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Significant places related to the paranormal



Area 51, Nevada

Located on Nellis AFB


Research - Area 51



Dulce, New Mexico

When a group was held hostage at the underground base near Dulce, New Mexico in 1979 a rescue attempt was made which resulted in failure and the death of over 60 military personnel.




Holloman AFB

Designated as secure storage and examination areas for recovered Alien craft and Alien bodies. Located in New Mexico.




Montauk AFS




Oak Ridge, TN

Oak Ridge, Tenn., was the site of the old Atomic Energy Commission's testing facilities during the 1950s and 1960s. During 1950, the site reported many UFO sightings, which eventually came to light after a FOIA request from CAUS. These files came from the FBI, and they documented more than 25 UFO reports at this site in 1950. All these sightings were made by experienced personnel, such as physicists and radar operators. The FBI report stated: "... at the present time the Air Force has failed to arrive at any satisfactory conclusion in its research regarding numerous reports of flying saucers and flying disks...."


According to local tradition, John Hendrix (1865–1915), an eccentric local resident regarded as a mystic, prophesied the establishment of Oak Ridge some 40 years before construction began. Upset by the death of his young daughter and the subsequent departure of his wife and remaining family, he became religious and told his neighbors he was seeing visions. When he described his visions, people thought he was insane; for this reason, he was institutionalized for a time. According to several published accounts,[7] one vision that he described repeatedly was an uncannily accurate description of the city and production facilities that were built 28 years after his death. The version recalled by neighbors and relatives has been reported as follows:


 "In the woods, as I lay on the ground and looked up into the sky, there came to me a voice as loud and as sharp as thunder. The voice told me to sleep with my head on the ground for 40 nights and I would be shown visions of what the future holds for this land.... And I tell you, Bear Creek Valley someday will be filled with great buildings and factories, and they will help toward winning the greatest war that ever will be. And there will be a city on Black Oak Ridge and the center of authority will be on a spot middle-way between Sevier Tadlock’s farm and Joe Pyatt’s Place. A railroad spur will branch off the main L&N line, run down toward Robertsville and then branch off and turn toward Scarborough. Big engines will dig big ditches, and thousands of people will be running to and fro. They will be building things, and there will be great noise and confusion and the earth will shake. I've seen it. It's coming."


Starting in October 1942, the United States Army Corps of Engineers began acquiring the Oak Ridge area for the Manhattan Project. Unlike TVA's land acquisitions for Norris Dam - which were still fresh on the minds of many Anderson Countians - the Corps' "declaration of taking" was much more swift and final. Many residents came home to find eviction notices tacked to their doors. Most were given six weeks to evacuate, although several had as little as two weeks. Some were even forced out before they received compensation. By March 1943, the area's pre-Manhattan Project communities had been removed, and fences and checkpoints had been established. Anderson County lost one-seventh of its land and $391,000 in annual property tax revenue. The manner with which the Oak Ridge area was acquired created a tense, uneasy relationship between Oak Ridge and the surrounding towns that lasted throughout the Manhattan Project.






Wright-Patterson AFB

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, is one of the United States' most heavily guarded facilities. It is the alleged drop-off point for all recovered alien spacecraft, and it also is rumored to house both living and dead alien specimens.


Location: Dayton, OH


(Air Force Foreign Technology Division)


Catalogued UFO parts list. Autopsies on record. Bodies located in underground facility of Foreign Technology Building.


Wright Patterson Air Force Base, (parts lists of UFO's catalogued; autopsies on record) (Bodies in underground facility)


Catalogued UFO parts list. Autopsies on record. Bodies located in underground facility of Foreign Technology Building.


(1 saucer with 4 aliens. They were transported to Wright and then saved, catalogued and autopsied.)




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