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El Chupacabras, "the goat sucker", initially reported in Puerto Rico and Latin America. (pronounced chew-pah-khab-rah), it's a scaled, winged and fanged alien/beast that reportedly sucks the blood out of livestock.




Its origin has been traced to South American farmers, who blame the creature for sabotaging their livestock. The lore made its way to Puerto Rico, Florida and even the Rio Grande Valley and Latin America.



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Noteworthy Events:


1996-09-00; USA, Louisiana, Dequincy


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In the September of 1996, a strange animal was found in a little Louisiana town called Dequincy by Barbara Mullins. She took a picture of this unusual roadkill and brought it to the town newspaper, called the Dequincy News.


Newsletter Article: Chupacabra Killed By Motorist?



2003-02-03; Puerto Rico, Fajardo


Category: Chupacabra


Location. Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Date: February 3 2003 Time: 0200A


70-year old Domingo Ramos awoke to the sounds of very loud commotion coming from rabbit cages. Looking out the window he was stunned to see a bizarre winged bird-like creature with long wings and huge protruding eyes apparently "sucking" the blood out of the unfortunate rabbits.


Ramos described the creature as about 5 ft tall also attacked a goat, which left wounded and weakened. Ramos yelled at the creature, which then rose up and flew away in an unknown direction. The terrified witness described the creature as having "semi-human" facial features. He notified the police in the morning.


HC addendum

Source: OVNI.Net Puerto Rico quoting Miguel Rivera

Cruz "El Vocero" San Juan Type: E






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