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Taylor Trail

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The Taylor Trail: Walking with dinosaurs



Around the same time that the London Hammer was discovered, an equally startling discovery was made in what is now known as Dinosaur Park in Texas. The region is famous for its many trails of fossilized dinosaur footprints, made when the earth was wet and soft, and preserved forever when the soil  hardened. What was found was a part of what is now known as the Taylor Man Trail. Mixed with and sometimes crossing the dinosaur paths, were the footprints of a human being. The controversy surrounding the footprints was immediate, for obvious reasons. History teaches us that dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period, and that humans appeared a long tie afterward. But these prints were obviously made at the same time, which is a big contradiction of standardly accepted models of the Earths history of life.




As I said the controversy was immediate. Right after a "human" footprint had been escalated and shown at an archaeological meeting, several "evolutionists" (So called proponents of the standard model) were reported by witnesses as being seen at the site of the trail, destroying the man tracks with crow bars. Initially, the claims of humans and dinosaurs walking together were dismissed as hoaxes or misinterpreted data. But in the 1970's a drought dried up the Paluxy river, where the tracks were found, and the trail was discovered to extend even further, thus ruling out that the tracks were a hoax.


This, Creationists claim, is further proof that the bible can be taken literally, that the Earth is about 6,000 years old and that geological processes are poorly understood. The tracks do indeed look to be made by a human, however the controversy thickens. Many of the tracks are beginning to erode, as parts of the Paluxy have been dammed off to study them, and the tracks have been escalated. The erosion is making claims that they are human tracks even harder to support. Plus a number of tracks have been stolen, including the one shown at that meeting in the 1930's.


Further research of the area has introduced another three or four man track paths. Again, this is a hotly debated subject, with claims of hoaxes and destruction of evidence flying back and forth across the table. Any one of these inconsistent discoveries could be written off as anything the skeptics would like to call them. However, when all of these strange discoveries are put together, a rather disturbing possibility appears to emerge. Are Creationists right? The Earth is only 6,000 years old? Personally, I have a hard time with that, although I do not doubt certain geological processes may well be misunderstood. Or, is it possible that human like beings were here on the Earth over 65 million years ago? That seems more likely to me. As I said, if it were only one or two pieces of evidence, that contradicted what is being taught in our schools, I am sure they would be easy to dismiss. Yet, there is more evidence, and it is getting harder and harder to dismiss. Stories of miners finding human remains deep within mountains, of tools being found inside of coal. I intend to explore these "inconsistencies" more, later on.


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