had no explanation.


Document: Circleville, Ohio 1948



1948-01-07; USA, Kentucky, Godman AFB


Category: UFO Chase


While chasing a UFO, Captain Charles Mantell crashed his P-51 and subsequently died.




Document: Thomas Mantell Case



1948-02-13; USA, New Mexico, Aztec


Category: UFO Crash


An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948 on a Mesa near Aztec New Mexico February 13, 1948 - Aztec, New Mexico - Three radar units tracked a falling UFO. Secretary of State George C. Marshall requested a search party be dispatched from Camp Hale in Colorado. A helicopter team found a crashed 30-foot disc 12 miles northeast of Aztec and recovered 2-12 badly burned humanoids. The disc is stored in Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio.


Document: Aztec New Mexico Feb 1948



1948-03-25; USA, New Mexico, Aztec


Category: UFO Crash


Another craft was located on March 25, 1948 in Hart Canyon near Aztec New Mexico. It was 100 feet in diameter, with 16 dead aliens aboard.


Document: Aztec, New Mexico Mar 1948




1948-10-01; USA, North Dakota, Fargo



1950-05-11; USA, Oregon, McMinnville


Category: UFO Photo




Thursday, May 11, 1950, shot by Paul Trent. This case "is one of the few UFO reports in which all factors investigated, geometric, psychological, and physical, appear to be consistent with the assertion that an extraordinary flying object, silvery, metallic, disc-shaped, tens of meters in diameter, and evidently artificial, flew within sight of two witnesses." -Conclusions for Case No. 46 in the U.S. Air Force/University of Colorado's Condon Report, 1969.


At 7:30pm, Mrs. Paul Trent was outside feeding her rabbits near a garage when she noticed an unusual flying object flying towards her from the Northwest. Yelling for her husband to bring his camera, Mrs. Trent stood nearby as her husband shot two pictures of the incoming object. Because of the object’s speed and quick acceleration, he was only able to take the two pictures. The object seemed to travel west towards a neighbors farmhouse, then quickly vanished from their site.


Document: McMinnville, Oregon 1950



1950-12-06; USA, Texas, Del Rio


Category: UFO Crash


Del Rio, TX 12/50, Colonel Robert Willingham or Laredo, Texas - The concern escalated when a second crash occurred on 06/12/50 on the Mexican side of the Texas/Mexican border. The craft struck the earth at such a high speed that very little could be found. What was found was taken to a nearby Atomic Energy Commission facility for examination. It was determined that the pieces recovered belonged to a similar craft as that recovered at Roswell. It was decided that the alien technology must be kept out of foreign hands at all costs.





1951-08-25; USA, Texas, Lubbock


Category: Night Lights


The Lubbock Lights




Capt. Ruppelt accidentally discovered from a talkative fellow airplane passenger that the rancher's wife at their home outside of Lubbock had a similar sighting that same late August evening. While taking clothes from a clothes' line, she was terrified as a huge, low-level craft swept overhead. It was a craft with a wing but no body, she had told her husband. "On the back edge of the wing were pairs of glowing bluish lights," Ruppelt wrote. He added that there was no way that the individuals in either of these two flying-wing cases could have known about the other case so they had to be accepted as legitimate.


That same evening four professors from a local college, Texas Technological College, were sipping iced tea and chatting in a darkened yard. Suddenly, they were startled to see an arc-shaped formation of soft, glowing bluish-green lights slips silently across the sky from the Northeast to the Southwest. Later that evening they observed a similar group pass in a less ordered formation moving in the same direction.


Drawing upon their joint scientific expertise, the men reported that the lights seem to appear at about 45 degrees from the horizon when approaching and disappeared when moving away at about 45 degrees above the horizon. The lights were traveling so swiftly that they only visible about three seconds as they traveled across 90 degrees of the sky they said.


The men were not alone in their sightings. Soon, hundreds of people around Lubbock reported similar objects flashing across the sky. Sometimes two or three flights in one night were reported. All were basically the same story: silent, dull, bluish-green lights traveling at high speed. But at the time nobody reported any more flying wings, just the lights in numbers of two, three, and groups of up to about 30 that were always high and swift.


Ruppelt does not supply specific examples of sightings by professionals around Lubbock other than tell about the professors' sightings that were already widely known. He does briefly mention (with no details) that airport tower operators in two nearby towns reported seeing the lights. Also, strangely absent is any mention of sightings or activities on the part of Reese AFB that adjoins the western edge of the Lubbock city limits.


The professors, being all men of science, attempted to solve the mystery and went so far as to send out teams of watchers so they could triangulate the sightings and gain some concept of altitude, speed and size of the objects-if nothing else. Over a period of a couple of weeks these same four individuals observed ten more passages of the lights, but their teams witnessed none.


About two weeks after the episode started, it ended.



1952-02-18; USA, New Mexico, Albuquerque


Category: Lights in the sky


February 18, 1952


At 6:45 a.m., just before sunup on February 18, 1952, a photographer named C. E. Redman was driving through Albuquerque, N. Mex. on his way to photograph a wedding. Stopped for a traffic light, he noticed two bright things in the sky. "They were hovering above Tijeras Canyon... The one to the north was on its edge. The other was lying horizontally. They were bright, bluish white... It was probably the most astonishing thing I've ever seen. Those things were soundless. They were not jets or vapor trails. I've seen hundreds of jets and vapor trails." Redman was questioned later the same day by a LIFE reporter and a prominent scientist, working together. From his testimony, and from the lay of the land, it was estimated that the disks were 20 miles away and four miles in the air, and that they had a diameter of about 136 feet.


