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Did a UFO buzz Lunenburg?

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Did a UFO buzz Lunenburg?


by: Bob Green,1413,106%257E4994%257E803600,00.html


LUNENBURG -- Barry Stone and his son, Brandon, say they saw something last Monday morning that they cannot explain.


It was about 7:30 a.m. when Barry Stone stepped from the shower and looked out the bathroom window toward the Marshall Farm apple orchard.


Just six weeks ago, the Stones had moved from Fitchburg into a new house in the Apple Country Estates subdivision off of New West Townsend Road. Stone said he and his family have enjoyed watching the deer and wild turkeys that occasionally wander through their back yard, which abuts the farm.


But that morning it was not the wildlife that drew his attention. Instead, it was what he says looked to be a metallic cone-shaped object hovering low over the orchard, pointed side down. It was about 200 years from his house.


"It looked like it was spinning, and it was about the size of a dishwasher," he said.


As he watched it work its way down a row of apple trees, Stone thought it might be a contraption that was being used to spray the orchard. Stone said that possibility disappeared when it darted suddenly to the west, away from his house, to a location above a stand of old pine trees.


"It happened in a split second," said Stone, snapping his fingers for emphasis.


Seeing that, Stone ran into his son's bedroom and woke up 8-year-old Brandon. He then ran downstairs to find his digital camera.


Brandon Stone described the object as "a triangular thing with a ball on top of it." He guessed it to be about six feet high. He reported seeing it fly straight for a distance, then disappearing behind some trees.


"I was pretty shocked at how fast it was moving," he said.


Downstairs, his father grabbed his camera and ran out a sliding door in the kitchen and into the back yard. By that point, the object had flown eastward over the house and was about a half-mile away, Barry Stone said. He leveled the camera and took a number of pictures in quick succession.


The object was traveling at a high rate of speed and was soon out of sight, said Stone. He estimated the entire incident lasted about 90 seconds.


He went back in the house to his computer to review the photographs. What Stone claims to be the puzzling device appears as a small dot in about six frames. When zoomed in on, very fuzzy images of a triangular object are visible. In one picture, the object appears to be reflecting sunlight.


"I wish I had something closer up, but it all happened so fast," he said.


Stone says he does not know just what it was that he and his son saw. He does not believe the craft was some kind of homemade device.


"If someone has something that's remote controlled, you'd have heard something, and it's not going to be able to move that fast," he said.


There were no reports of similar objects with local police departments. Neither the Federal Aviation Administration nor the National Weather Service reported any calls, but spokespeople did say there were meteor showers visible on Sunday and Monday.


Stone said that was he saw certainly wasn't behaving like a meteor.


"People will call me crazy, but some object went by my house, and I'm concerned," he said. "I'm not looking for any publicity. I'm just telling you what I saw."


Stone said he is planning on setting a still-frame camera with telephoto lens on a tripod in his kitchen, just in case whatever it was makes a return visit.



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