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Project SilverBug

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Project SilverBug


In the late 1940s the USAF started a program code-named: Silver Bug to build Vertical-landing take off / landing aircraft. The main design was disk-shaped. The Shape was designed by a NAZI Scientist who defected after WWII.


This is the end of the part that is Really credible.


During WWII the NAZIs captured a downed ET Disk and based their designs on this during the war, they never got past the drawing board though. After the war the Defecting Scientist brought the ET Disk with them to the US.


--The source for the ET Part is actually from a Russian Press Conference of all places!






I came across your web page and decided to drop you a note in relation to a research project I am conducting at present.


The research program relates to Project Silver Bug, which you have no doubt already heard of on the Internet. I have managed to dig up a certain amount of peripheral information about it so far. This would include the already declassified and released Report on Project Silver Bug, compiled and published in 1955 by the Wright Air Development Center and the Air Technical Intelligence Center, both of Wright Patterson AFB.


Since this is getting to the point where I have to consider what organization or publication would want to publish any story that comes from the research, I thought I would ask if you had any knowledge of such an organization or publication.


One thing I would like to include as part of the research is a trip back to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, since I have reason to believe an operational type of craft as outlined in the Bug report may have been based in that area during the time period 1970-75 while I was based at Carswell. (It was apparently at another location than Carswell if such basing did exist, most likely in an underground mode).


My problem is that, although a 20-years-of-experience news reporter, I am currently unemployed and would have to make some arrangement with any potential publisher for travel expenses prior to any writing and publication for purposes of onsite investigation in the DFW area.


Please advise. Just the existence of this Bug program is interesting enough. But if they did manage to make something that was operational from the R&D effort, it would no doubt be an exceptional story with many ramifications.




George Belanus






You've made some good points. I would be interested in scanning the document and posting part of it. That is if it is different from what is located at: If it is the same then it would be redundant to post it. I still wouldn't mind having a copy just in case the site above goes out of business (they seem to do that all the time.


I also would not want to post anything that you didn't pre-approve. (I prefer to be part of the solution not the problem) <g>



TJ Elias




Thanks for your help. [TJ]


I certainly wouldn't mind posting something on your website about this project, especially if it led to some tips on where to look for more information. But let's think about how we'd put it up there first. It's no doubt a long shot they had something based in Texas in an underground mode .... in short, my expectations are that even if I or somebody else found such a base, it'd probably be through divine inspiration or incredible luck, since they'd probably go to great lengths to hide it well. This is just a theory to check out on my part. If we were going to put anything up about this part of it, we'd probably have to be circumspect about locations. No use tipping our hand. That way, if the theory is correct, we'd be no doubt ensuring our chances of finding anything would be improved. Probably bad enough we're talking about this in the clear on these non secure lines. Terrible thing after all that communications security they ranted on at me about in SAC. (heh heh heh).


If we're talking about posting something in general about what's already uncovered, that might well be a good thing. Especially if we put a kicker on it soliciting any further information from persons who might know something about any such project coming to fruition.


As a start, let me suggest this. The Silver Bug report, I think, is pretty much public information at the present. I've seen people advertising it for sale on the Net. I got my copy for the price of a phone call to the historian's office at the National Air Intelligence outfit at Wright-Pat, which originally was the Air Intelligence outfit which co-authored that report. I guess that you probably have things like a scanner you could toss the report onto your hard drive with and make it a part of your web page. Let me know what your mailing address is. I'll send a clear photocopy of it to you and you can put it up, perhaps in the form of a modified "wanted" poster soliciting any information about possible outcomes of the project. That way maybe we can turn something up and not goof up any possible fact-finding trip in the future. You'd have something brand new for your board and I wouldn't have to worry about crazy people with high powered rifles waiting for me when all I have to shoot with is a camera in Texas. And there would still be that thing where the sale value of anything that could come out of it would still be there. After all, even if it transpires that they did build something with no help from any little grey aliens, it's still a helluva story ... especially if all those gold plated toilets for combat bombers really went into projects like this.


George Belanus




The Scanned document may be viewed here: Project Official Document Scans



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