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Cattle Mutilations: Senseless Mutilation or High Tech Monitoring?

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Cattle Mutilations: Senseless Mutilation or High Tech Monitoring?


by Patrick Cooke


(Editor's Notation: Patrick Cooke will be talking on the Jeff Rense Show, Monday, July 1st, at this time I'm not sure of the actual time, but please check the website at   Patrick is the author of the most discussed book, The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection, his website is at


The Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon, also called "bovine excision", is the enigma presented when cattle have been found killed by an unexplained method and anatomically mutilated under anomalous conditions.  No single example of a paranormal event is so physically bizarre or has such a negative economic impact on a specific industry.  It is generally considered to have started with an anomalous mutilation in 1967 of a horse in Colorado.  However, seven decades earlier, we find this unusual eyewitness testimony from a sworn statement dated April 21, 1897:


"A prosperous and prominent farmer named Alexander Hamilton in LeRoy, Kansas told of an attack upon his cattle at about 10:30 PM the previous Monday. He, his son, and his tenant grabbed axes and ran some 700 feet from the house to the cow lot where a great, cigar-shaped ship, about 300 feet long, floated some 30 feet above his cattle. It had a carriage underneath which was brightly lighted within (dirigible and gondola?) and which had numerous windows.  Inside were six strange looking beings jabbering in a foreign language.  These beings suddenly became aware of Hamilton and the others. They immediately turned a searchlight on the farmer, and also turned on some power, which sped up a turbine wheel (about 30 ft diameter) located under the craft. The ship rose, taking with it a two-year old heifer, which was roped about the neck by a cable of one-half inch thick, red material. The next day a neighbor, Link Thomas, found the animal's hide, legs and head in his field. He was mystified at how the remains got to where they were because of the lack of tracks in the soft soil. Alexander Hamilton's sworn statement was accompanied by an affidavit as to his veracity. The affidavit was signed by ten of the local leading citizens."


This incident seems to fit well into the realm of cattle mutilations.


Aerial Indications


Though the above description is unscientific, it shows that the animal is being lifted.  One very important aspect of this phenomenon is the total absence of evidence of physical activity of any sort around the affected carcasses.  Such a total lack of footprints, tire tracks, or any ground disturbance indicates that some sort of aerial device had to be used.  There is also evidence that the animals may have been dropped from considerable heights after the mutilations were performed.


Predator Absence


The aerial aspect could also explain why there is no indication that the animals died as result of predatory attacks or accidents.  A very unusual natural deviation occurs at the carcass sites, scavengers will not feed upon or even approach the carcasses despite the abundance of meat on the remains and often-fresh condition of it.  Any flies, a common aspect of carrion, are dead on the carcasses.


Bloodless Carcasses


The animals chosen, horses, cattle, buffalo, and deer are large and can have as much as four gallons of blood in a body weighing sometimes in excess of a thousand pounds.  The carcasses are completely drained of every trace of blood, a condition known as exsanguination, and yet not one drop of blood is found around the body.  Other body fluids are also conspicuously absent.  The process of draining such a large body of all blood and fluids would require an advanced laboratory setting and highly sophisticated equipment, something certainly not commonly found on cattle ranges or in forests.  The process of removing all traces of those fluids from the body and the surrounding environment requires a technology not currently found on the planet.  The ease of obtaining cattle blood, and the obvious disregard for the monetary value of an entire cow, leaves out old-fashioned cattle rustling or any criminal intent.


Unorthodox Organ Removal


Blood and body fluids are not the only things removed from these bodies, which gives this phenomenon its description as an act of mutilation.Certain organs are surgically removed from their bodies. Autopsy reports show that removal of sexual organs, the digestive tract, and sensory organs are most often the organs of choice.  Other organs also removed are soft tissue organs such as reproductive organs, the tongue, eyes, lips, ears, udder, and the rectal area.  Internal organs not surgically incised are often found to have lost all consistency and are described as in a "mushy" state.  And there is an unearthly ring to the methods employed. Organ and tissue removal is done with perfect surgical precision.  No ripping or tearing, as with predator attacks, and even scalpels are often eliminated in consideration as a tool.  The incisions have been done with such fine precision that only a laser could produce such surgical exactness.  Evidence of cauterization, the act of fusing of blood vessels and tissue using heat or chemical methods, enforces this theory.   Bones are also clearly sliced with no bone fragments.  Areas of flesh are also severed with high tech precision.


Surrounding Environs


No evidence of blood, tracks, or predators stands alone as an anomaly, but is not the only abnormal aspects of the sights where the animal remains are found.  High levels of radiation are detected, although no logical explanation for this presence has been found.  Plants in the immediate vicinity, at times, appear to be extraordinarily lush, only to wither and die in a short time.  This shows a total change in the organisms not explained by orthodox understanding.  A fluorescent material of unknown origin has often been observed covering the bodies.  Another unusual substance is also found around the carcasses.  Minute particles of magnetic iron, in a very pure form, are present in high concentrations in the immediate area. Again no explanation for this is to be found.  It should be noted that such traces of pure iron are also found in crop circle anomalies.


