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Hot Spots

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Hot Spots


There are several locations around the world that appear to have a lot of events reported over a relatively short period of time. Some of this may be due to public awareness and imagination after a single event is reported. Most of it has to do with some special activity in the area at the time of the reports.


I believe that if you want to know where some high-tech stuff is being done, look for elevated UFO reports.


Washington DC - 1952


1952-07-12; USA, Maryland, Annapolis
1952-07-13; USA, Washington DC
1952-07-14; USA, Virginia, Norfolk
1952-07-16; USA, Virginia, Hampton
1952-07-18; USA, Washington DC
1952-07-19; USA, Washington DC
1952-07-20; USA, Maryland, Andrews AFB
1952-07-20; USA, Virginia, Herndon
1952-07-25; USA, Washington DC
1952-07-26; USA, Washington DC
1952-07-26; USA, Maryland, Andrews AFB
1952-07-29; USA, Washington DC
1952-07-29; Virginia, Langley AFB


Oak Ridge Tennessee


Oak Ridge was established in the early 1940s as a base for the Manhattan Project — the massive U.S. government operation that developed the atomic bomb. Scientific development still plays a crucial role in the city's economy and culture in general.


1947-07-00; USA, Tennessee, Oak Ridge
1950-10-15; USA, Tennessee, Oak Ridge
1950-11-05; USA, Tennessee, Oak Ridge
1951-12-07; USA, Tennessee, Oak Ridge
1952-06-23; USA, Tennessee, Oak Ridge



Spitzenbergen Norway


1946-00-00; Norway, Spitzbergen
1947-05-00; Norway, Spitzbergen
1952-06-00; Norway, Spitzbergen
1952-09-09; Norway, Spitzbergen



Sweden Summer 1946


1946-07-09; Sweden, Lake Barken
1946-07-10; Sweden, Bjorkon
1946-07-18; Sweden, Lake Mjosa
1946-07-19; Sweden, Lake Kolmjarv
1946-08-12; Sweden, uninhabited island
1946-08-12; Sweden, Stockholm
1946-08-16; Sweden, Malmo
1946-10-00; Sweden, (southern)



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