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Do ET UFOs Exist?

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Do ET UFOs Exist?


By TJ Elias


In an earlier article 'Do UFOs Exist?' We established that the possibility of terrestrial UFO existence is a definite yes. This article will focus on the possibility of Extraterrestrial UFOs existing.


Now that we have established that UFOs do exist, lets move on to determining if UFOs from other worlds or dimensions exist. A brief primer follows that could substantiate the reasonable possibility of the existence of ET UFOs.


First we must establish that the possibility of intelligent life could exist outside this earth. We can use Drakes Equation to establish the probability of this. In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake set out to develop a scientific formula to calculate the number of technological civilizations that might exist in the universe. Known as the Drake Equation, the formula identifies factors that might play a role in the development of such civilizations. It is very probable that between 500 and several thousand communicating civilizations could exist within just the Milky Way galaxy at this very moment. Given that there are numerous other galaxies within the known universe, this number of planets could increase exponentially.


The next hurdle to overcome is that our understanding of physics and our current technological understandings is that it could a very long time for someone to travel to earth from another planet. As our understanding of time, space and propulsion systems expand; we are starting to see some of the possibilities that could reduce conventional travel estimates by a factor of 10-1000. It would then be reasonable to consider that another more advanced civilization would have already figured out how to perform rapid space travel.


The number of UFO sighting reports throughout history is in the hundreds of thousands. Still a vast number of people are not convinced that ET UFO could exist. Admittedly, many sightings could be the result of overactive imaginations, hoaxes, explained aerial phenomenas, natural astronomical objects, or a quest for attention. This could account for as much as 90-95% of the sighting reports, but it is doubtful that all sightings can be explained so easily. Many sightings have been reported by very reputable sources. Some reports are even backed up by evidence like photographs, video footage, and radar data. Multiple concurrent eyewitnesses corroborate many of these reports.


Even if 90-95% of the sightings can be explained, the balance of 5-10% would still remain unexplained.


The governments of the world have denied that many of the sightings are crafts that they control or otherwise have any knowledge of. In fact the US government created special teams to investigate UFO sightings as early as 1947. Project Grudge was the first investigative team. It was changed to Project Sign in 1948. In 1952 it was again changed, this time to Project Blue Book. When Project Blue Book ended in 1969 there were still 585 documented cases from over 12,000 case files that are unexplainable between 1947 and 1969. If your tax accounting were as incomplete, you would probably not fare too well. It is rumored that after Project Blue Book, Project Blue Paper was formed to continue government UFO investigations. It is alleged that Project Saucer was a processor to Project Grudge.


Mans post-flight era easily lends itself to Identifiable UFOs, but in the preflight era of mankind, it is a lot more difficult to explain many of the UFO sightings. The possible existence of ET UFOs has been a subject of great controversy for more centuries than most people realize.


Most of the teachings of traditional religions do not provide for the possibility of life on any planet other than earth. However, the bible does contain many references to UFOs being present before, during and after Christ's lifetime.


UFO sightings have been reported for over 2000 years, way before man learned to fly. According to the Old Testament the prophet Ezekiel watched a "wheel" descend from the sky. He describes it in detail. He may have seen man-like beings, and/or even flown on the craft. Several other reports exist from our preflight era. The point here is that earthlings did not have flight capabilities when these sightings occurred.


Several historical paintings have UFO crafts painted in them. The pyramids of Giza have glyphs depicting flying crafts. The Nazca Lines of Peru can only be seen at very high altitudes and we probably created well over 1000 years ago.


Why don't more people see UFOs? There could be many reasons for this. One of the first reasons is that you would need to be in the right place at the right time.


Another reason for not noticing UFOs is general unawareness of the surroundings. Have you ever been out driving with someone and they point something out that you otherwise would not have noticed? How about driving on open highway and had someone else able to spot a wild animal within 100 yards of the highway, yet you still can't see it until it is specifically pointed out to you. There are a large number of commercial, private and military air flights every day. Unless you live very close to an airport or are purposely looking for them, you probably do not notice very many of the aircraft that are within visual range.


With the number of creditable sightings that the governments of the world can't sufficiently explain coupled with the sightings that were reported prior to man's flight abilities, it is a very real possibility that ET UFOs exist and have existed for over 2000 years. It is very possible that ET UFOs exist.


Copyright (c) 2003 - TJ Elias


Note: A majority of the research information used to create this article can be found at the World Of The Strange web site.



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