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The Greatest Deception

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The Greatest Deception (Book Review)


A Rare Find For A One Stop Reference Book

March 25, 2002

Reviewer: Louise A. Lowry from Philadelphia, PA. USA


I was most impressed when I finally had gotten "The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection in, with over 450 some pages of references and information. The reader will soon be lost for words as they search through this most brilliantly written voyage through the ages of time...


You will find many references to the Bible broken down, Yhovah Whirlwinds, Glowing Object Passes over, The Burning Bush, Wheels Ascended, Synchronized Accession, Voices In The Sky, Dark and Shiny Objects, Spinning Objects, The Immortals, Technology Of The GODS, Technology of Life and the list will go on and on. But "The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection" does not just cover the BIBLE it touches on much more to bring to light the evidence that has been know for millenniums, but have been pushed around. never to be heard from again.


"The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection" is a much valuable source for the readers of academe who wish to take on the challenges posed by the UFO phenomenon and not be afraid to voice their opinion.


Learn of the infamous Crop Circles, the Mighty wonders of the world and the great misconceptions of the common Bible. Learn about the Churches and their FEARS. You will also learn of the feats about, Human Anomalies such as the massive giants that walked with us. The Ancient technology and what we have lost through the years. Special Talents, Effects and People will amaze you. Also touching on the Cattle Mutilations and embedded artifacts, along with the crop art and Agriglyphs.


I applaud the goal of the writer (Patrick Cooke) for putting together this most interesting, serious and impressive book. I'm sure that both the scientific and religion aspect will remain controversial and maybe one day we will answer the Who? What? Where? and Why? questions...


Louise A. Lowry



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