Another witness saw the same objects Redman saw, and at the same time, but from the other side of town. W. S. Morris, a retired master sergeant of the Air Force who is now a newsdealer in Albuquerque, was out to drop off his morning papers when he saw two strange objects over Tijeras Canyon. "I watched them for 12 minutes. They were a blinding silver, long and thin, gleaming all over. They hovered, one kind of above the other to the right. They seemed brighter than the sun, which wasn't yet over the Sandia mountains. It just touched their bottoms and they glowed red. They didn't flutter or move. They just hung there. It must have been 20 miles away. Then they just suddenly dropped down behind the mountain, and the upper one tilted so that I could see its profile. It looked like a bell pepper-with a bump on top, that is."


Source: (bad link)



1952-07-26; USA, Washington DC


Category: UFO Photo


CE_1952-07-26USAWashingtonDC_001 CE_1952-07-26USAWashingtonDC_002


July 26, 1952; Washington, D.C. 8 p.m. until after midnight. Witnesses: radar operators at several airports, airline pilots. Many unidentified blips tracked by radar all over Washington area, at varying speeds. Pilots spotted unidentified lights. Just four days after the Nash-Fortenberry incident over the Chesapeake Bay, a fantastic series of sightings nearby set everyone's UFO antennae twanging. This time the drama began at Washington's National Airport, a few miles from the White House.


The first occurred at 11:40 on the night of July 19, when air controllers at National picked up seven slow-moving objects on two radar scopes. According to the senior controller, Harry G. Barnes, the radar showed the objects to be about 15 miles from the airport and traveling between 100 and 130 miles per hour.


Document: Washington DC 1952

Hot Spot : Washington DC - 1952



1952-09-19; NATO exercise


Category: UFO Sighting


RAF UFO Encounter


During a NATO exercise, 2 RAF officers and 3 aircrew at RAF Topcliffe observed a strange object which appeared to be following a Meteor Jet. In a written statement Flight Lieutenant John Kilburm wrote.


"The Meteor Jet was crossing from east to west when I noticed the white object in the sky. This object was silver and circular in shape, about 10,000ft up some five miles astern of the aircraft. It appeared to be traveling at a lower speed than the Meteor but was on the same course.


I said 'What the hell's that?" and the chaps looked to where I was pointing. Somebody shouted that it might be the engine cowling of the Meteor falling out of the sky. Then we thought it might be a parachute. But as we watched the disc maintained a slow forward speed for a few seconds before starting to descend. While descending it was swinging in a pendulum fashion from left to right.


As the Meteor Jet turned to start its landing run the object appeared hung in the air rotating as if on its own axis. Then it accelerated at an incredible speed to the west, turned south-east and then disappeared.


It is difficult to estimate the objects speed. The incident happened within a matter of 15 to 20 seconds. During the few seconds that it rotated we could see it flashing in the sunshine. It appeared to be about the size of a Vampire jet aircraft at a similar height.


We are all convinced that it was some solid object. We realized very quickly that it could not be a broken cowling or parachute. There was not the slightest possibility that the object we saw was a smoke ring or was caused by the vapour trail from the Meteor or from any jet aircraft. We have, of course, seen this, and we are all quite certain that what we saw was not caused by vapour or smoke.


We are also quite certain that it was not a weather observation balloon. The speed at which it moved away discounts this altogether. It was not a small object which appeared bigger in the condition of light. Our combined opinion is that , it was something we had never seen before in a log experience of air observation."


This along with other reports during 1952 caused the RAF to officially recognize UFO's.


Source - (bad link)



1953-05-20; USA, Arizona, Kingman


Category: UFO Crash


A USAF veteran claims to have participated in the recovery of a crashed aluminum-like disc impacted 20 inches into the earth. It was oval, 32 feet wide. Inside were two swivel chairs, an oval cabin and numerous instruments. One 4 foot tall occupant was recovered, dead. It was a dark brown complexion and wore a silvery metal suit with no helmet. The witness affidavit was released by respected UFO researcher Ray Fowler in UFO Magazine, April 1976.


Document: More information



1954-02-04; USA, Texas, Carswell AFB (Ft. Worth)


Category: UFO Sighting


A famous and well documented sighting took place at 2300 hours on the 4th of February 1954 in full view of the control tower personnel. The object passed directly over the Carswell tower at 3-4,000 feet, and was described as having a long fuselage, elliptical wings and a stabilizer, but with no visible means of propulsion. No sound could be detected. The aircraft had a very bright light in the nose and tail, and two yellowish lights on the bottom. Subsequent investigations revealed that no local aircraft were responsible, and that there was no unusual activity that could contribute to the sighting. The witnesses were described as 'completely reliable'.



