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Some Brief News Stories

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Some Brief News Stories From "Wireless Flash," That Stems On The Strange and Bizarre


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*Editor's Notation: Our Thanks to Dave and Wireless Flash for letting us post their material articles.



Fish Sounds Next Wave Of Music?


NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (Wireless Flash) -- It sounds fishy but the next big trend in music may be fish noises, thanks to an oceanographer in Narrangansett, Rhode Island. Dr. Ken Hinga has just released a CD collection of 153 sounds made by Western North Atlantic fish -- everything from creatures that sound like James Brown grunting underwater to fish that make drumming sounds with their bladders as they swim.


Amazingly, musicians seem just as interested in the sea level sounds as scientists and show biz insiders give high marks to the "tugboat whistle" noise made by the oyster toad fish, and the bigeye scad, which sounds like a slightly drunk reggae drummer.


Hinga is happy to license the fishy rhythms to musicians who think they can fish out songs, but he's skeptical because, in his words, "A few minutes of this stuff puts you to sleep."



Elizabeth Taylor to be Saved by Shirley MacLaine.


LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Elizabeth Taylor may die this October unless she participates in a bizarre chanting ritual. At least that's what a Los Angeles-based psychic claims.


Dr. Ernesto Moshe Montgomery of the Beta Israel Black Jewish Temple predicts Taylor will die this October of complications from a hip replacement surgery she had in 1995.


But he says he can save her from death if she shows up at his shrine and takes place in a secret religious ritual that includes guttural Hebrew chanting.


Dr. Montgomery says a visit to his shrine, which is based around a photo of Shirley MacLaine which supposedly gushes holy water tears, would add five years to Taylor's life.


Although the seer has been flooding La Liz with urgent letters and calls asking her to "The Sacred Altar of the Weeping Shirley MacLaine," the violet-eyed actress has yet to contact him.



E.T. Encounters Help You Keep New Year's Resolutions


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- If you want to ensure you'll keep those New Year's resolutions, let yourself get abducted by aliens. That's according to UFO expert Dr. Richard Boylan, who says many alien contactees report they have an easier time sticking to a diet or quitting cigarettes than non-abductees.


Although alien encounters can be great aids to sticking with a self-improvement program, not everyone will be so lucky. Boylan says they happen to about one-half of one percent of the population.


However, he says that praying for a UFO encounter might also help people stick to their New Year's resolutions.



Oklahoma Ghost Passes on After Obituary Runs 14 Years Later


NORMAN, Okla. (Wireless Flash) -- A couple in Norman, Oklahoma, claim they've rid their home of a bothersome ghost after running an overdue obituary. Jon and Agi Lurtz claim the ghost of a University of Oklahoma physics professor haunted their home since 1994, causing light bulbs to pop and even cranking up the stereo to the German metal band Rammstein.


44-year-old Agi says she has lived in homes with ghosts since she was a child and even spoke to the spooks.


So when she talked to professor Sybrand Broersma -- who died Dec. 20, 1987 -- she asked him why he still hung around. His answer was simple: He never had an obituary.


The spooked-out couple recently decided to help out and placed an obit in "The Norman Transcript."


It seems to have worked: Agi says the ghost has now moved on and the house is quiet.



Pop Band Wants To Rock Out `Rings'


HARRISBURG, N.C. (Wireless Flash) -- A rock band in Harrisburg, North Carolina, is "Tolkien" it to the limit with a rock opera based on "Lord Of The Rings." The band is called Pet The Pig and considers itself the world's only paranormal pop band because most of its lyrics tend to focus on "X-Files"-style conspiracy theories and UFO abductions.


Now, Pet The Pig is planning to record a rocked-out "Lord Of the Rings" and guitarist Ed James says the band may hit the studio within a few weeks.


However, he has no clue what the rocked-out "Rings" will sound like because all the songs will be written and recorded during the 72-hour recording session.


Still, James says Gandalf the wizard inspires "Sgt. Pepper-like psychedelia" and he might write a dance called "Do The Frodo."


If all goes well, Pet The Pig will release the new CD by next summer.



Strange Escapes Top Japan's Weirdest News


TOKYO (Wireless Flash) -- Japan is called the Land of The Rising Sun, but maybe it should be called the "land of close calls" thanks to some Japanese citizens who have defied death in incredible ways. For instance, earlier this year, housewife Ikuko Shimokawa was struck by lightning but survived because her metal hairpin worked as a lightning rod.


That's not the only strange close call that took place in Japan this past year.


According to Japan-based journalist Ryann Connell, a 50-year-old man in Chiba tried to commit suicide by lying on a train track but the train passed over him without leaving a scratch.


Finally, a woman in Hachioji tried to kill herself by jumping from a railway bridge but landed on top of a train that was speeding past instead.



Psychic Predictions for 2002


LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- The future doesn't look bright for Osama bin Laden -- at least according to a Dallas-based "singing psychic." Fran Baskerville predicts next year the al-Queda leader will have his arms blown off and then attempt to cross the desert to make it to Saddam Hussein's house for sanctuary.


Other psychic predictions for 2002.


-- "Haiku Psychic" Sidney Friedman predicts Texas and Quebec will be sites of major terrorist attacks.


-- L.A.-based medium Andy Reiss says Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney will reform the Beatles and rework their old hits as new-age songs "a la" Yanni.


-- Seer Elizabeth Joyce predicts Prince Harry, "the daredevil of the monarchy," will take a space flight as a publicity stunt.


-- Finally, cable TV psychic Morris Fonte claims Puff Daddy will marry Britney Spears and the two will have a baby boy named Muhammad.



Guess What? There are Eight Days a Week


HOLLY, Michigan (Wireless Flash) -- When the Beatles sang "Eight Days A Week" they may have been predicting the future, according to a retired garbage man in Holly, Michigan. 78-year-old Lewis Striggow claims that God spoke to him in Spring of 2000, and told him to add an eighth day to each week.


The extra day, called "Peaceday," falls in between Saturday and Sunday, and folks are supposed to spend it "being peaceful."


However, Striggow says March and September only have three weeks each so the year still contains 365 days.


Unfortunately, he admits most people haven't adapted to his plan yet and are still "disoriented."


Striggow claims his calendar is more natural than others and says other folks' failure to adapt to it is the reason there's so much unrest in the world.





NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- For years, jazz musician Leif Arntzen has been told he plays just like the late trumpet great Chet Baker. Now, he plans to confront the comparisons by holding a be-bop seance January 9, 2001, with a psychic who will attempt to contact the drug-addled musician's ghost.


If contact is made, Arntzen will ask Chet's ghost to sit in for a set and see if there is a similarity in their playing styles.


Arntzen has never had any psychic experiences but says he feels a strange kinship to Baker that he hopes will be explained at the seance.


Although Arntzen wants Baker's ghost to show up, he only wants to see the specter if he's sober -- and if the spook tries to borrow money for drugs, he won't give him a dime.



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