The Theories


As can easily be seen, the questions are abundant and the answers are conspicuously absent.  Even the theories advanced are anemic:


Satanic cults performing occult blood rituals were the earliest suspects.  This might hold water if you could find a satanic cult with a large membership that consisted of very wealthy and highly skilled surgeons with a lot of free time on their hands.  The sheer volume of just the reported acts would mean that thousands of top professionals, in very specialized fields, working in total secrecy, would be working around the clock.  And considering not one suspect has ever been arrested for such an obvious crime means that an unbelievable amount of luck is also involved. There is little wonder that satanic rituals quickly faded into the background leaving the government as the next, most targeted subject for particularly unusual occurrences.


Secret operations are always a favorite target of the conspiracy theorists and the size of this anomaly requires a large, well funded, and high-tech group.  We all know the government is capable of such an operation, but there is a real problem with the concept of government involvement, namely capitalism.  Any politician knows that the last thing you want to do is mess with the agriculture business, especially in the United States, and particularly the ranchers.  If the government needed to do this, they could easily obtain cattle for whatever it is they need.  After all, they are one of the largest single customers of the ranching industry.  This is where the theories begin to stray from the usual suspects.


Mass hysteria has been mentioned as a solution as it has for everything from organized crime to the moon landing debunkers.  Hard working ranchers, rural police departments, and serious scientific investigators are not the normal population sector that is easily driven to hysteria when confronted by the unexplained.


Black helicopters come under scrutiny, but, once again, the volume of cases and the remote and precarious terrain of those cases leave some serious doubts.  Also the fact that most of the excisions appear to happen at night cast further doubt.  A fleet of such a size would take unlimited resources and tax the financial means of even a large corporation or organization.  And there are the needed surgical teams.  The fact that a large number of unmarked helicopters operating in U.S. airspace would either have to elude radar detection, or have government permission to operate, brings up the financial aspect once again. The sky is monitored by the military, the military works for the government, and the government works for the large financial powers.  The ranching industry is a significant financial power.  The black helicopter theory doesn't work as a culprit, but may fit into the equation.  If they are present, as witness testimony indicates, it is more likely related to an observation by authorities or in a deterrent role.


Environmental testing, biological experiments, cattle virus, and nuclear activities were brought into the fray. With no evidence to back any of these theories, they just add to the confusion and conjecture.  The only thing proven is that there is no evidence that can prove anything, or anyone, on this planet is responsible.  Even theories about theories came into the picture in the ethereal form of plasmas.  The very imaginative scenario speculated that an unsuspecting animal wanders into a plasma field and an unknown electrical force electrocutes the animal, dissolves its blood, and then mutilates the carcass.  Something akin to a high tech version of "swamp gas."  So the only suspect qualified for scrutiny flies into the mutilation arena.


Witnesses most often identify unidentified flying objects as a consistent presence.  They are also the only suspects that need no budget, obviously have the technology, can and do evade radar and the military, and are known to lift large objects without leaving detectable traces in the area.  They also may be the only suspects with a possible motive for the act. Federal evidence confirms that some animals have been dropped from high altitudes, causing broken bones and depressions in the ground.  And the only markings ever found at the sites have been tripod marks.


The Investigators


Cattlemen¹s associations are the organizations, whose memberships are the financial victims, which are the closest to the phenomenon.  The cost to cattlemen and their insurers is in the multi-million dollar range and they have taken action.  Large rewards are offered and top investigators are employed.  Even groups of ranchers are employed to patrol known hot spots.  The ranchers are well armed and equipped for a "search and apprehend" role and local law enforcement and government agencies are in total cooperation.  In over three decades of serious effort not one perpetrator has been caught, no suspects have been identified, and no relevant evidence has been found.  Which is why the ranchers put pressure on the government to step in.


Official investigations began in earnest in 1975 following a dramatic increase in cattle mutilations in Colorado.  The Colorado Bureau of Investigation conducted a probe that concluded that predators were the killers in most cases and some killings were the work of human killers that were mimicking the predators to feed on the "mass hysteria" generated by the anomaly.  The lead investigator of over 200 reports admitted the difficulties in probing such bizarre incidents.  Carl Whiteside, the CBI official in control admitted, "everybody who has gotten involved with the mutilations has come away more confused than they were when they went in, including us.",  and that,  "Getting firm evidence on these things is like nailing jelly to a wall."  In short they had no idea what they were looking for and not a clue how to look for it.  Under these conditions any conclusion stated is suspect at best and ludicrous at worse.