1956-08-13; Lakenheath/Bentwaters


Category: UFO Sighting, Radar


13th August 1956, RAF Bentwaters. The Radar Station at RAF Bentwaters, (RAF and USAF) tracked a UFO flying at 5,000 mph towards the air base at around 10.55pm. A T-33 was diverted to check out the object. About an hour later that night another UFO was tracked, this time there was a ground sighting from a control tower, which was witnessed as a bright light traveling very fast. A C47 pilot also made visual contact and other radar stations tracked an object. The last contact on radar showed the object heading Northward.


Document: More information



1958-01-16; Brazil, Trindade Island


Category: UFO Photo


1958-01-16; Brazil, Trindade Island


1958 Brazil, Trinidad: Off the Brazilian coast near Trinidad a ship's crew as well as a Mr. Barania, photographer for the Brazilian Navy witnessed a saucer shaped object that shadowed the movements of the ship. No warfare exercises were practiced. Instead, the Brazilian vessel was participating in the International Geophysical Year of 1958. Computer enhancement of photographs taken reveal that the craft was composed of a globe circled by a large, metallic ring much like the planet Saturn.


A marine photographer took four pictures of a UFO seen from a Brazilian Navy ship. This is one of the best sightings on record.


Document: Trindade, Brazil 1958



1961-02-24; Earth Orbit, Soviet Capsule


Category: Astronaut Sighting


The Soviet Union launched a seven day orbital mission with two cosmonauts, one man and one woman. On February 24, the mission went awry when their space capsule began to malfunction, losing lights and air. Later, during their attempts to repair their craft, a curious conversation was recorded. "I'll take it and hold it with my right hand. Look out the peephole! I have it!," the female cosmonaut said. The male replied, "There is something! If we do not get out the world will never know about this!" The pair were never heard from again.


(Due to Russian secrecy about early space flights, it is virtually impossible to pin down who the two Cosmonauts were, but one was likely Gennady Mikhailov; the other might have been V Zavadovskiy.)





1961-09-19; New Hampshire, Portsmouth


Category: Abduction


One of the first people to claim to of been abducted by Aliens, apart from the famous 'contactees' of the 40s and 50s, was actually a couple. (This is most unusual as most abductions tend to be of one person). The couple were Betty and Barney Hill.


Document: More information



1962-04-18; USA, Nevada, Las Vegas


Category: UFO Sighting


First sighted from Oneida, N.Y. A very large glowing red object at high altitude was seen headed across the American continent. It was confirmed on radar. A further sighting came in from Gridley, Kansas.


NORAD spokesman at Colorado Lt Col. Herbert Rolph advised reporters that it was not a meteor. A spokesman at Nellis confirmed this. The Air Defence Command alerted bases including Nellis and Phoenix. There were further sightings from Montana and Utah. Jet fighter interceptors took off from Phoenix. The UFO passed directly over Nephi, Utah on an east-west course. Witnesses heard the thunder of fighter aircraft.


Document: More information



1964-04-24; USA, New Mexico, Socorro


Category: UFO Landing


April 24, 1964; Socorro, New Mexico. 5:45 p.m. Witness: Socorro policeman Lonnie Zamora. Watched object with flame underneath descend toward the desert. Two small humanoids observed near vertical oval on ground. Later watched object take off with a roar, go silent and fly away. Burning and charred brush found at landing sight.


Document: More information



1965-12-09; USA, Pennsylvania, Kecksburg


Category: UFO Crash


According to many witnesses, a brilliant object was seen over a large area, and it reportedly fell slowly from the sky into a wooded area near this community. Within hours after impact, the military arrived in the area, and a search was conducted for the fallen device.


Document: Kecksburg, PA 1965



1966-03-14; USA, Michigan, Milan


Category: UFO Sighting


On a quiet day in March, 1966, seven eyewitnesses reported an unidentified flying object maneuvering over Livingston and Washtenaw counties. Ordinarily, these reports might have been dismissed by officials as the work of cranks. But this time, the seven witnesses WERE officials, police officers and sheriff's deputies from the two counties.


And their stories were backed up by more than 100 witnesses, including William Van Horn, a civil defense director, and dozens of students who watched the football-shaped object for four hours as it maneuvered near the University of Michigan campus, a nearby airport and a local swamp.


Document: More information



1967-03-16; USA, Montana, Malmstrom AFB


Category: Instrumentation Interruption


Generated by Strategic Air Command, a report indicates that 10 Minuteman missiles at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana "lost strat(egic) alert within 10 seconds of each other" on March 16, 1967. Although power eventually was restored, "no apparent reason for the loss of 10 missiles can be readily identified (and) is cause for grave concern," it states. An accompanying telex mentions "numerous reports" of "UFO sightings" and even a landing in the Great Falls area.


Document: More information



1967-05-20; Canada, Manitoba, Falcon Lake


Category: UFO Landing


One of the most evidential cases of UFO contact was that of Stephen Michalak near Falcon Lake on 20th May 1967. He claimed to have come into contact with a landed UFO which he managed to get near enough to touch. As he did a burst of light came from one of the 'exhaust' panels which set fire to his shirt.


Document: Falcon Lake 1967



1967-10-04; Canada, Nova Scotia, Shag Harbour


Category: USO Landing


Shag Harbour UFO Incident


On the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1968(?), a group of men were driving down a road when they saw what looked to be a plane in trouble. It was flashing lights along the tree line and then plunged into the bay. They didn't know what to do so they went to the police and told them that a plane may have gone down.


