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Proving UFO Reality

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Proving UFO Reality


By C.A. Honey

Publication #261  March 2002


This article is designed to answer a question that has been asked very often lately, and has an answer that is much too long to be added to a prior article entitled Questions and Answers (#222).


Basically the problem involved can be stated as follows: I have been asked by quite a few people over the years to offer some sort of proof as to the reality of my interface with the visitors from other planets. At the same time none have stated exactly what they would consider to be the type of proof that would prove my statements to them.


In the past, and in my various publications, I have casually alluded to the time I was with George Adamski on one of his claimed contacts. I did not discuss any of my own contacts or allude to them at any time in print. That is true, but since George Adamski cannot prove he ever had a contact, and he produced all kinds of evidence that was discounted and disbelieved, I still ask - what would you or anyone else consider as proof that would be meaningful and would be accepted by the world at large? If you look at this question with an open mind you soon realize that it could never be answered in a way that would prove anything.


Here is one aspect of the problem that is rarely considered; yet it could be applied to all sorts of other areas and to this problem in particular:


It turns out that many of those interested in flying saucer or UFO reports in the news today, are new to the actual facts about UFOs and do not have enough background or knowledge of the subject to evaluate the reports and make decisions as to their validity. In addition most do not have the experience to evaluate the ridiculous reports apparently linking UFOs to paranormal or occult sources. As a result even more confusion becomes apparent in the general concept of what is considered as real by the public.


The mainstream thought on the subject is that the entire UFO concept is ridiculous and ludicrous and is not even considered as reality. Very few of those new to the present articles and viewpoints of the skeptical scientific community, consider that another aspect is that visitors to our planet are coming here and are living among us quietly doing the job for which they came here to do in the first place. They don't believe that any truth in the subject exists at all. They are happy in their belief and don't realize that they are the ignorant being led by the blind.


In my articles and books over the years I have been quietly presenting legitimate argument as to the reality of the visitors coming here to the planet Earth. Some people were hungry for the truth about the visitors (here-in-after called "spacepeople,") and have studiously studied all available information presented on the subject by many different people.


In my articles I refer to the student of the real facts and truth about the spacepeople, as "climbing up the ladder of evolvement," one step at a time, as they study the information I have presented over the last 40 or more years. These "rungs on the ladder of evolvement" are then compared to grades in our normal school system. Each step up to a higher rung is like graduating from one grade to the next higher grade in school. Here is how I expressed it in my Publication #243 covering the same aspect:


Quote: "Why has the truth never been accepted? It is because most people are not willing to look at evidence that goes against their current belief system. It has always been true that only those who have reached a certain point on their "climb up the ladder of evolvement" are able to accept advanced teaching in any field of learning, especially if it involves new ideas on the subject.


The truth is available to the ones who seek it out. It does not come from me. Those who want the truth, and are willing to seriously study the evidence, can get started any time they want. Seriously investigate the statements I have made so far. Try to prove or disprove them. Thousands of pages and millions of words exist offering proof of what I write about.


It will not be apparent to all, especially if they have not climbed up to the proper "rung on the ladder of evolvement." When pointed out, however, it will "stick out like a sore thumb," and become obvious to all.


Since some people do not understand what I mean by the “proper rung on the ladder of evolvement,” I will explain what I mean before proceeding further.


If I used the term “rung 1, rung 2...5, whatever, on the ladder of evolvement,” the individual rung could be compared to the grades in a school, “first grade, second grade…etc.” In other words, it is merely a way of indicating the various states of intellectual evolvement of ideas and thoughts. It indicates the advancement of an individual away from primitive or superstitious beliefs that are usually based on nothing more than theories having no actual basis in fact..” Unquote.


I am not interested in trying to convince the diehard skeptic as to the reality of the UFO phenomena. It is a waste of my time to try to convert anyone to my belief, as the skeptical persons have obviously not been educating themselves by examining the millions of words written by those who have seriously looked into the subject. Most skeptics are so low on the “ladder of evolvement” that they have never had a desire to learn anything advanced above their own level of intellectual evolvement.


Another thing is very important. I don’t think anyone should be a crusader, or become an extremist and try to convince the public in general to change his or her viewpoint on any subject. This is true whether the subject is UFOs, philosophy, or religion.


