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Men In Black Exist

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Men In Black Exist


by: Robert A. Goerman





The most compelling multiple-witness Men In Black encounter that I personally investigated was featured in the March 1977 issue of "OFFICIAL UFO" magazine in an article entitled: "The Men In Black Exist: A Case In Point!"


--- EVENT #1: January 20, 1967, 11:30 PM

Mrs. Walter J. Kushner and her two daughters, Susan (17) and Tanya (14) and a close friend of the girls, Marianne Williamson (16), witnessed a brilliant aeroform with a distinct disk shape drop below the cloud cover and execute a sharp turn before cruising parallel to a mountain ridge while the group was returning to the Kushner's Pittsfield, Pennsylvania residence. All members of the party were awed by the lack of sound and high speed of the object.


--- EVENT #2: January 21, 1967, 2:00 AM

Susan, Tanya and Marianne were enjoying a typical teenage pajama party and were doing anything but sleeping when all three girls simultaneously spotted a peculiar light shimmering through the closed curtains of Susan's bedroom. Without warning, the drapes parted of their own volition and a midget triangular object hovering a few feet from the house began beaming pinkish light of a painfully brilliant intensity into the bedroom. When the triangle moved to the second window, the curtains repeated their opening act and the intensity of light emanating from the object increased several fold. At this point, the girls became quite frightened and decided to get the hell out of there.


The phenomenon had different ideas.


Suddenly, all three girls became paralyzed and weak, unable to cry out or do more than whimper helplessly. Not able to move, their terror at this point became so strong that prayer became a viable option. After a few more torturous moments that seemed like an eternity, the light effect dissipated and their freedom of movement was restored, although a weird dizzy sensation continued to haunt the girls for the better part of an hour.


The girls awoke Mrs Kushner and, through a veil of tears, sputteringly related the events and their fear that "it" might return. Mother Kushner finally got the trio settled down and after much discussion, decided that it would be best for all concerned if everyone simply forgot the incident and told no one.


All agreed.


--- ENCOUNTER: January 28, 1967

Things were back to normal when shortly after the dinner hour on Saturday, exactly one week after the horrific pajama party, two men arrived at the Kushner household. They identified themselves as military investigators and flashed what appeared to be United States Air Force identification. Mrs. Kushner described the ID card as having black printing on a durable white stock.


Most military identification cards that I have encountered are on colored stock and laminated with a photograph of the individual represented. Sources tell me that many USAF Office of Special Investigation officers carry their ID in a billfold affair.


Things were about to get very interesting.


Both men wore tan trench coats (not black) which they kept buttoned from knee to collar. The taller of the two, who, according to the family's testimony, did all the talking, was described as having blond hair, green eyes, was thin and deeply tanned. The other gentleman was heavyset with dark hair, piercing blue eyes and was also deeply tanned.


Mrs. Kushner explained that although both men seemed for the most part to be very polite, they were extremely insistent about one thing: they wanted every shred of information about the girls' experience.


Neither parent could explain why they allowed their children to be so intensely grilled by these "government agents."


I was told that these characters moved about the house with apparently total knowledge of the whereabouts of rooms, furniture, objects, etc.


When asked how the Air Force learned of the UFO sightings, the taller one responded with, "We know a lot of things, a lot of things."


Unsure of their footing by this time, the family felt that cooperation with the "officers" was their only option. Although compelled to accept the situation for what it was worth, something seemed off-center, something that, at the time, they couldn't quite put their finger on.


Sue noted that their clothes looked as if they had purchased them in a clothing store ten minutes before and the bottom of their shoes (despite the weather) seemed unwalked on in appearance. The cigarette pack held by the taller one was unopened (and stayed that way) and even his wallet was brand new. These observations may seem trivial or even confusing now, but I will explain shortly.


While the taller of the two showed his captive audience a loose-leaf notebook with professionally printed schematic diagrams and photos of both the exterior and interior views of various types of UFO-type craft, Sue watched the shorter "officer" secretly write in an elongated notebook not unlike those used by stenographers. Catching him offguard, she was amazed to see him writing strange symbols in vertical columns, starting from the left, going down one column, up the next, down the third, up the fourth, etc. Being accustomed to standard shorthand, Sue had no idea of the graphic's origin.


