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George Adamski

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Prominent 1950s Contactee.


George Adamski was known as the first contactee. In the 1950s Adamski reported that he was taken aboard a UFO and flown around the solar system... taking pictures along the way. Almost 50 years later we are no closer to the truth.


Born in Poland on April 17, 1891. Adamski made many claims, including being taken aboard spaceships, seeing cities on the dark side of the moon and meeting humans from Mars, Venus and Saturn. He also claims that he was told that all the planets in our solar system are inhabited. He also produced a large quantity of photos of these craft; some but not all have been proved to be hoaxes. He also was present during an alleged UFO encounter in SILVER SPRING, Md., that was filmed by MADELEINE RODEFFER.




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