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Crop Circles

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Crop Circles






If not for the intrepid work of Dr. Colin Andrew and his associates, little would be known of this most amazing evidence of extraterrestrial contact. Previous to his work, it was thought that these formations were the effects of unstudied weather phenomena, such as funnels and wind devils. Others argued that these crop circles and patterns were the products of elaborate hoaxes. And, because it had begun to happen around the world (Australia, US, and England), all except otherworldly forces could be ruled out.


Like the plaques on the Voyager spacecraft, which in mathematical terms say hello to whoever may find them, these crop patterns depict complex mathematical, chemical and atomic scientific concepts, possibly in hopes that we will understand and try to communicate in like manner. After all, the ancients across the globe once painted the ground with amazing pictograms, such as the Nazca lines, that could only be seen in their entirety from above.


Besides the communicative aspect of the patterns, a strange chemical process is undergone by the wheat that has been patterned.


Their once irregular carbon structure has become crystallized. Yet, the plants continue to grow.


Hopefully, with the dedication of scientists like Dr. Andrews, we may one day fully understand what is taking place.



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Notable Events:


1974-09-11; Canada, Saskatchewan, Langenburg
1974-12-21; Australia, Forbes
1991-07-20; Germany, Grasdorf
2009-12-19; Holland






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