Meanwhile, Blabbermouth continued to mystify his audience, telling them that UFOs were nothing more than secret U. S. experimental aircraft which have not harmed persons or property and that public disclosure of seeing one up close could result in criminal prosecution.


When Tanya asked how the family could get in touch with them should there be another sighting, the tall one answered that with a stunning, "I can find you anywhere, any time!"


By this time, to say that the family was thoroughly confused would be the understatement of the year. But the best was yet to come. When the mystery men left, they backed their vehicle out onto the roadway, turned off their headlights and powered away down the road. It was well after dark by this time and it is against Pennsylvania commonwealth traffic laws (and all common sense and safety) to drive after sunset without suitable lighting.


One fact seems clear.


These two men probably had no connection with any government or military agency.







--- SUBJECT: Peter Gregory

Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire

United Kingdom


--- EVENT: June 21, 1993

Subject filmed several seconds of video footage of a huge flattened triangular UFO with red and yellow lights. Object left a "trail of light" during departure.


--- ENCOUNTER: June 24, 1993

Two men, smartly dressed, arrived at his home. They claimed to belong to a certain Grimsby (his hometown) UFO research organization. This put the subject at ease. The two men promised a full analysis of the video, including computer enhancement. Subject surrendered the video for professional examination. Later, the subject discovered that their address and the UFO group were non-existent. His video was never returned.





--- SUBJECT: James McCleary

County Tipperary



--- EVENT: Summer 1990

The subject, a farmer, found several flattened circles destroying crops in his oats and potato fields.


--- ENCOUNTER: Summer 1990

One man, dressed in a dark suit "50 years out of fashion," leaped out at the subject from behind a shed on his farm. Tall and almost too thin, the visitor had a face so pale that he "looked as if he had died and been dug up." The voice was educated and without accent although the visitor had trouble fitting the proper words into place.


"Tell us about those designs in your crops." Visitor constantly emphasized the word "us" although he was alone. He threatened McCleary to remain silent and to talk to him alone as it was "in your best interest" to do so "or else!"





--- SUBJECT: Dr Herbert Hopkins


United States of America


--- EVENT: Dr Herbert Hopkins, a 58 year-old doctor and hypnotist, was acting as consultant on a UFO incident. The physician had accumulated tapes and other written documentation on the case and had performed extensive hypnotic regression on the witnesses.


--- ENCOUNTER #1: September 11, 1976, at 8:00 PM

After his wife and children had gone out this particular evening, the telephone rang and a man identified himself as the vice-president of the New Jersey UFO research organization (this UFO group never existed) and asked if he might visit to discuss certain details of this UFO case. The man asked if he was home alone and the doctor responded that he was. Despite concerns about drug-related robbery, he found himself agreeing to the request. Although Dr Hopkins was a bit confused by his positive reply to the man, he walked to the door to turn on the porch light so that his visitor would be able to find his way from the parking lot. When he got to the door, the man was coming up the steps. This concerned the subject as he could not figure out where the man could have called from or how he arrived so quickly at his doorstep.


"I saw no car, and even if he did have a car, he could not have possibly gotten to my house that quickly from any phone," Doctor Hopkins later commented. Still, Hopkins opened the door and let the man in without even asking the man who he was or what he wanted.


The 5' 8" tall man was dressed in a black suit, with black hat, tie and shoes, and a white shirt, "I thought, he looks like an undertaker," Hopkins later said. His clothes were immaculate - suit unwrinkled, trousers sharply creased. When he took off his derby, he revealed himself as completely hairless, not only bald but without eyebrows or eyelashes. His skin was dead white, his lips bright red. In the course of their conversation, he happened to brush his lips with his grey suede gloves, and the doctor was astonished to see that his lips were smeared and that the gloves were stained with lipstick. It was only afterwards, however, that Dr Hopkins reflected further on the strangeness of his visitor's appearance and behavior.


The man asked a number of questions about the Maine UFO case, speaking in a monotone voice and did not emphasize words in his sentences.


