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This section highlights some of the research topics we have been or are engaged in.


Significant Events - Some of the more more significant close encounter events.


Roswell 1947 Incident - The famous UFO crash.


Animal Mutilations


Mysterious Bases


UFO Crashes - A collection of the more significant UFO crashes and landings.


The Moon - Are there strange things happening on our moon?


Atlantis - A lost civilization of highly advanced people.


Bermuda Triangle - Is this a time portal or a wormhole into another dimension?


Chupacabras - El Chupacabras, "the goat sucker", initially reported in Puerto Rico and Latin America.




Hominoids - Bigfoot etc...


Lake Monsters


Abductions - There are many people who believe they have been abducted by UFOnauts.


Ancient Artifacts


Mind Control


New World Order


Philadelphia Experiment - Turning a US Navy ship invisible.





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