For the benefit of the religious believer, I call attention to the fact that average ministers demonstrates total lack of genuine knowledge of the Bible when they state that Jesus spoke in parables to make it easier for the average person of his day to understand what he was talking about. The exact opposite is quoted in Matthew 13: 10-15 where Jesus spoke in parables so his disciples. In the chapter it is explained that Jesus talked in parables to keep the common people from understanding what he was talking about. Only the few associates who were with Jesus received explanations as to the meaning behind the parables. Jesus always spoke to crowds in parables, and then explained the meaning later to his disciples. In like manner, only those people who are on “the proper rung of the ladder of evolvement” are entitled or “predestined if you will,” to the information presented by Science Publications over the last 40 or 50 years.


Don’t forget. Mankind has been given “free will” and can choose to go two ways. Some people are at the proper stage of development to instinctively feel the truth about new ideas they encounter. They have the desire to study and learn more about some aspect of the new knowledge they encounter. However, if others are not ready (through the process of development or evolvement) for information on “saucers,” spacepeople, reincarnation, and numerous other ideas on similar subjects, the following will happen:


If they are approached with material in the nature of photos, books, or other information related to flying saucers, they will think you are crazy and more likely than not will never become interested enough to really investigate the subject.


In addition, most of the information given to them by the “crusaders” or the majority of those claiming actual contact with spacepeople is not only unreliable and false but is totally ridiculous to say the least. Usually they are given accounts of astral and psychic journeys or physical accounts that are nothing more than imagination and nonsense. After a certain amount of exposure to such ludicrous ideas they leave the “saucer” field and never return to the subject.


It is very important that anyone searching for the truth about the spacepeople is given information that is scientific instead of daydreams and nonsense. I have found the best way to do this for those coming to me for information, is to give it to them straight from the shoulder right from the start. It usually comes as a shock when they find out that about 97% of those claiming contacts are either deluded by psychic forces, or are deliberate hoaxers out for the almighty dollar.


Another thing is very important. I do not try, or encourage others to be a crusader or adopt what is considered extremist ideas. Too often people try to convince the world of their UFO beliefs and as a result are only subjects of ridicule by those they wish to convert. When people go to extremes they are very close to going off the deep end and if not careful will start imagining all sorts of things that are only illusion but seem very real to them. This was what happened to George Adamski.


I make a practice of talking only to those who come to me asking for information. I do not go to them. My publications are free for the asking and are sent to those asking questions on a particular subject. If they are interested in UFO subjects, or philosophy of the spacepeople, they are given answers covering their particular question. When people interested in the spacepeople or the general UFO subject come to me for answers, they know I will respond with accurate scientific information, documented as fully as possible. Then they are free to accept it or reject it as they see fit. If they are not interested in my beliefs or ideas I don’t waste valuable time with them. I am here for the seeker, not the critic.


This is not the harsh attitude it might appear to be at first. I have stated earlier that this information is not intended for everyone and only a certain few will be privileged to receive it.


The previous statement may shock you if you haven’t given it much thought, but this idea has been prevalent for centuries as far as higher knowledge is concerned. In college we find certain prerequisites are required before you can enter certain studies. The college does not require you to study algebra before you undertake calculus just to keep you paying tuition, or to pretend they have something unique in the way of new mathematical ideas. They know that without any knowledge of algebra you will be hopelessly lost in trying to work the problems found in calculus. It is the same with a lot of information I present to the public.

Certain prerequisites are required that prompt the public to ask me questions that I will answer.


Many people write and want to know which contactee if any is genuine, and which one is a fake. In the past I have been criticized for being truthful and stating which contactee was authentic and which one was not. They seem to feel that all those claiming such experiences are sharing a small part in a big program and should be given full credit for their effort.


The truth is that most contact claims are fostered by psychics who have not had genuine experiences. The aim of this program, if you believe one truly exists, would only be strengthened if all these types of contactee claims were eliminated entirely from the public scene.


Some people have written criticizing me and seem to think I am violating cosmic principles if I fail to boost all these various contact claims. Since when has exposing untruth and fraud been a violation of cosmic principles? For that matter, how can people really be promoting cosmic truth if they accept all claims they know are false in an effort to please everyone without offending someone else?