Suddenly, the visitor told Doctor Hopkins that he had two coins in his pocket and to take one out and put it in his hand. Indeed, there were only two coins in his pocket and the subject pulled out a penny. The man told Hopkins to stare at the penny, not himself. As the doctor watched, the coin seemed to go out of focus, and then gradually vanished. "Neither you nor anyone else on this plane will ever see that coin again," the visitor told him. The man then asked Hopkins what he knew about the death of Barney Hill (an alleged UFO abductee). Hopkins said Barney died after a long illness. The man told him that Barney Hill died because he knew too much and that a certain life-giving internal organ was made to disappear just like that coin. Hopkins was taken by fear at this point. The man told Hopkins to destroy all his notes and tapes that he had concerning the UFO investigation immediately.


Dr Hopkins noticed that the visitor's speech was slowing down. The man then rose unsteadily to his feet and said, very slowly; "My energy is running low - must go now - goodbye." He walked falteringly to the door. Hopkins opened the door for the man, who then descended the outside steps uncertainly, one at a time.


Hopkins saw a bright light shining in the driveway, bluish-white and distinctly brighter than a normal car headlight, and thought it was from the man's car, but the man walked in the opposite direction. Hopkins ran to a window to see where the man was going, but he was not there. He ran to the door, looked out, but the man and the light were gone. Dr Hopkins neither saw nor heard an automobile depart.


When his wife and children came home, they found the good doctor severely shaken, with the house lights blazing, and seated at a table on which lay a gun.


Hopkins destroyed his audio tapes and notes and records as instructed.


ENCOUNTER #2: September 24, 1976


From the sublime to the ridiculous...


After Dr Hopkin's terrifying visit, his daughter-in-law Maureen received a telephone call from a man who claimed to know her husband John, and who asked if he and a companion could come and visit them.


John met the caller at a local restaurant, and brought him home with his companion, a woman. Both strangers appeared to be in their mid-thirties, and wore curiously old-fashioned clothes. The woman looked particularly odd. When she stood up, it seemed that there was something wrong with the way that her legs joined her hips. Both visitors walked with very short steps and leaned forward as though frightened of falling.


They sat awkwardly together on a sofa while the man asked a number of personal questions. Did John and Maureen watch television much? What did they read? And what did they talk about? All the while, the man was pawing and fondling his female companion, asking John if this was all right and whether he was doing it correctly.


John left the room for a moment, and the man tried to persuade Maureen to sit next to him. He asked her how she was made and whether she have any nude photographs.


The woman stood up and announced that she wanted to leave. The man also stood, but made no move to go. He was between the woman and the door, and it seemed that the only way she could get to the door was by walking in a straight line, directly through him. Finally the woman turned to John and said: "Please move him. I can't move him myself."


Then, suddenly, the man left, followed by the woman, both walking in straight lines. They did not even say goodbye.





--- SUBJECT: 17-year-old female

(identity withheld)

United Kingdom


--- EVENT: January 23, 1976

At approximately 5:20 PM, subject noticed two lights (one amber, one red) cavorting over a reservoir a half mile away before they swooped forward to become a metallic object, base curved, top flattened, twenty to thirty feet across and spinning like a top. A mysterious force pressed her to the ground. Metal fillings in subject's teeth "vibrated" and a "tangy taste" filled her mouth. Subject feared that she would be crushed by this invisible "force." One half hour of "missing time" was noted when she arrived home. The event was reported to the police (who refused to investigate and instead turned the story over to the local newspaper). Not seeking publicity, subject refused to cooperate with local press and television. Her health had markedly deteriorated and she took to her bed for several days... pain in her eyes (which were watering and quite red)... nausea and vomiting... muscle aches... small burn marks on her arm and side... strange purple rash on neck and shoulders... some top dental fillings crumbled into powder and fell out... some bottom fillings became embedded in the gums.


--- ENCOUNTER #1: February 2, 1976

Telephone call intercepted by subject's mother from a man who would only identify himself as "someone who investigates these things" that asked about her daughter's health. The anonymous caller wanted to know if any marks had been left on the girl's body as a result of her ordeal. The mother put the caller off.