Fearing that people may have been injured, they sent a search team out over the waters the next day. There was no sign of a plane or survivors but there was a long trail of thick yellow foam extending a hundred yards across the surface of the water.


The men had seen nothing like it before. It smelt a bit like sulfur and didn't seem natural. The men went down to see what there was but reported that they had found nothing.


The ship had supposedly traveled under water for several days. All that the witnesses could say is that there seemed to be a second object "lending assistance" to the damaged craft.


Before another crew arrived, the craft traveled underwater at an incredible speed, broke the surface and flew away. The case never seems to end because people keep on coming forward and telling their share of the story and that lends a big hand in solving the Shag Harbour incident.


The Shag Harbor case reportedly produced a green film on the water.


Document: More Information



1969-07-19; Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle


Category: Moon UFO Sighting, Astronaut Sighting


July 19. 1969; Apollo 11 Lunar Module "Eagle" pilot Edwin Aldrin, Jr. and fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong filmed two UFOs maneuvering over the surface of the moon hours before they would touch down on the lunar surface.




Research Topics:

Significant Events



1969-07-29; Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission


Category: UFO Sighting


On July 20th, 1969 during the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission, the surface excursion had just been completed. The lunar module Eagle lifted off the moon surface to redock with the command module Columbia. As the Eagle departed the moon's surface, its fixed automatic 16mm movie camera was supposed to be filming the receding lunar surface, but instead captured a round, white flying object ascending obliquely at considerable speed from the lower left to the upper right corner of the camera's frame. It increased in brilliance and size as it climbed, and disappeared out of the frame as it passed the two Earth ships in flight. This object looked identical with an object that had been photographed on the practice mission two months before.




Research Topics:

Significant Events



1971-05-00; USA, New Mexico, Holloman AFB


Category: UFO Landing, Alien Contact


Emenegger and Sandler were told of a film taken at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, in May 1971. In October 1988, in a national television broadcast, Shartle would declare that he had seen the 16mm film showing "three disc-shaped craft. One of the craft landed and two of them went away." A door opened on the landed vehicle and three beings emerged. Shartle said, "They were human-size. They had an odd, gray complexion and a pronounced nose. They wore tightfitting jump suits, [and] thin headdresses that appeared to be communication devices, and in their hands they held a 'translator.' A Holloman base commander and other Air Force officers went out to meet them" (Howe, 1989).




1973-05-00; USA, Texas, Houston


Category: Abduction


Another famous mutilation/UFO encounter occurred in May 1973 when Judy Doraty, Cindy Dorary (Judy's daughter), Judy's mother and Judy's sister-in-law were driving back from Houston, Texas.


The women suddenly saw a strange light hovering in the sky, the women all got out to take a closer look until the object disappeared. They then returned to the car and went on their way.


Later Judy began to have very bad headaches and anxiety attacks. After several doctors had examined her she was referred to ufologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle. He hypnotized her she reported the following.


"It's like a spotlight shining down on the back of my car. And it's like it has substance to it. I can see an animal being taken up in this. I can see it squirming and trying to get free. And it's like it's being sucked up."


She then went on to mention seeing her daughter Cindy on an 'operating' table. She went on:


"They don't listen, they just ignore me....go about their work as if it's nothing. They don't seem to have any emotions. They don't seem to care. They just take some samples from her...".


Many years later Cindy was also hypnotized, and recalled events which clearly backed up those of her mothers. More information.



1973-00-00; USA, Mississippi, Pascagoula


Category: Abduction


The Pascagoula Incident involved two men, nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker and forty-two-year old Charles Hickson, both of Gautier, Mississippi, who were fishing in the Pascagoula River when they heard a buzzing noise behind them. Both turned and were terrified to see a ten-foot-wide, eight-foot-high, glowing egg-shaped object with blue lights at its front hovering just above the ground about forty feet from the river bank. As the men, frozen with fright, watched, a door appeared in the object, and three strange Beings floated just above the river towards them.


The Beings had legs but did not use them. They were about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head. They had no eyes, grey, wrinkled skin, round feet, and claw-like hands.


Two of the beings seized Hickson; when the third grabbed Parker, the teenager fainted with fright. Hickson claimed that when the Beings placed their hands under his arms, his body became numb, and that then they floated him into a brightly lit room in the UFO's interior, where he was subjected to a medical examination with an eyelike device which, like Hickson himself, was floating in mid-air.


At the end of the examination, the Beings simply left Hickson floating, paralyzed but for his eyes, and went to examine Parker, who, Hickson believed was in another room. Twenty minutes after Hickson had first observed the UFO, he was floated back outside and released. He found Parker weeping and praying on the ground near him. Moments later, the object rose straight up and shot out of site.


Expecting only ridicule if they were to tell anyone what had happened, Hickson and Parker initially decided to keep quiet; but then, because the government might want, or ought, to know about it, they telephoned Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi. A sergeant there told them to contact the sheriff. But uncertain about the reception their bizarre story might get from the local law, they drove to the local newspaper office to speak to a reporter. When they found the office closed, Hickson and Parker felt they had no alternative but to talk to the sheriff.


