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Do You Feel Like Getting REALLY Paranoid?

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Do You Feel Like Getting REALLY Paranoid?


by: Mark Andrews


The Name In The Numbers/The Numbers In The Names


Interesting Numerological Matches Found In Names, and Dates In And Around 9-11 And 12-21-2012


The Name Of Nostradamus' 3rd Anti-Christ Is Echoed In The Numbers Of Days From 9-11-2001 Until 12-21-2012.


Nostradamus has given the name MABUS to identify the one he refers to as the "Third Anti-Christ" (After Napoleon and Hitler).


4,121 days separate September 11, 2001 from December 21, 2012


That works out to a total of 11 years, 3 months, and 12 days. ( 11 Y + 112 days ) In that time, there are 145 full lunar cycles over a period of 132 months + 10 days.


Using English alphabet numerology with the numbers 4121, we find:


4 1 2 1

d A B a

M j k j

v s t S


Could this be an indication that the time of the 3rd Anti-Christ would transpire throughout this 4,121 day time frame?


The name MABUS has the numerical value of 11: 4+1+2+3+1 = 11


The date 12-21-2012 also adds up to 11.



Osama Bin-Laden

61141 295 31455

4+7 (11)+9=



Saddam Hussein

114414 8311595

6 +5=11

(A match with MABUS)


Date of the 2000

U.S. Presidential election

11-7-2000 = 11-9

(A match with Osama Bin-Laden:



September 11 was the

254th day of the year 2001.


September 11th / MABUS /

Saddam Hussein / 12-21-2012

all match with 11.



George W Bush

756975 5 2318

3+7+5=15= (6)


Date of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of the Bush Campaign 12-12= (6)


Date of the inauguration of George W. Bush 1-20-2001= (6) 6-6-6



U.S. election: 11-9

Attack on U.S.:9-11



If we follow these number combinations, it would seem that there are common links among:


(A) September 11 /Saddam Hussein/MABUS/ 12-21-2012 (11).


(B) Osama Bin-Laden and the 2000 U.S. Presidential election. (11-9)


(C) The name, ascension to power, and inauguration of George W. Bush.(6-6-6 ; 666 - the number of the "mark of the Beast of the Anti-Christ of Revelations.)


(D) A reflective "karmic" relationship between the out-come of the 2000 Presidential election and the 9-11 attack against the U.S.. ( 11-9 / 9-11 )


Now, before you would think that I'm going off the deep end in associating George W. Bush with the Anti-Christ of the book of Revelations, I think it would be only fair to President Bush if we were to take a closer look at the meaning  of the number 666 as spoken of by John of Patmos in Revelations.


The ancient Hebrew alphabet was used (as well) to denote numbers; i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc..


The 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet has the translational equivalent of the English letter "W".


When you take the number 666 (the mark of the Beast) and write it in terms of Hebrew letters as opposed to  their numerical value, you get "www". It would then seem that the "mark of the Beast" as spoken of in the book of Revelations is a perfect match for the initials that denote the World Wide Web (www).


So, you see, there would actually be no reason to associate President Bush with the Anti-Christ of Revelations ( despite the combination of 6-6-6 that appears in his name, ascension, and inauguration. )


Now, on the other hand, if President Bush had ever gone by the nick name "W", then we might have reason to be paranoid!



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