--- ENCOUNTER #2: February 3, 1976

At 7 PM, two men arrived and demanded "to interrogate" subject, while at the same time denied being either UFOlogists or journalists. The father initially refused to let them in. One man did all the talking (both men appeared about 40 and wore crisp black suits) and was tall and fair, almost blond. The tall one responded with, "If you do not let us in now we will come back later and make (the girl) speak to us." This threat seemed very believable to the family.


Neither man used names and both had an air of authority and conducted themselves as if they had every right to do and say whatever they chose. The shorter man sat on a chair and held a square black box with no visible moving parts. It was said to be a high-tech recording device. This interrogation lasted three hours. At no time was any recording tape changed.


The tall one was rude to the point of aggression.


The subject's father admitted candidly, "You know, I have never been able to understand why I did not throw them out. Why I let them hound (her) for hour after hour. I would normally not tolerate something like this. Why did I let them do this thing?"


The girl's mother was creeped out by the man who had not spoken all night. He continually stared intently at her daughter.


This visit ended with a threat to be silent.


"You must not talk about this matter. It is in your interests not to do so. Nobody will believe you, in any case. In particular you must not talk to UFO investigators."


They left in a large black car.


These mystery men telephoned the very next day and again a week later. They were only concerned about whether or not the girl had any unusual marks on her body following her ordeal. She finally admitted that, yes, there were marks, but they were gone now. This seemed to satisfy the visitors. They did not contact the family again.





--- SUBJECT: Carlos de los Santos Montiel



---- EVENT: May 3, 1975

While flying his Piper light aircraft on approach to Mexico City, two small gray discs appeared off both wingtips and temporarily took "control" of his airplane. A third disc came at him head-on and flew beneath him so close that it bumped the bottom of the plane. Mexico City airport allegedly tracked the "bogeys" on radar. Carlos was treated for shock following his ordeal.


--- ENCOUNTER #1: Mid-May

Driving en route to the Mexico City TV studio be interviewed by Pedro Ferriz for television, two black limousines "like a diplomat's car" intercepted Carlos, hemming him in front and back and forcing his automobile to the side of the road before he had time to react. Both vehicles were so sparkling new that they looked as though they were on the road for the very first time. Four men wearing dark suits got out. All were described as tall with very pale skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. One of the MIB prevented Carlos from leaving his vehicle and another threatened the subject's life in a robotic voice: "Look, boy, if you value your life and your family's too, don't talk any more about this sighting of yours." Two things really struck Carlos about his dark-garbed antagonists: they were so very absolutely pale and at no time did they seem to blink but only stared straight ahead.


Carlos abandoned his television interview plans.





--- SUBJECT: Male

(identity withheld)

East Midlands

United Kingdom


--- EVENT: Late August 1971 (No exact date given)

Observed white light slowly cross the sky. Nothing about this nondescript sighting would enthuse civilian UFO investigators.


--- ENCOUNTER #1: (No exact date given)

Two men arrived at subject's house in a dark car and smart business suits and announced that they represented the Ministry of Defence. Instructed subject that all he saw was the Russian satellite "Cosmos 408." This explanation was later proved incorrect.



Subject informed civilian UFO investigator Derek James that his house was being stalked by a black Jaguar automobile. Two men parked outside subject's home at night and he became convinced that they were watching him. According to noted UFO author Jenny Randles, "I had sufficient association with this case to confirm that this story is genuine."


After discussion as what to do next and despite the fact that UFOlogist Derek James had, by sheer chance, a relative that was a high ranking police official in the East Midlands town in question, it was decided not to ask the local police to investigate an MIB matter. However, the subject lived quite near a major manufacturing company. What if the men in the Jaguar were "casing the joint" in order to pull off a robbery? The police took the bait.


--- ENCOUNTER #2: October 19, 1971

A patrol car began to keep a look out. The Jaguar was parked there, waited thirty minutes or so and drove off.


--- ENCOUNTER #3: October 20, 1971

The scenario was repeated. This time the vehicle registration and other details were recorded. A subsequent check revealed that the Jaguar did not exist. Law enforcement became interested.


