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Ghostly Happening At Crescent Hotel

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Ghostly Happening At Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas


by a WOTS Reader! Submitted by: Larry Gerken


I just wanted you to know...... I am not sure if I had a 'ghostly'

experience or just an active imagination; however, I had an exciting event on Saturday September 2, 2000. This event occurred at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas. Now bear in mind that I had been explaining to Kathy (a friend of mine as well as of the couple whom got married) that the Crescent was supposedly haunted and had many exciting events occur within its history.


Kathy and I were setting up for some other friends' wedding. We had brought up many dishes and serving items in boxes and bags. It is one of these bags which is the center of attention in this story. She was setting up the serving area and I was getting some punch cups etc. from the other side of the room. I heard some shuffling in a brown bag, not unlike someone would make while searching for something. I looked toward a bag on the table. The bag is taunt at the top, and the sides converge upward, as if someone were starting to pick the bag up (please bear in mind that this bag had the paper handles on top). As soon as I looked at the bag, it settles on the table, the sides tend to relax, and the handles fall to either side; like someone had just set it down after carrying it.


I know this is a short sweet story but two additional items relayed by the preacher who performed the ceremony are:


1) he said some ladies working in the kitchen of the Crescent told him that about a week ago, they had a ketchup (or catsup) bottle fly across the room and shatter against the wall by their heads.


2) he said a young fellow (who was visibly shaken) told him the ghost had done their laundry last night. He asked for an explanation and was told that the laundry was where the old morgue was. This is locked every night and once in a while, in the middle of the night, the machines are turned on and/or turned over and pushed about with other things always scattered around the room. The preacher asked the young man why he did not quit when it obviously scared him, the man replied, 'It only happens once a month or so".


Just an interesting spot of the "Americana Supernaturala".


Larry Gerken



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