Many people seem to be of the viewpoint that every person claiming contact has a “little bit of the truth” and are part on “overall program.”


Contactee claimants in general are part of a program all right. They are part and parcel of a huge fraud being perpetrated upon the public for financial gain. Nearly all have books than contain truth mixed with fraud. In addition many are written with ideas gleaned from numerous books or movies released to the public in prior years. Those individuals who are not educated in the “truth” about spacepeople and what is being done with the true educational program started so many years ago, look at the bits of truth that they know makes sense, and then either fall for the nonsense and think it is also true, or they become disgusted with the whole idea and stop searching altogether.


In this day and age when the majority of people in the world believe in witches, ghosts, astral worlds, occult or metaphysical reality, or other such related nonsense, they are readily equipped to believe all claims of contact regardless of the nature of such claims. To them, no matter how ridiculous the claim is when compared to the actual world, they think it is logical to believe most of the details. This is especially true if some of the details correspond to the claims made by another contactee claimant in prior years.


The point is this: To repeat, many of the stories being promoted over the years, and most of those occurring in this time period, have a lot of truth mixed in with the nonsense. So this makes it easy for those familiar with a lot of the actual facts of the “flying saucer” phenomenon, to believe the story in genuine. The detraction is that the average person, who is unfamiliar with stories such as those being publicized now, sees the complete story as nothing more than nonsense and dismisses the entire flying saucer or UFO reality as complete nonsense. They don’t recognize the difference between the “true” facts and the manufactured facts.


Some of the UFO material being presented to the public today is based on factual happenings, but a lot is not. Some is logical to believe, but some will not follow any logical reason at all. Some of the authors are no doubt sincere and really believe their experience is true and factual. This is because they have been firmly educated in the belief that astral travel “contacts” have meaning to other people of this world. They do not have the knowledge or experience to realize that these experiences have meaning, if any, only for them and are only second hand information to anyone else.


Then we go from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some of those claiming contact with other beings will look you straight in the eye and with a straight face describe their contacts as being with non-human creatures they label as “reptoid” or “reptile” in nature. Others will say these non-humanoid creatures are coming here from other star systems and are trying to infiltrate the world with the idea of eliminating all humanity from the earth. Then again, some of these reptoid creatures are supposed to be friendly and helping earthlings fight against the evil ones. How any person with normal intelligence can even consider the possibility that these stories are true is beyond me. We need to start using the brains God gave us and start thinking logically about how these ridiculous stories get started in the first place. All they have ever accomplished is to turn the normally intelligent person against the entire UFO premise.


For detailed commentary on actual fraud cases, some even resulting in death to the individual involved, request my publications #203 – PHILOSOPHIC ASPECTS OF UFO STUDIES, #233 – EXPOSED, CLAIMS-HOAXES-DANGERS, #250 – CAN THE DEAD BE CONTACTED, and #258 – FRAUD IN METAPHYSICS, OCCULTISM, AND MYSTICISM. Free copies are available upon request.


I make the following points in answering letters to persons writing to me with comments and questions: I repeat, I do not try to prove anything about me when asked to document or prove my claims as portrayed in my books or publications. No matter what evidence I might present someone will dispute it and refuse to accept it as factual.


That is the main reason I try to write logically and present arguments that will stand on their own merit and are self-explanatory. After all these years I’ve yet to see any evidence from anyone that really proves their story, and this includes Adamski. All can be explained and serves no purpose to convince anyone. Even Adamski’s photos are not believed and the skeptic tries to explain everything away.


That is the main purpose of the educational program I have been putting out to the public all these years. Only after most people see a “saucer” for themselves, or have confirmatory evidence from close friends they can really rely upon, will they seek to know more about these new things they suddenly become aware of as real or a part of reality.


My opinion is that my books and publications contain all the evidence necessary for the true seeker of advanced knowledge who is not just looking to have the senses dazzled. They intuitively know what the truth is and what is only fantasy. Think about it. The real truth is not for everyone and a lot of people couldn’t handle it. I’ll conclude by saying that if you see any value in my writing and can utilize any of it to improve your knowledge or well being then accept it. If not then discard it.





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