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Ica Stones

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Ica Stones


Ica, Peru

90 to 250 million years ago




In the 1960's a local farmer was selling rocks he had found in caves and gorges near the city of Ica Peru. These rocks have carvings of humans, advanced medical procedures, advance technological instruments such as telescopes and flying machines, animals, dinosaurs and even humans riding dinosaurs. Over the years he had acquired thousands of these stones. Eventually the archeological community heard of these rocks and began to investigate. The farmer was arrested and confined by the government of Peru and upon his release he recanted his testimony and confessed that he had carved them himself. Dr. Cabrera had asked the farmer where he found the stones. The farmer was evasive and maintained his story that he made them himself for fear of being put in jail for the rest of his life. It has been determined by some that he was coerced into his confession. A total of about 15,000 of these stones have been recovered. The bulk of these are stored in the Ica Stones Museum in Peru.


The carvings on the stone are not cut into the stone. These ancient stones have a varnish over them that is formed over thousands of years. When the varnish is removed the lighter colored lines appear. When the carvings on the stone were examined it was found the the carvings themselves have some varnish on them as well indicating that the carvings are also of ancient origin.


The carvings are a hoax, either by Cabrera himself or the farmer. As the caves where these have been found has never been told or found does cast doubt on their authenticity but is not proof positive. While the stones cannot be carbon dated (stone cannot be carbon dated only once living tissue) the opponents do not comment on the validity of the claim that the varnish proves an ancient origin. The evolutionist is forced to accept these as hoaxes because if these were authentic it would destroy the evolutionary theory of dinosaurs and mankind. Because of the large number of these stones some opponents have admitted that no one could have fabricated all of them and instead say that only those which depict dinosaurs and ancient technology were fabricated to look like the originals. But, as it has been estimated by others that 1/3 of the Ica Stones depict dinosaurs this is still a very large number to be fabricated.


The creationist community does not seem to take as much interest in these objects as they do some of the other evidence of humans and dinosaurs co-existing. While these stones do show humans and dinosaurs co-existing, some of the stones depict a very advanced race of people which does not fit with the creationists model of human advancement (which is similar to the evolutionists model just more time compressed). This shows that even the creationists are selective in the evidence they present. The creation web sites that do discuss these stones usually limit it to the dinosaur aspect ignoring the advanced technology aspect. The group that is more interested in the Ica Stones is the Paranormal groups. The Paranormal groups doctrinal bias is not completely supported on this evidence but does provide support for their theories that there have existed very advanced races of people in ages past.


According to the evolutionary theory of the origins of the dinosaur and mankind there is a separation of about 90 million years between the extinction of the dinosaur and the advent of man. If the stones are ancient, how did the ancient people who carve them know what a dinosaur looked like unless they had actually seen dinosaurs?


Because of the claim that the varnish which takes thousands of years to form is found in the carvings would indicate that the carvings are ancient and not modern fabrications. The vast number of the stones depicting dinosaurs could not have been faked by the local residents who barely even knew what dinosaurs looked like. The most convincing evidence that these stones were not faked is the search and discovery of stones under the house that was built in the 1920's.






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