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Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

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Edgar Cayce on Atlantis


By Doug Yurchey


The following report reviews one of the best books ever written. Any major bookstore should carry it. The book is not very thick. Don't let that fool you. 'Edgar Cayce on Atlantis', by Edgar Evans Cayce contains volumes of credible information from the days of Atlantis. Unlike other books on Atlantis, psychic Edgar Cayce TAKES YOU THERE; opens a window so you can view images of prehistory. I encourage all of you to pick up this small book; take the words to heart and learn of events in Antediluvian times.



Edgar Cayce was called the 'Sleeping Prophet,' 'greatest American psychic' and a 'religious seer.' He was born on March 18, 1877. From an early age, he displayed unusual psychic abilities. He told his parents that he was able to see and talk to 'visions.' Later, it was discovered that Cayce only needed to know a person's name and address in order to 'tune in' on them telepathically. He had the ability to HEAL and help thousands of patients with this unconventional power. Cayce saw auras. He would 'sleep' on a particular person's problem and somehow, psychically, go to a 'hall of records' or some bank of knowledge...and wake up with the exact cure for that certain individual!


'When Edgar Cayce died on January 3, 1945, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he left well over 14,000 documented stenographic records of the telepathic-clairvoyant statements he had given for more than 8000 different people over a period of 43 years. These typewritten documents are called readings.' The Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, Virginia was formed to preserve these readings. The A.R.E. or Association for Research and Enlightenment continues to index and catalogue the Cayce information.


What Edgar Cayce discovered was that many peoples' emotional and physical problems or illnesses had their roots in past lives. If a patient found the origin for the tended to go away. Fifty percent of the readings took the healer-psychic all the way back to Atlantis. Edgar Evans' book on Atlantis is a collection of his father's readings that mention this ancient Eden:


'...many lands have disappeared, many have appeared and disappeared again and again during these periods...The period of the world's existence from the present time being 10 1/2 million years ago. When man came in the earth appeared in five places then at once - the five senses, the five reasons, the five spheres, the five developments, the five nations.' (5/28/25)


In 1925, it was thought that humans existed on Earth for thousands of years; not millions of years. These are ages before Atlantis. According to distant legends: Many empires existed and collapsed long before the birth of Atlantis. Lemuria is only one of the prior civilizations.

'...with the changes, when there came the uprisings in the Atlantean land, and the sojourning southward with the turning of the axis...' (364-13; 1932)


The 'turning of the axis' refers to the fact that the Earth's magnetic field has changed (or flip-flopped) direction a number of times in the prehistoric past.


'...the separation of the beings who inhabited that portion of the earth's sphere into male and female as separate entities, or individuals. As to their forms in the physical sense, these were much rather of the nature of thought forms...' (364-3)


'In Atlantean land when there were the separation of bodies as male and female...' (2121-2; February, 1932)


Edgar Evans Cayce interprets that these 'spritual creations' were able to 'project' themselves into physical forms or more substantial flesh. Was Cayce saying the human race was originally one sex and later, physically, separated into males and females? The idea that these first Atlanteans were 'thought-forms' is consistent with the higher-psychic-plane-theory presented earlier in this book.


' brought in destructive forces to be used by people that were rulers. These destructive forces combined with those natural resources of the gases, of the electrical forces made in nature, caused volcanic eruptions...we find in various portions of the world, even in the present day, some form of legend of these events referring to an 'Eden' of the world.' (363-4)


'In Atlantis before the first of the destructive forces; entity builded those that made for the carrying these machines of destruction that sailed both through the air or under the water.' (1735-2; 10/16/30)


'In Atlantis before destructive forces arose - associated with communications, lighter-than-air machines, radioactive forces.' (1023-2 10/17/35)


In the readings, there are many references to two factions of Atlanteans; 'the Sons of the Law of One' and the 'Sons of Belial.' The Law of One were those forms of a spiritual and peaceful nature. The Sons of Belial were more physical who selfishly exploited the Earth. Edgar Evans believes these Belial forces lost sight of their true spiritual nature and created destructive weapons. 'This may be the real fall of man.' ('entity' refers to the patient Cayce attempted to heal).


Atlantis was originally a large continent in the Atlantic Ocean. There were catastrophies that split the continent into islands; the largest island was called Poseidia.


'...among children of Law of One who cared much about those 'things...' (3579-1; 1/20/44)


'In Atlantean land before Adam - timekeeper for those who were called things or servants or workers of the people - entity felt need of change or reform so that every individual would have the right of choice or freedom - felt desire to improve the conditions for the worker...'


The things 'may have been mixtures of man an animal.' (genetic experiments: the creatures of mythology). Edgar Evans Cayce believes they were humans who were held in low regard as well as treated like slaves or machines. The 'things' were CLONES. Cloning was not known when Cayce's readings were first interpreted. In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, low class workers were genetically created from birth to function as slaves. This fiction, along with Star Wars Attack of the Clones, could give us clues to our long-lost history.