--- ENCOUNTER #4: October 21, 1971

At 9:05 PM, the officers on patrol were ordered to bring in the occupants of the Jaguar for questioning by the CID. The patrol car parked out of sight so as not to alert the mystery men.


According to Randles: "Following standard procedure the two bobbies walked toward it -- one either side -- and got to within a few inches. They were just about to knock on the window and question the driver and his passenger. Although they could see little in the dark, the two men inside were smartly dressed.


"Suddenly, the car disappeared. It literally just melted away into nothingness in front of the two terrified police officers."


As is so often Standard Operating Procedure when the "paranormal" is involved, "To Protect and Suppress" was the order of the day. A "cover story" was decided upon and the police logs reflected the new reality. Certain observations became a non-event. "It was not thought wise -- or indeed possible -- to enter into the logs that a suspect vehicle and its occupants was last seen heading for another dimension."





--- SUBJECT: Robert Richardson

Toledo, Ohio

United States of America


--- EVENT: July 1967

Subject collided with a UFO while driving at night. Coming around a bend, he had been surprised by a strange object blocking the road. Unable to completely stop in time, he had hit it, but not very hard. Immediately on impact, the UFO vanished. Police who accompanied Richardson to the scene could find only his own skid marks as evidence; but on a later visit, Richardson himself found a small lump of metal which he believed might have come from the UFO.


--- ENCOUNTER #1: Three days later, at 11 PM, two men in their twenties appeared at Richardson's home and questioned him for about 10 minutes. They did not identify themselves, and Richardson - to his own subsequent surprise - did not ask who they were. They were not unfriendly, gave no warnings, and just asked questions. He noted that they left in a black 1953 Cadillac. The license number, when checked, was found not yet to have been issued.


--- ENCOUNTER #2: A week later, Richardson received a visit from two different men, who arrived in a current model Dodge. They wore black suits and were dark-complectioned. Although one spoke perfect English, the second had an accent, and Richardson felt there was something vaguely foreign about them. At first, they seemed to be trying to persuade him that he had not hit anything at all; but then they asked for the piece of metal. When he told them it had gone to the Aerial Phenomenon Research Orgenization (a civilian UFO outfit) for analysis, they threatened: "If you want your wife to stay as pretty as she is, then you'd better get the metal back".





--- SUBJECT: Mrs. Ralph Butler

Owatonna, Minnesota

United States of America


--- EVENT: November 1966

Mrs Butler and an unidentified lady friend believed that they entered into brief telepathic communications with UFOs they described as "little flashers."


--- ENCOUNTER #1: May 1967

One man, five-foot-nine-inches tall, with olive complexion and pointed face and long dark hair (too long for Air Force regulations or so the Butlers felt) arrived at the Butler household and identified himself as Air Force Major Richard French. Speaking perfect English and plainly well educated, he claimed that he was interested in CB (citizen's band) radio and UFOs. He was dressed in a neat gray suit, white shirt and black tie and everything he owned appeared to be brand new. Even the soles of his shoes were unscuffed and unwalked on. He drove a white Ford Mustang.


"He said his stomach was bothering him," the subject noted, adding that she told the air force officer that what he needed was some Jell-o (gelatin dessert). He said if it kept bothering him, he would come back for some.


--- ENCOUNTER # 2: Early the next morning

Major French returned to the Butler residence. His stomach was still bothering him, so the subject slid a big bowl of Jell-o in front of him.


"Did you ever hear of anyone trying to drink Jell-o?" Mrs. Butler asked author John A. Keel. "'Well, that's what he did. He acted like he had never seen any before. He picked the bowl up and tried to drink it. I had to show him how to eat it with a spoon."





--- SUBJECT: Paul Miller

(three unidentified companions)

Minot, North Dakota United States of America


--- EVENT: November 1961

One inclement evening, these four were returning home after a hunting trip when what they could only describe as "a luminous silo" landed in a nearby field. At first, they thought it was an aircraft crashing. Two humanoids emerged from the object. Miller panicked and fired at one of the creatures, apparently wounding it. The other hunters immediately fled. On their way back to Minot, all of them experienced a blackout and "lost" three hours. Terrified, they decided not to report the incident to anyone.


