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UFOs Back In The 60's

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UFOs Back In The 60's


by: John Parsons


Hello Louise...Back in the sixties, I was fortunate to see a UFO. I'm now 48 yrs of age. I shall never forget it because it had such a deep impact on me that the memories are still vivid. I was about 14 years of age, living at home with family. It was early morning about 5.30, before day break. I was going out to do my morning paper round. I walked my bicycle up the path to our gate. It was if remember about October, it was very quiet as it was then at that time in the morning. It was also rather cold but not chilly, anyway what I saw was an orange globe like object, it a bit like what a light bulb at arms length would be like. I stood and watched it. As a boy I knew the flight approaches to Heathrow, as we lived in NEW MALDEN, the object was not on any of the flight lines I knew. Also the flicker navigation lights were not there. I ran in and told my older brother to come out, he was about to leave for work as we watched it go across the sky, the light configuration changed to an array of large bright lights the object was now some distance away but we saw it panning from left to right many times until it went over the horizon. This incident was reported in the surrey comet newspaper a few day later and was seen by other people, in our area.....we will never know what it was, so it still remains a mystery, and still to this day my brother says to me what was that thing we saw...we are both electrical engineers so have a little bit of savvy. Hope you find this of any interest thanks for now John Parsons....


PS..I did forget to mention that the object that we were watching was completely silent also the panning I mentioned was, across left stop and across right stop. Doing this several times, with this we were bewildered as we did not know of anything like it. It was also lowering it's height. We estimated, from where we standing that it must of been somewhere over COMBE WOOD or RICHMOND PARK.


*Editor's Notation: John is looking for any information on sightings that were made, around NEW MALDEN SURREY, or the area of the HEATHROW AIRPORT.



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