'...there was the creating of the high influence of radial activity from rays of the sun that were turned on crystals...' (263-4; 3/6/35)


'...These periods when there was the application of much that is being discovered or rediscovered today, in application of power to modes of transit...' (2562-1; 5/9/41)


'...When Poseidian land was greater in power, when there was the meeting called for those of many lands to determine means and manners in which there would be control of the animals (dinosaurs) that were destructive to many lands. Entity in capacity of those who guided the ships that sailed both in the air and under the water, also maker of that which produced the elevators and connecting to things controlled by the facets for the radiation activity of the sun (nuclear) on metals and control of such airships.' (2157-1; 3/27/40)


'...much in the manner of an all-world broadcast in the present day...and this was administered much in the same way or manner as if there were sent out from various central plants that which is termed in the present the Death Ray, or super-cosmic ray, that will be found in the next 25 years.' (2/21/33)


The Death Ray is the LASER. (Which can also be used for communications; 'all-world broadcast'). Atlantis used large crystals and created extremely destructive Death Ray devices. Edgar Cayce accurately predicted the invention of the laser. The Encyclopedia Britannica tells us that physicists at the University of California at Berkeley announced in The Physical Review the success of the first laser in 1957. This is precisely what Cayce foretold back in 1933.


'...of transportation, the aeroplane as called today, but then as ships of the air, for they sailed not only in the air but in other elements also.' (2437-1; 1/23/41)


'nightside of life for destruction.'

'universal forces.'

'motivative forces as carried the peoples into the various portions of the land and to other lands.'

'transmission of thought through ether.'

'to the manner of sound, voice and picture...' (television)

'motivative forces from the great crystals.'

'mechanics, machinery, application of electrical forces, radiation and heating, commercial application.'

'as much that has not even been thought of yet, in the present experience.'


'...electrical forces that dealt with transportation of craft from place to place, photographing at a distance, reading inscriptions through walls even at a distance, overcoming gravity itself, preparation of the crystal, the terrible mighty crystal; much of this brought destruction.' (519-1; 2/20/34)

Keep in mind that Edgar Cayce received this information in the process of helping people eliminate their illnesses. The Sleeping Prophet was incredibly successful. Cayce did not attend medical school. He was a miracle-worker who helped thousands.


Obviously, the above quotes from his readings tell of a modern technology in Atlantis. Cayce was not a scientist and had to relate this ancient science as best he could. For a non-technical person, the psychic's descriptions were phenomenal. The readings are not gibberish. Like in the Bible and in the prophesies of Nostrodamus: Highly advanced, futuristic technology was described in basic terms.


'The building above the stone was oval; or a dome wherein there could be...a portion for rolling back, so that the activity of the stars - the concentration of energies that emanate from bodies that are on fire acted upon the instruments which were connected with the various modes of travel through induction methods...(same) as remote control through radio vibration...impelled from the stone acted upon the motivating forces in the craft themselves...whether the aircraft were lifted by the gases of the period; or whether for guiding the more-of-pleasure vehicles...impelled by the concentration of rays from the stone which was centered in the middle of the POWER STATION, or powerhouse (as would be the term in the present).' (440-5; 12/20/33)


Edgar Evans does not mention Tesla; although he says: 'It has been proven possible to transmit a small amount of power without wires.' The Cayce quote from 1933 is obviously speaking of the wireless transmission of electrical energy. Edgar Evans says that possibly the Atlanteans were able to 'broadcast electricity.' This involves great stones; crystals; power stations; powerhouses; and using electrical forces in nature. Cayce also mentions pyramids and their special capstones. This energy was concentrated in monoliths and giant statues then transmitted to power cities and flying vehicles.


This was Tesla technology in Atlantis; descriptions of a super society that has mastered wireless energy. This glimpse into the past is just what Nikola saw for our future. What wonders such a civilization could produce!...if used properly by the right people in power.


Cayce's son was asked on the David Susskind Show: How could reincarnation be true if there are so many people today? Where are all the new souls coming from? His answer was: My father spoke of a time in Atlantis when there were far more people on Earth than populate the planet today. This is possible when you consider that many lands that are now uninhabitable...were inhabited by our distant ancestors.


Today's deserts were once lush living-areas; before the ancient, nuclear wars. Atlanteans had weather control and total environmental control.

'...the manners of transportation and communications through airships of that period were such as Ezekiel described at a much later date.' (1859-1; 4/7/39)


'...Entity was what would be in the present the electrical engineer - applied those forces or influences for airplanes, ships and what you would today call radio for constructive or destructive purposes.' (1574-1; 4/19/38)


' city of Eden, in Poseidia among Atlan lands and people during building of temple of Law of One.' (390-2; 8/15/33)


Edgar Cayce's readings mention a number of Atlantean destructions over time; misuse of power; wars over the 'things' and relocations to Egypt, South America and Yucatan. Edgar Evans suggests that the Cro-Magnons were the refugees of Atlantis.


Edgar Cayce also accurately predicted the rise of Atlantis at Bimini in '68 or '69. In January of 1969, the famous Bimini Wall was discovered exactly where and when Cayce said decades earlier.


Edgar Cayce was on Atlantis; I was on Atlantis...and so were you!


.: © 2002/3 Doug Yurchey



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