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Abydos Aircraft

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Abydos Aircraft




Found on ceiling beams of a temple in ancient Egyptian Abydos. These images can still be seen today in-situ.


One individual, Thierry, wrote letters to several egyptologists and scientists. Some of the responses stated "ridiculous". Others explained that the questionable heiroglyphs were formed out of falling plaster.


Others who have actually inspected the heiroglyphs agree that it is possible that the air craft were carved into an existing heiroglyph but add that they still appear as flying machines. Whether they were originally carved or not, they still exist. It is speculated that if these were actually flying around in ancient Egypt more heiroglyphs such as this would be found. The more probable explanation is that they existed long ago and these are depictions of what was.


The images resemble both modern aircraft and unknown types of aircraft and whether they were originally carved in the beam or recarved by a later generation, they still look like aircraft.






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