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The Entertaining, Playful Ghost(s) That Lives With Us

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The Entertaining, Playful Ghost(s) That Lives With Us


by: Bill Dixon


Back in l979, my wife and I, bought an old three story Romanesque, pre-civil war house in a tiny historic district in boondocks Ohio.


The house was originally built for a U.S. senator in 1857. It was the senators residence for many years then it served as a doctors office, school superintendents residence (graduations were held here at that time because the school was too small), then it became a Tea room, then a convalescent home for quite some time, then it sat empty for several years, was bought by a woman who was going to open a restaurant in it, she never did, and it continued to set empty and the roof began to leak.


We bought the house from the restaurant lady in 1979 and immediately began repairs and restoration, which has continued to this day. So much for the houses history, its the weird goings on here that make the rest of the story.


Strange occurrences began soon after we moved in and began work. Footfalls in the hallway and up the winding staircase nearly drove my wife from the house.


I came home from work, entered the house, said hello and nearly had to scrape my wife off the ceiling, and we have 15ft ceilings.


One day, shortly after we moved in, we had the entranceway to the living room blocked with ladders, tools, materials, etc., but there is another entrance off the main hall. My wife was in the kitchen talking to a friend when she noticed the living room light go on. She could see the light go on because there are transoms above each doorway. She mentioned this to her friend who suggested she investigate while the friend was still on the phone.


My wife walked through the dining room, our two schnauzers accompanied her, and into the hall leading to the living room entrance off the hall. She said that halfway down the hall she heard boot steps (too heavy to have been shoes) come from the living room and up to the doorway. She expected someone to walk through the door, no one did but the steps continued into the hall and turned in her direction.


My brave dogs turned tail and ran, the steps came up to her, past her, at which point she felt chilling air, and then she heard a door open and close where there was no door. She found the dogs hiding under the kitchen table.


Lights went off and on, on their own for years. They haven't recently. The place was wired for a convalescent home and the wiring is sheathed in steel, electricians found no problems. The local constable asked me one evening if I had trouble sleeping because when he was on patrol the lights in my house were frequently going off and on in different parts of the downstairs.


Then there was the crashing glass. A couple times a year, my wife and I were awakened from a sound sleep, always between 2 and 2:30 in the am by the sound of crashing glass. It always sounded as if someone threw a

brick through one of the 12 foot front windows. It was too real, we always investigated at the time, no broken glass was ever found.


Only once was a spirit actually seen. My wife was working in the hall just off the kitchen, she was up on the ladder painting the doorway. I was in the basement rummaging around. She said she was suddenly aware of a young Afro-American boy, dressed in bib overalls standing in the kitchen holding a rather oversized lantern. Thinking a local child wondered in she came down off the ladder and approached the kitchen, the child seemed to fade out, I came up from the basement carrying a lantern base I had found buried in the basement floor (most of the basement has a dirt floor). We spent a half hour trying to find the missing boy. Neighbors told us that no black children had lived-in the area in years.


The strange events also took place in the presence of visitors. One night, while talking to a friend, the bookcase in the library coughed. Right, you say, but the coughing came from the bookcase which makes up the whole south wall of the room, floor to ceiling. It was snowing outside, we, naturally, went outside to investigate. There were no footprints in the new fallen snow but ours. That portion of the library is well off of and on the opposite side of the where the street runs.


On another occasion when we had company, as the were getting ready to leave, we walked them through the living room to the front hall. When we reached the front hall the heavy brass fern stand and fern started dancing up and down on the floor. It gyrated a good five minutes before settling down. Everyone just stood there and watched in utter disbelief. The guests then left, scratching their heads.


Then there's the case of the missing address book. We searched  high and low for it. We needed it to address Christmas cards and other correspondence. That book was gone almost a year.


One evening as I went to the front door to retrieve a paper I found the book lying in the middle of the floor, in front of the front door. No, no one could have slept it under the door. Our front door is original, there are no places where anything, no even a single sheet would pass through.


Once in a while we are serenaded by harpsichord music in the living room. It cannot be heard outside the room. Tools I'm working with at the time suddenly disappear, only to turn up in some very out of the way place. Like the attic stairs, or another room entirely.


We have lived in this house for over 22 years now. I haven't begun to cover everything strange that happens here. But there you have it for starters.


Can you explain it?



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