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Aliens Said to Observe Earth Through Vortex

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Aliens Said to Observe Earth Through Vortex


by: Sally Suddock

Staff Writer for Cosmiverse


A UFO investigations organization says recent research by the American Science Foundation has verified the presence of New Jersey vortex that enables alien intelligent species to enter Earth's environment


Reported by Above Top Secret weekly newsletter, the so-called vortex, near Wanaque, is a "doorway system that provides an unknown species or several unknowns to travel reasonably without observation" from an unknown other side of the portal.


"When scientists at the American Science Foundation were asked by a local computer company executive to analyze claims by a study team that some form of extraterrestrial life was using a "doorway" system of highly resonant energy to covertly study humanity, they at first were skeptical," say researchers at the website. "After five months of analysis of the data, the scientists asked to perform the analysis, are no longer skeptical."


"In Denver last week, nearly 600 attendees of the Global Sciences Congress Annual Convention had the chance to witness the existence of the Alien Observer Orbs when 15 or so were captured live on digital cameras and shown to the stunned audience," says the website. The camera images were captured in stereo-optic, infrared format.


Moreover, says, the alien observers also appeared at the conference "live," which "was indicative of a human compatible intelligence, and a sense of humor, which even staged a scene reminiscent of a scene out of the movie Contact."


"The technology at use is extremely stealthy, beyond anything in the U.S. Pentagon's arsenal. And it hasn't escaped the Pentagon's attention, either: As the ASF Study Team (called TEAM ORB) observes the strange vortex, and follows and films and catalogs the orb-like evidence of the alien species travels around our planet, the Pentagon is also watching," says the organization's newsletter.


The group reported that electronic observation equipment installed by the Department of Defense at Wanaque was mysteriously destroyed, while the ASF equipment has not been interfered with.


The study also has captured the attention of the technology companies, said, among them AT&T and Bellcore. One Bellcore executive was quoted as saying that "if we can conquer space-time, then we should be able to leap beyond Einstein Relativity, to a new understanding of the Universe and how to Explore it, in real time, traveling beyond the light years, in seconds. Its quite exciting."


"Humanity may not be ready for this discovery," said Bryan Williams, one of the Team Orb researchers who was one of the original discoverers of the Vortex Doorway System. "But, apparently these astral alien beings, or whatever they are, are ready for humanity. I think we have no option but to open up a relationship with them and educate ourselves as to who they are and what they want.


Williams also believes the Orb Aliens are not alone. "It seems there is some kind of conflict going on between aliens of one order and another order, which would look kind of like lizards and dragons to us.this conflict threatens to invade our space-time," he says. "I think the Orb Beings are here to try to prepare us for the possibility of being drawn into a vast political conflict beyond our past experience, which may pop into our Solar System through one of these interstellar, interdimensional, astral doorways they use for faster than light or interdimensional travel. We need to all be very open minded, as they are obviously more advanced than we humans are."



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