The sheriff, after listening to their story, put Hickson and Parker in a room wired for sound in the belief that if the two men were left alone they would reveal their hoax; of course they did not. The local press reported their tale; the wire services picked it up; and within several days the Pascagoula Encounter was major news all over the country. The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), founded in 1952, sent University of California engineering professor James Harder to Mississippi to investigate; J. Allen Hynek, representing the Air Force, also arrived. Together they interviewed the witnesses. Harder hypnotized Hickson but had to terminate the session when Hickson became too frightened to continue.


Hickson and Parker both subsequently passed lie detector tests. Hynek and Harder believed the two men's story. And Hynek was later quoted as saying "There was definitely something here that was not terrestrial".



1975-10-07; Canada, Ontario, Bracebridge


Category: UFO Landing


On October 7, 1975, a 27-year old carpenter, Robert Suffern, of Bracebridge, Ontario, got a call from his sister who had seen a "fiery glow" near his barn and concluded it was on fire.


Suffern drove to the spot and, after determining that there was no problem, got back on the road. There, he would testify, he encountered a large disc-shaped object resting in his path.


"I was scared," he said. "It was right there in front of me with no lights and no sign of life." But even before his car could come to a complete stop, the object abruptly ascended out of sight. Suffern turned his car around and decided to head home rather than to his sister's place, his original intended destination.


At that point a small figure wearing a helmet and a silver-gray suit stepped in front of the car, causing Suffern to hit the brakes and skid to a stop. The figure ran into a field. Then, according to Suffern, "when he got to the fence, he put his hands on a post and went over it with no effort at all. It was like he was weightless" (UFOIL, n.d.).




1975-11-05; USA, Arizona, Heber


Category: Abduction


On the 5th November 1975 Mike Rogers and his crew of 6 forestry workers were traveling back in their truck from work to the forest of Heber, Arizona when Alan Dalis, one of the crew members spotted a large glow coming from above a group of trees.


As they got closer they noticed a disk hovering about 20 feet above the ground. They stopped the truck to take a closer look when one of the crew jumped out to get an even closer look. Travis Walton was approaching the object when it started to make a strange noise and before the rest of the crew could do anything a large beam of light struck Travis which sent him tumbling backwards.


At this point Mike Rodgers, the driver, panicked and drove the truck away. After a short distance the men forced Mike to drive back to collect their fellow worker. When they returned there was no sign of the object or of Travis.


A police investigation started as soon as the men reported what had happened, and an extensive search was carried out of the abduction area. Many people believed that the men had murdered Travis and used the UFO as a cover story.


The men requested that they take a lie detector test to try and clear their names. The first polygraph test was inconclusive, however, a second, indicated that they were telling the truth about what they had witnessed.


On November 10th, 5 days after the abduction, Travis's brother-in-law received a phone call from Travis and they went to pick him up a few miles outside of Heber. When they found him he was naked, distraught and confused.


Soon afterwards he began to recall the events of the past few days. He told a story of aliens who were about 5 feet tall with domed hairless heads, large eyes, tiny ears and nose, and a slit for a mouth who performed various 'experiments' on him.


He also reported many other strange events such as seeing an 'almost' human entity who showed him around but did not answer his questions, and also of a control room where he could see through the exterior of the craft a gaze at the stars.


Document: Travis Walton Abduction Incident



1977-11-16; USA, North Dakota, Ellsworth AFB


Category: uncategorized


On February 9, 1978, a curious document--an apparent carbon copy of an official U.S. Air Force incident report-arrived at the office of the National Enquirer in Lantana, Florida. Accompanying the document was an unsigned letter dated "29 Jan." It read: "The incident stated in the attached report actually occurred. The Air Force appointed a special team of individuals to investigate the incident. I was one of those individuals. I am still on active duty and so I cannot state my name at this time. It is not that I do not trust the Enquirer (I sure [sic] you would treat my name with [sic] confidence but I do not trust others.) The incident which occurred on 16 Nov. 77, was classified top secret on 2 Dec 77. At that time I obtained a copy of the original report. I thought at that time that the Air Force would probably hush the whole thing up, and they did. The Air Force ordered the silence on 1 Dec 77, after which, the report was classified. There were 16 pictures taken at the scene. I do not have access to the pictures at this time" (Pratt, 1984).




1978-02-04; Japan, Kagawa, Miki-Cho


Category: UFO Photo


This bell-shaped craft was photographed hovering above the island nation near Miki-Cho. After a short time, the UFO reportedly sped directly upward through the atmosphere.


CE_1978-02-04JapanKagawa CE_1978-02-04JapanKagawaMiki-Cho2


At 3:00pm on February 4, 1978, Mr. Hirobumi Matsushita was taking snapshots with a friend when they noticed a shiny golden metallic colored object flying high above them in the clear blue sky. There were no clouds and a slight breeze was blowing, but not enough to raise debris that high in the air. The object seemed to be moving purposefully, obviously under intelligent control. Mr. Matsushita adjusted his camera and took several pictures of the strange object before it disappeared.


Sources: (dead link)




1978-10-21; Australia, Victoria


Category: uncategorized


Frederick Valentich, 20, was a keen flyer and was also a keen UFO reader. On October 21st 1978 he decided to take his Cessna from Melbourne and fly over the Bass Strait up to King Island. Valentich knew that in the last week there had been numerous reports of strange cigar-shaped objects spotted in the Bass Strait area.


