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Previously Classified Military Documents May Hold Key to Answer

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Previously Classified Military Documents May Hold Key to Answer


E-Book Release




I wanted to more personalize my release to you...


I recall you have a newsletter? Perhaps you could share my release?


In addition to the research I have done for the E-Book in the release, I also write about our ET visitors and spiritual matters. Check out the Website in the release, under Press/Media for more information. Thanks.


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Claude Claude DiDomenica <>






Claude DiDomenica

781/ 440-6595

E-mail: Asks, "Do we have a Moon base?"


Previously Classified Military Documents May Hold Key to Answer


September 15, 2003 -- Boston, Massachusetts, USA -- announced today the release of a new E-Book CD-ROM entitled, "Project HORIZON: Do we have a Moon base???"


In 1959, a technical task force that included the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, authored the Project HORIZON study. The primary objective of the study was to build the first permanently manned self-sustaining moon base by 1966.


The E-Book author, Claude DiDomenica said, "I first learned about Project HORIZON from the controversial 1997 book, 'The Day After Roswell,' by U.S. Army Colonel Philip J. Corso (Retired). Although the general theme of the book was about the extraterrestrial presence, there was an interesting chapter called 'Project Moon Base.'"


Mr. DiDomenica added, "In July of 1997, I contacted the historian of the Corps of Engineers to verify the Project HORIZON study existed. He replied back and told me, not only did the study exist, but that he would be happy to send me a copy."


Mr. DiDomenica received the document and said, "I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I receive the document, but also received three Appendices of Volume I that were not included in 'The Day After Roswell,' and the complete Volume II of the study."


Volume II of the study is around 300 pages, which are included on the CD-ROM.


"I took great care in scanning Volumes I and II, and created a user-friendly navigation system," stated Mr. DiDomenica. He continued, "I also wrote an overview, explaining my theory that at this time, we do indeed have a moon base that is so secret, perhaps not even the U.S. President is aware of its existence."


Mr. DiDomenica explains, "As far as I know, approximately three-quarters of the 400 or so pages of previously classified U.S. Army documents have never been released to the public."


The E-Book also contains an extensive summary (over 11,000 words) of both volumes of the study.


"Frequently, people will make things up, in order to sell this or that. I think that is very unwise. I am not claiming to have cloned the first stuffed pepper," Mr. DiDomenica said with a smile. He added, "What I am doing is providing some convincing evidence that at least back in 1959, the idea of a moon base was very serious. So, the question of 'Do we have a Moon base?', is up to the readers of my E-Book."


This provocative CD-ROM creates more questions than it provides answers.


The E-Book CD-ROM is available for purchase at


Mr. DiDomenica closed by saying, "I don't want people to go nuts over finding out if there is a moon base, and begin a 'Million-Humanoid March' on Washington, demanding the truth. What I do hope is that people will find these documents interesting and perhaps prove to themselves that a moon base may be real. It would be a comforting thought, to know we may have a survival outpost somewhere, just in case our shortsightedness as a species or nature causes a global catastrophe."


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Members of the press/media are encouraged to read Mr. DiDomenica's: News Reporting of the Cutting Edge Science of UFOlogy FAQ v1.01


It is available on the

Website. Click on press/media link.


Additional information is also available for the press/media at the link above, including how to schedule an interview with the author.



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