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Iron Cup

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Iron Cup


Coal Mine, Oklahoma

312 million years ago




Frank Kennard was working in the Municiple Electric Plant in Thomas Oklahomo. He found a chunk of coal to large to use and broke it with a sledge hammer. The pot fell out of the coal leaving an impression of the pot in the coal. Jim Stull, a co-worker, witnessed the event. He traced the coal back to the Wilburton mine of Oklahoma. On November 27, 1948 Frank wrote signed affidavit affirming to the facts of the discovery.


While the internet is full of web sites supporting the ancient artifact theory of this iron cup, I was only able to find one site that refutted it. My comments about their "evidence" is below in the Conclusions.


The Coal deposits of the Oklahoma mine are dated at 312 million years old. The only way that this pot could have been found in the coal is if it was deposited there before the coal formed. Other human artifacts have been found in the same and other coal mines of Oklahoma. Some of these were miles below the surface. Other coal deposits have also produced man made artifacts around the world.


The Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies refuting the authenticity of the cup states "There were no iron cups like this 5,000 years old. The iron age started about 1200 BC. probably dropped by a miner...". This statement is not proof but speculation. The same article states "I was surprised to see how fast my son's bike had rusted after being left out in the rain". I am not a scientist but I believe there is a big difference between rusting metal and coal.


The virtual silence from the evolutionary group suggests that there is no refutting the fact that this pot is very ancient. According to the evolutionary theory coal was formed about 300 million years ago and anything found with in it would have come from that time.





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