He set off early evening just as it was becoming dark, and was over half way into his journey. He had around 30 minutes left before he would be over land again, but was in constant contact with Steve Robey, the duty officer at Melbourne Air Traffic Control.


At 19:06 Valentich called Robey and asked "Is there any traffic in my area below 5,000 feet?". Robey replied that there was no other craft expected in that area.


Valentich replied "Four bright....seems to me like landing lights....just passed over me. At least a 1000 feet above.". Valentich became more concerned and reported:

"It's approaching now from due east, towards me....It seems to me that he's playing some sort of game...He's flying over me....It's not an aircraft, it's.....It's a long shape....cannot identify...the thing is just orbiting on top of me....It's got a green light and sort of metallic-like...It's all shiny on the outside".


Valentich then radioed that his engine was not working properly and informed Melbourne that he would try and make it to King Island. He then suddenly cried out:

"Ah, Melbourne, that strange craft is hovering on top of me again...It's hovering and it's not an aircraft!".


There was then a cry, followed by a strange metallic grinding noise. Then nothing.


Despite several days of land, air, and sea search no trace of Valentich or his Cessna were ever found.


Again various theories were put forward ranging from Valentich plotting his own disappearance and faking a close encounter to that of a fateful meeting with drug smugglers.


Even to this day no one is sure what happened to Frederick Valentich.



1980-12-26; UK, Suffolk, Rendlesham Forest


Category: UFO Landing


After reports of a bight light crashing in the forest outside the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, a disc-shaped craft on tripod legs was seen resting on the ground.


Document: Rendlesham Forest 1980



1980-12-29; USA, Texas, Dayton


Category: UFO Sighting


On the evening of December 29th 1980, Betty Cash, Vicki Landrum and Colby Landrum (Vicki's grandson), were driving back from a restaurant towards Dayton, Texas.


At around 9.00pm they noticed a bright, fiery object directly ahead of them. The object suddenly descended to the tree line and hovered over the road. They decided to stop the car, which was by now only about 50m away from the object.


Document: Landrum Cash Incident



1983-00-00; USA, New York, Hudson Valley


Category: UFO Sighting


Since the beginning of 1983 the residents of the Hudson Valley area of New York and nearby Connecticut have seen some very strange objects in the night sky. The UFOs have been described as being larger than a football field with multicoloured flashing lights. The object seems to take on a Boomerang shape, but at times it also has appeared circular. Most witnesses report that it is a solid object made up of some type of very dark, gun-grey material. The object has been seen by at least five thousand witnesses which include police officers, scientists, and people from all walks of life. All indicate that the silent slow moving UFO was something that they had never seen before and could not identify.


These sightings are very similar in detail to the triangular craft spotted over Belgium by more that 2000 witnesses.




Since the beginning of 1983 the residents of the Hudson Valley area of New York and nearby Connecticut have seen some very strange objects in the night sky. The UFOs have been described as being larger than a football field with multicoloured flashing lights. The object seems to take on a Boomerang shape, but at times it also has appeared circular. Most witnesses report that it is a solid object made up of some type of very dark, gun-grey material. The object has been seen by at least five thousand witnesses which include police officers, scientists, and people from all walks of life. All indicate that the silent slow moving UFO was something that they had never seen before and could not identify.




1988-01-20; Australia, South Australia, Nullabor


Category: UFO Sighting


On the 20th January 1988, whilst driving on the Eyre Highway, Nullarbor, Australia Faye Knowles her 3 sons and the family dog, were traveling towards South Australia to visit some relatives.


As they were driving along they suddenly saw a strange light ahead of them. It was pale yellow and seemed to be zigzagging around. The object then shot straight towards the Knowles family and hovered right in front of the car. They described the object as looking like an egg in an egg cup.


After swerving and zigzagging themselves to try and get clear of the object they suddenly realized that the object was now hovering directly above their car. The Knowles family could hear a high-pitched humming sound as the car was being tossed from side to side by apparently very strong winds.


During this time they also noticed a terrible smell of electrical burning, and the car was filling up with a strange grey mist. All of a sudden they realised that the car was no longer touching the surface of the road. It seemed to be hovering a few meters up.


After a short while the car crashed back down to earth and crashed off the edge of the highway. Inside the car there was a fine sprinkling of powder and a the strange electrical burning smell.


They reported the incident to both police and UFO investigators, who took samples of the grey powder. The powder contained chemicals very similar to those that NASA use to coat the surface of the space shuttle.


One theory put forward was that they had been engulfed in a fierce and very unusual form of electrically charged tornado.


Source: (dead link)



1988-03-04; USA, Ohio


Category: UFO Sighting


March 4, 1988 - Coast Guard Buzzed By UFOs


Sheila and Henry Baker were driving home with their three children about 8:35 p.m., after going out to dinner. As they neared the waterfront, Sheila noticed something hovering over the lake and they drove down to the beach to investigate and got out of the car. The moon was bright and there was ice on the lake; Sheila could hear it cracking like claps of thunder.


