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UFO Found In Iceberg

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UFO Found In Iceberg


by Angie

6:33pm Tue Sep 7 '04


Alien crew is missing & still at large, warn scientists! The captain of a ship rammed an iceberg in the frigid waters of the Greenland Sea -- and found a perfectly preserved UFO frozen inside. What's more, the alien crew is missing and may still be at large!


Scientists from all over the world have been summoned to an undisclosed location near the seacoast town of Scoresbysund, Greenland, to investigate the intact alien craft. "The design and technology of this space capsule is years ahead of anything yet developed on Earth," says Dr. Gerd Stuber of Bern, Switzerland. "It's definitely from another planet.


The discovery occurred above the Arctic Circle between Norway and Greenland when a seismic exploration ship struck a huge floating iceberg at about three p.m. on May 24. Damage to the ship was minor but the collision knocked a large piece out of the iceberg, exposing part of a strange metal object.


"My staff and I have examined every inch of it and all the evidence indicates that the craft was manned by a crew of five beings who apparently lost control and crashed. However, we can find no trace of them."


When the crew chipped away enough ice to get a good look at it, that metallic "something" turned out to be the hull of a UFO.


No one is able to pinpoint exactly when the spaceship crash-landed on Earth, or how it became encased in an iceberg, and experts differ widely about the fate of the missing aliens. and even when they might have crashed, some speculate that the great black out that hit the eastern sea board was caused by a ufo crash. "They're dead," says Dr. Juan Cordoba, noted Spanish biologist and member of Dr. Stuber's staff. "Even if they survived the crash, there's no way they could stay alive in New york with out being spotted."


Event: 2004-05-24; Greenland, Scoresbysund



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