--- ENCOUNTER: The next morning, when Miller reported to work, three men in black arrived. They said they were government officials - but showed no credentials - and remarked unpleasantly that they hoped Miller was "telling the truth" about the UFO.


How did they know about it? "We have a report," they said vaguely. "They seemed to know everything about me, where I worked, my name, everything else," Miller said. They also asked questions about his experiences as if they already knew the answers.


Miller did not dare tell his story for several years.





Men In Black exist. Genuine visits by these enigmatic strangers are among the rarest episodes of the "extraordinary encounter continuum."


But what do these visitations represent?


Aliens acting human?


Humans acting alien?


Maybe a little of both.


Maybe something else entirely.


Odd appearance and bizarre (even absurd) behavior does not validate the existence of nonhuman visitors with extraterrestrial or interdimensional origins.


But dissolving pennies and Jaguar automobiles vanishing within arm's reach raise some very interesting questions.


DESCRIPTION: Alternately described as... #1) slight of stature, having a dark complexion (olive-skinned) with high cheekbones and pointed features, eyes that are mildly slanted giving them a "foreign" and slightly oriental appearance or... #2) extremely pale (sometimes to the point of grayish or "cadaverous" skin) with blond (or no) hair. The MIB present an appearance often described as "strange" or "odd." Sometimes speak in a dull monotone voice, "like a computer." Their often mechanical behavior has caused them to be described by some as being like androids or robots. Sometimes dressed in expensive suits of black, (hence the term Men In Black) but other modes of dress have been reported. Occasionally wear clothes that are strangely out-dated or, even stranger, clothing that would not be in fashion until years later. Their clothes have also been described as strangely "shiny" and thin -- almost as if they have been cut from a new type of fabric. There are cases of MIB appearing on the other side of a muddy field after a heavy rain, but having no mud whatsoever on their brightly shined shoes and in the bitter cold, out of nowhere, wearing only a thin (or no) coat. These characters all look alike. Consistency is the name of the game - even to the "just purchased" clothing, unwalked on shoes, unopened cigarette packs and spanking new wallets. A lot of descriptions of some of these "folks" are pretty bizarre. A family in Wildwood, New Jersey, was visited by a huge man whose pants legs hiked up when he sat down, revealing a green wire grafted onto his skin and running up his leg. There is another feature that is common to virtually all MIB reports. That is the possession, by the Men In Black, of information that they should not have.


PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: To convince witness(es) that what they saw had a perfectly rational explanation. If that fails, the Men In Black openly advise witness(es) to keep quiet about their UFO or paranormal experience. This may include direct threats involving destruction of personal property, injury or loss of life. Threats are directed to family of witness(es). If the witness(es) have managed to collect any sort of evidence to prove the reality of the UFO or paranormal experience, the MIB will demand it in forceful terms. "Unusual" burglaries have occurred where UFO evidence is taken instead of money and valuables. Civilian researchers reportedly have been advised to terminate specific investigations.


MODE OF TRAVEL: Preferred transportation traditionally large and expensive black cars - Lincolns and Cadillacs in these United States, Jaguars in the United Kingdom. However, other vehicle makes have been reported. Their cars often operate with the headlights off, but ghostly purple or greenish glows illuminate the interior. Unusual insignia have been seen emblazoned on the doors. Witness(es) in several cases have managed to get the license numbers of these mysterious vehicles, but police checks have CONFIRMED THAT NO SUCH LICENSE PLATE REGISTRATION NUMBERS HAVE EVER BEEN ISSUED! Think about this. There are several million vehicle registrations in these United States alone. It is more than just curious to note that in each of these cases, the Men In Black have NEVER come up with a number that was actually in use at the time.


IMPORTANT: Men In Black have reportedly posed as salesmen, census takers, and telephone repairmen. On occasion, these mystery characters have been known to impersonate Air Force or other military or government personnel. If approached by individuals of a suspicious nature claiming these connections, study their identification carefully and immediately call the respective base or district office to confirm their identity.




Yours in research,

Robert A. Goerman


Suggested reading:


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