Plainly visible was a huge, gunmetal gray football-shaped object that was rocking back and forth, blinding white light emanating from both ends, but it was silent. Then the object began moving, swinging one end toward the shore and descending. The Bakers became frightened, ran back to their car and fled. When they got home, the object was still visible from a window that faced the lake. The object moved out over the ice and continued to descend, with red and blue lights now flashing in sequence along its lower edge. Sheila then called the Eastlake police to report a UFO, and was finally referred to the Coast Guard.


Suddenly 5 or 6 bright yellow triangular objects shot out of the center of the large object and began darting around independently. Once they stopped and hovered, point up, around the parent object, then sped away to the north, turned east, then inland toward the Perry nuclear power plant.


At this point Sheila called the Coast Guard, which sent a team to their house to investigate. Seaman James Power and Petty Officer John Knaub arrived towing a Boston Whaler, a seaworthy boat. When Sheila pointed to the main craft and some of the triangular objects still zipping around it, the men drove closer to the lake to investigate, accompanied by the Bakers. At the lakefront they could hear the ice rumbling and roaring.


In their incident report later sent by teletype to the Coast Guard headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, the men were quoted as saying that "the ice was cracking and moving abnormal amounts as the object came closer to it."


Power and Knaub gave a running report to their base via the two-way radio in their Chevy Suburban on what they were seeing. The window was down, and the Bakers overheard them saying words to the effect, "Be advised the object appears to be landing on the lake...There are other objects moving around it. Be advised these smaller objects are going at high rates of speed. There are no engine noises and they are very, very low."


One of the triangles zoomed straight toward the Coast Guard vehicle, a blur of light, then veered east, straight up, and came down beside the parent object. Two witnesses in separate locations also reported seeing the triangles. Suddenly the triangles returned and one by one entered the side of the parent object as it seemed to land on the ice. The ellipse flashed a series of red, blue, and yellow lights, the light emanating from the end of the object turned from white to red, and the triangles re-emerged and hovered above it. The noise from the ice abruptly ceased, and the lights and triangles disappeared.


(Christopher Evans, "Space Case: The Night the Coast Guard Got Buzzed," Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 12, 1992. See also Coast Guard teletype report on incident.)

(Source: http:case880304.htm )



1989-11-30; USA, New York, Manhattan


Category: Abduction


Budd Hopkins the famous UFO writer and 'expert' on UFO abductions has dealt with many 'victims' of abductions but in most cases he has obtained no backup evidence that some has actually occurred,(apart from the mental scars).


However, one case which intrigued him was when he received a letter from 2 men, Richard and Dan and claimed to be New York police officers. They claimed to have lived with a terrible experience, one of the men was so shocked that he was on the point of nervous breakdown. The letter said that he would be sitting in his car looking up at an apartment block in Manhattan waiting for 'them' to return.


The letter went on in detail to say how on November 30th 1989, they had seen a young woman in a night-gown float out of her 12th floor windows surrounded by strange little creatures. They then saw the creatures take the women into a saucer-like craft, which then sped away.


The amazing thing was that a women who had visited Budd regarding an alleged abduction lived at the apartment block in question and also reported the abduction on the night in question.


Richard and Dan only contacted Budd once more and provided a few extra details. These included an audio tape, and information as to how their car had stopped for no reason just before the sighting began.


Found at: (dead link)



1990-03-30; Belgium, Wavre


Category: UFO Sighting


During the night of 30-31 March, 1990, many reports were received by the police from members of the public of a phenomenon in the sky above Wavre, twelve miles south of Brussels. This resulted in many telephone calls from the police to the radar station at Glons near Tongeren for ratification.


Glons radar confirmed the sighting of an unidentified object at an altitude of 3,000 meters. Semmerzake radar confirmed the Glons detection and passed its confirmation onto the Air Force. The radar scans were compared with the previous Eupen radar sightings (see Eupen Case) by Semmerzake and Glons and were found to be identical.


Document: More information



1992-11-23; USA, New York, New York City


Category: Abduction


Linda Cortile (Napolintano) case. An abduction that, supposedly, was witnessed by two federal agents and the Secretary-General of the U.N. -- and that's only the beginning of the most unbelievable UFO case ever vouched for by a major UFO investigator. Could any of it be true?


Document: More Information



1994-09-16; Zimbabwe, Ruwa


Category: UFO Landing


The Zimbabwe School Close Encounter


Ruwa, Zimbabwe

September 16, 1994


On the morning of September 16, 1994, teachers and school officials at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe were amazed when the school's students, aged approximately 5 to 12 years old, reported that a flying object had landed on the school grounds.


The teachers at the school were in a meeting, so the 62 children were basically unsupervised while in the schoolyard on morning recess. The only available adult seems to have been one of the mothers, who was operating the school tuck shop - a sort of snack bar where candy, snacks and sodas are sold.


According to some sources, UFOs had been seen in the skies over Zimbabwe for two days before the incident occurred. Ruwa is about 20 kilometers from Harare, the capitol of Zimbabwe.


Ariel School is a private elementary school with students of mixed ethnic heritage.


The children said that they had first seen three objects in the sky. These objects would disappear and then reappear in a different location. The objects moved closer and closer to the ground and finally landed in a brushy area adjacent to the schoolyard. This area had not been fully cleared yet and was off-limits to the students. The object landed, or hovered just above the ground, in an area about 100 meters from the students.


