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Falling 'Blue Snow?' A True Account As I remember it

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Falling 'Blue Snow?' A True Account As I remember it


by: Posey Gilbert:


It was the winter of 1953 I was two years old and living at 1404 Prospect Ave. In New York City.


Mother had just went up stairs to pay Miss Lloyd our baby-sitter leaving me my older brother Chuck and my then baby brother Ralph under the charge of my older sister Theresa whom I was pissed with after just having lost a fight over the TV with Theresa I wanted to see cartoons she as usual wanted to see one of those damned boring ass Teenager Sock Hop Doo-Wop shows.


Standing by the window looking out onto our darkening backyard I was mimicking as badly as I could the Doo-Wop songs coming from the TV thinking "She may see it but she won't enjoy it."


Suddenly from the clear evening sky a turquoise glowing snow like substance began to drift down.  It looked like tiny little balls of snow, not flakes but spheres, I have seen snow in this form since then but it did not glow and it melted as regular snow does. It vanished as it landed not melted but disappeared on contact with the window sill.


Amazed at this beautiful sight I forgot about the previous squabble and called Theresa and Chuck over to the window to see this beautiful sight. I thought that they would be as pleased as I was as seeing this wonderful thing. However this was not to be the case Chuck took one look at it and  gasped "Oh no they are coming back! "


He then went into a panic such as I have never seen him do before or after then.


At this point is where I did something that confused me for many years afterward. Instead of looking to the backyard I looked to the darkening sky and asked Chuck "Who's coming back? " Chuck began to scream and repeat over and over "They are coming back!"


I again looked to the sky and now back to Theresa and asked her "Who is coming back?"


She said nothing but just turned pale and began to shake and strike Chuck in attempt to snap him out of it. When this did not work she raced out into the hall way and called upstairs to my mother. By the time my mother came downstairs the glowing blue green substance had stopped falling and now just regular snow falling, as soon as it did Chuck snapped out of it. Another point of interest was that this was the first snow storm that I remember experiencing that thunder and lightening involved in.


My mother seemed to think it was the thunder and lightening that had so frightened Chuck. So when I told her about the glowing snow she just said it was the lightening that made it glow. This coming from my mother was accepted as being the reason the snow was glowing, in my child's logic I thought she meant that somehow the lightening had gotten frozen inside the little balls of snow and that is why they glowed. I thought no more about it after that.


Eventually as time passed this incident faded from the forefront of my thoughts and gradually I began to wonder if that had been a real event or had it just been a remnant of a half remembered childhood dream.


Thirty years later as I was skimming through a Fate magazine I came across an article talking about the fall of blue snow. I immediately was bought back to my standing at the screened window of 1404 looking out at the falling blue snow.


To my shock I found that the article said that in 1953 that there had been a fall of a glow blue snow in up state New York.


It was attributed to everything from radioactive fallout from the Nuclear Bomb test in the West to the sighting of UFOs. At that moment Chucks words "Oh no they are coming back!" and my curious reaction of looking to the skies popped back into my head. I later asked Chuck if he remembered the night the glowing snow fell? "Damn you still remember that!" he exclaimed.


At that moment I knew that it had been a real event, and I asked him what he meant by "Oh no they are coming back!"


He did then as he does to this day he just smiled and shrugged. Theresa first claimed she remembers some of it but now basically asks me how can I expect her to remember something that happened so long ago?


I have since then place my recounts of this experience online at my sites Pieces Of An Enigma and the Temple Of The Infidel and have received e-mail from others not that experienced this the fall of the blue snow but have sent me information about other articles they have read about this event. I would like to know if there are others that have experienced this phenomena or have heard if it.



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