The investigation went national in April 1979 when Senator Harrison Schmitt convened a special investigative conference in New Mexico, a former lunar astronaut turned politician. He expressed the futility confronting investigators when he stated, "These crimes are obviously continuing despite the excellent efforts of state and local law enforcement officials and the growing publicity the mutilations killings have received."


Since its first major exposure in the fall of 1973, the cattle mutilation phenomena had claimed the lives of over 10,000 head of cattle by 1979. This conference turned the federal spotlight on cattle mutilations, which opened the federal coffers.   In May 1979, Kenneth Rommel, former career FBI agent, headed the project known as "Operation Animal Mutilation", an investigation undertaken by New Mexico's First Judicial District. Funding came from the Justice Department's Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.  The result was "The "Rommel Reports".  Not to anyone's surprise, the Rommel Reports were a rubber stamp of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's conclusions.  Nothing at all strange here, except predators and slow-witted yokels that got over excited.  One rancher even labeled the controversy "Cattlegate", referring to an obvious government cover-up.


The National Institute for Discovery Science isn't ready to say yes, but they're not throwing out the possibility, either. The privately funded research organization is conducting a serious study of the connection between cattle mutilations and UFOs.


Mutology has become a positive force generated by the lame "duck and cover" tactics of the official investigations.  The mutology network has coalesced and has begun to influence public and official opinion.  Linda Howe, a television journalist turned mutilations enthusiast, has authored books on the subject and produced a documentary.  Other mutologists are bringing the phenomenon into clearer focus and provide a needed buffer to the official whitewash.  As with the UFO phenomenon, our government feels that the old "keep them in the dark, and you will keep them calm" attitude is in the best interest of the people.  And with good reason, UFOs may be the only intelligent answer we have.


Are UFOs The Answer?


Consider the questions:


What organization on Earth has the need to butcher cattle and other large animals, remove organs, blood, and flesh at great risk, with criminal ramifications, and in a clandestine manner?If such an organization does exist, why not obtain the animals legally at an obviously greatly reduced cost and risk?    What group has the advanced technology to perform these operations with out of this world-class precision, thousands of times, in remote locations, with the tons of equipment obviously



What are the odds that an Earth-based organization could conduct such a massive and complicated operation from the air without a mishap?


Why would such an obviously well organized and highly skilled group even consider such an aerial project in light of the safety

risks and legal ramifications if apprehended while violating federal aviation rules?


What organization has the resources to accomplish this feat thousands of times over large areas without detection or apprehension?


Who can leave unidentifiable material as the only evidence at the mutilation site?


Why do the majority of eyewitnesses claim that UFOs are present during the incidents?


The Numbers Enigma


Cows are considered the targets in 95% of the cases.  Logic dictates this could be a deceptive percentage.  There is no way to know what the actual numbers are.  Considering the uncomfortable position the cattlemen are in, and also what must be taken into consideration before reporting such an incident, under-reporting should be expected.  If anyone took them seriously, investigators would be quickly rummaging around their property with endless questions, while their character is often called into question, and of course the unwanted, and often negative, publicity.   What percentage of these mutilations are actually discovered is another unknown.  And of course, cows have owners and a lot of other large animals don't.  How many deer, elk, and other large and small wild animals are involved is an unknown factor.


Autopsies Of Autopsies?


Considering that we do know cattle are the favorite targets, is there a possible reason why they are targeted?  The investigators that examine the carcasses are actually post-mortem examinations, and their findings show what obviously is evident is that the body has been autopsied.  Someone, or something, is using these animals as an investigative tool.  And, probably, the best possible animal to use for this purpose is a cow.  This animal is a four-legged eating machine equipped with four stomachs that provide it with one of the most efficient digestive systems in nature.  This means a highly efficient absorption level of all the elements in the animal's immediate environment into the blood, organs, and flesh.  A breakdown of those tissues will replicate that environment in detail.  In simple terms, if you want to know what elements, and what concentrations of those elements, are in a given area, put a cow on it, do a thorough autopsy on the cow and you have a read out on the environment.


This is exactly what the evidence proves has been done.  The animals are picked up, blood, organs, and flesh are removed, and the animal is unceremoniously dropped back to earth.  What other possible purpose could such a complicated procedure have?  And if one were trying to monitor how those environmental elements were affecting humans, cows are again well suited to the task.  The most detailed map ever produced of cattle genes is now available. A comparison map of cattle and human gnomes shows that many genes, and even whole chromosomes, are configured in the same way in the two species. In an emergency, cow's blood can even be used in transfusions into humans, since the hemoglobin is almost identical.


This is yet another in the string of enigmas, which get great sensationalistic press, but very little realistic examination.  Crop circles are not created by whirlwinds and predators are not responsible for cattle mutilations.  Until science advances above the "swamp gas" level of thinking nothing will be learned.


Patrick Cooke is author of The Greatest Deception and editor of The Bible UFO Connection Web site,

Copyright © 2002 Patrick Cooke. All rights reserved.


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