The children said that a small man, about one meter in height, appeared on top of the object. The little man, who was described as having a scrawny neck, long black hair, and huge eyes, walked a short way across the ground toward the students. When he noticed the children, he vanished and then reappeared at the back of the object. The object then took off and vanished.


The smaller children were very frightened and cried for help. They believed that the little man was a demon who would eat them. Black African children have heard legends of [a href=""]tokoloshis[/a], demons who eat children. The children ran to the tuck shop operator, but she did not want to leave the shop unattended and so did not go.


The late Cynthia Hind, known as Africa's foremost UFO investigator, investigated the case the next day. When she was first contacted, she asked the headmaster of the school, Colin Mackie, to have the children draw pictures of what they had seen. When she arrived at the school, he had about 35 drawings for her. The drawings were of very similar objects.


'I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.'


The headmaster affirmed that he believed that the students were telling the truth, and one little girl told Cynthia Hind that, 'I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.'


Dr. John Mack, the abduction researcher, and his associate Dominique Callimanopulos went to Ruwa and spent two days interviewing and counseling twelve of the children and their parents.


"Those thoughts came from the man - the man's eyes."


Curiously, the older students said that they felt that the creatures communicated with them somehow, sending the message that we humans are destroying our planet, polluting the environment in ways that will have dire consequences





1996-01-20; Brazil, Varginha


Category: Alien Visitors


An extraordinary event occurred in the Brazilian city of Varginha on 20 January 1996. Multiple witnesses were shocked by the appearance in their midst of small, orange-red beings which behaved as if "on the run". They were captured by members of the local Fire Service and taken to a local teaching hospital where they were again seen by many credible witnesses. Upon the speedy intervention of U.S. military personnel, the entities disappeared.


Document: Varginha, Brazil 1996



1996-02-19; Turkey, Izmir


Category: UFO Sighting


February 19, 1996 - Daylight Saucer Photographed In Turkey


Karagol near Izmir, Turkey. Two young amateur mountaineers, Cem Arat and Mehmet Safak, both 20 at that time, were hiking at the Yamanlar Mountain Peak near Karagol. They had finished school and expected to go to the army soon, so they had taken a camera to take each other's picture as a memoir of that good old days. All of a sudden a UFO appeared and was floating in the air, making no sound; they were so astonished that they didn't know what to do first. "We have never seen anything like that before", they told Michael Hesemann, when he interviewed them on the Istanbul international UFO Congress in December 2001, "it was definitely nothing built on Earth. It could hover on the spot and increase to tremendous speed, shot up and down, rotated around its axis, all very fast and completely soundless." Eventually they remembered their camera and shot some pictures, before the object disappeared in a blink of an eye. The sighting lasted for about two minutes. In the following days and weeks the two youngsters returned again and again to the site, hoping that they would see the object again.





1996-11-05; Brazil, Pelotas


Category: UFO Sighting


Perhaps the most impressive UFO story told during the 1997 Brazilian World UFO Forum was that of Haraldo Westendorf, who made news headlines a year ago when he allegedly flew his private plane within a few dozen meters of an enormous unidentified flying object.


Westendorf is 40 years old, a father of three children and a successful businessman. He is also an avid private pilot rated for acrobatic flying. The following account is based directly on his one-hour presentation at the Brazilian UFO conference, which included several detailed illustrations.


Westendorf says he took off in his single-engine Piper Apache from the city of Pelotas near the southernmost tip of Brazil on the morning of November 5, 1996. It was to be a routine recreational flight of the kind he takes for fun whenever time allows.


On this occasion, he had been in the air only about 12 minutes and was flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet over a large lake some five miles southeast of Pelotas when he saw ahead of him an enormous aerial object. The time was about 10:30 a.m.


He radioed the Pelotas tower to learn if they could see the object from the ground. They confirmed that the object was visible to them and asked him for a close-range report. Westendorf then decided to fly as close as he could.


Westendorf emphasizes that he did not believe in UFOs and says this accounts for his initial willingness to fly close to the object. He didn't know he might be in danger.


When he got close to the object, he realized that in his twenty years of piloting experience he had never seen or heard of anything like it. Since he had done stunt training in the United States and had also flown in France, he had become acquainted with some very advanced and exotic aircraft. But he knew that this was not an airplane.


Westendorf showed several detailed color drawings of the object, with his own plane drawn to scale alongside it. He describes the object as a faceted cone, flat on the bottom with a rounded point on top. On each of the eight or ten sloping side panels were three large bulges, like triangle-shaped bay windows on the side of a house -- but they did not look like windows. The entire surface was brown in color. The structure was about 70 meters (225 feet) high and about 100 meters (325 feet) in diameter, big enough to fill nearly an entire soccer field if landed. His own plane, less than 6 meters wide, was tiny by comparison.


Newsletter Article - Mother Ship Viewed At Close Range By Pilot



2008-05-14; USA, California, Needles


Category: UFO Crash


1290 miles south of Las Vegas as a large object with a turquoise hue plummeted out of the sky earlier this summer and plowed into the earth south of Las Vegas. Eyewitnesses say this was no meteorite, especially since a bunch of helicopters hauled it away.




Is it possible that was a satellite the was brought back down or came down on its own? -TJ Elias






1997-03-13; Phoenix Arizona Lights


2003-00-00; USA, Wisconsin, Weyauwega



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