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Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo's Univision Interview On Chupacabras

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Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo's Univision Interview On Chupacabras


From Mario Andrade

Translation by Mario Andrade Revista Digital Cronos


(EDITOR'S NOTATION) This article was contributed by Jeff Rense's Sighting Website at: Our gracious THANKS.


Note - Our greatful thanks to Mario for the following translation and the very kind words about our program...


Univision Interviews Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo


UFO investigator Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and his amazing research have made it to the national news media. The nation-wide Spanish television network Univision has published an interview with Doctor Sanchez-Ocejo, a frequent guest of Jeff Rense, on their online article "Tras la pista del Chupacabras" or "In search of the Chupacabras".


Thanks to shows like Sightings with Jeff Rense, the work done by Virgilio has become more well known and it looks like it's beginning to catch the national interest. His recent work in Chile has sparked the attention of not only believers of the Chupacabra phenomena, but of other mainstream UFO researches as well.


Dr. Sanchez-Ocejo has brought evidence from Chupacabras sightings in Chile that link the possibility of a relationship between UFO's and those creatures. He is currently having evidence, such as hair of the animal, being analyzed by scientists around the hemisphere.


Univision online reporter Alfredo Perez Jacomino wrote the article and it includes testimony by scientists and experts, as well as 6 short video clips with Doctor Sanchez-Ocejo. The following is the translated transcript of the interview:


Perez Jacomino: What is the Chupacabras?


Sanchez-Ocejo: I can't describe it with accuracy, but I know that it's a real physical being with the characteristics of a predator, but not an ordinary predator. It leaves physical evidence behind, such as tracks. It evidently feeds on domestic animals, particularly their blood and in some cases, their organs. The way that it feeds is by biting its victim on the neck around the artery. It inflicts a wound on the neck of the animal that measures approximately 4 to 5 centimeters. Moreover, it has an ability to attack these animals without them making any noise or struggle to defend themselves.


Perez Jacomino: How does it travel or move from one place to another?


Sanchez-Ocejo: Almost the same way kangaroos leap, but not quite the same. They jump up, then strait forward about ten meters, then back down. The animal measures from one ft. to 3 1/2 ft. The paws are small and have three small fingers. The larger creatures travel ahead of the smaller ones. We have found tracks that show that they have the ability to move from side to side or jump from side to side, which is uncommon for any known animal till this day.


Perez Jacomino: What does it look like?


Sanchez-Ocejo: According to eyewitnesses, who have seen it very close, it is covered with either dark brown or black hair. It has been seen in dark places and at night only. Witnesses have seen it as close as two feet away. The head has an oval shape. The eyes are described as red or orange color, very big, and as bright as Christmas light bulbs. They have not seen its mouth. The nose in some cases has been described as the mouth of a pig. Some witnesses have seen ears on the animal, and some have seen holes where ears would normally be located; which means that there might be other types of these animals.


Perez Jacomino: What is happening in Chile between UFO's and the Chupacabras?


Sanchez-Ocejo: It all started back in March of last year. Many people saw a large light around the Calama area in Chile. The light was immense and it illuminated the entire sky. Two days later, people started to report sightings of these animals. As for the light, two witnesses described it as a UFO descending from the sky and resting on the desert. We believe that the UFO, whether is extraterrestrial or not, has brought or transported those entities to that region. During the month of July of last year, we found tracks of a tripod type of landing gear of that particular UFO near the mining camp of Maria Elena, along with eighty other tracks of these animals. Some time later, one of our sources in Calama found at least two or three sets of tripod landing gear tracks around the area. The Calama area has a great number of caves; which means that it may very well be an ideal place for this animal to live or even reproduce, that's why we believe the attacks and sightings of these entities have lasted this long.


Perez Jacomino: Is the chupacabras a new phenomenon?


Sanchez-Ocejo: No, it has used many different names during different time periods, as well as different areas of the world. We know that it started in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas during the 1970's. There was a massive slaughter of cattle around that area, as well as several UFO sightings. In New Jersey, there were sightings of this entity and it was call the "New Jersey Demon". There were many different attacks and names for this animal, even in Europe. During the seventies, the "Moca Vampire" killed more domestic animals in Puerto Rico than the chupacabras in 1995. The name is irrelevant to me because it changes with the culture in different parts of the world and during different time periods. What we still don't know is why it waited since 1996 to the year 2000 for its next attacks.


Perez Jacomino: Do you believe that it might be a myth?


Sanchez-Ocejo: We are currently still looking for information and data to describe what it really is. As for some of the people that believe that it's a myth or a joke, there's no myth or joke that can leave the evidence that this creature has left with all those dead animals. Just ask the farmers that have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cattle! Tell the farmers that a mythological creature or a joke is killing all their animals! This creature is real, but we just don't know what it is yet.


Doctor Sanchez-Ocejo's last answer is very well said. It's about time the mainstream press covered this phenomenon. Now we just hope to hear when they going to put the interview on the air. We'll keep those VCRs ready!


Translation by Mario Andrade Revista Digital Cronos



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