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Mystery Chupacabras

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Mystery Chupacabras


Mystery Chupacabras-Like Creature Slain in Nicaragua

By Marianela Flores Vergara (Malpaisillo)


Source El Nuevo Diario (Nicaragua)

From Scott Corrales <>

From UFO UpDates-Toronto <>



* Chupacabras Killed in Tolapa

* Strange Entity Causes Astonishment

* Farmers and Zootechnician at a loss to find a suitable classification * It was wounded and its corpse appeared several days later as a bare skeleton

* Fangs, lobes and maw are source of confusion and fear


This is the skeleton of the strange specimen dubbed "Chupacabras" which kicked off its massive sheep-slaying spree a month and a half ago. The animals turned up dead, according to local residents, due to the exsanguination caused by the perpetrator's long fangs, employed in perforating the victim's necks. (photo: Xavier Garcia)


Intense persecution of a strange entity engaged in the systematic extermination of sheep in the town of Tolapa appears to have come to a close after one of the residents managed to inflict a fatal wound on the animal commonly known as "Chupacabras."


A month and a half ago, the community embarked upon an odyssey involving massive sheep deaths resulting from the apparent extraction of blood by an unknown predator endowed with sizeable fangs capable of drilling into its victim's necks.


The presence of this being, characterized as being bold, dog-like and capable of making rapid movements, conducted its final attacks on the San Lorenzo farm, forcing the estate's owner, Jorge Luis Talavera, to initiate a hunt that would terminate the "Chupacabras"'s existence.


"It came in search of another sheep on Friday and I became aware of its presence in the paddocks. [I fired] several shots with my shotgun until [the creature] lost itself in the darkness," explained Jorge Luis, who claimed having injured the creature a week ago, judging by the blood trail found on his farm. He was unable to locate the body.


On Monday morning, the presence of circling vultures heralded the existence of a dead animal in the farm's vicinity, which roused the curiosity of watchman Jairo Garcia. Garcia headed toward where the carrion birds circled and managed to reach a cave-like structure located a hundred meters from the house: there he found the animal his employer had shot at two nights earlier and which was probably responsible for the deaths of so many sheep.



A Rare Species


Speculation regarding the sheep mutilator's appearance has been rife, with most locals agreeing that it is a strange kind of dog which feeds on blood.


After having found the alleged "Chupacabras", some locals, like Mr. Milan Rojas, claim that it is neither a dog nor a wolf, but rather the strange product of a combination of various dog types. "I am familiar with all types of wild animal and this one seems strange to me, given its bare, long and thin tail, which differs greatly from that of a wolf, which is quite hairy," he explained.


Zootechnician Giocconda Chevez, who reached the site to learn more about the discovery, noted that the animal had extremely high nails located above its claws which possibly aided it in attacking its victims, along with the oversized set of fangs.


She further notes that its eye-sockets are somewhat large in comparison with its head, making note--as did other visitors to the site--of several protuberances in the upper vertebrae "shaped like a crocodile's crest".


What Don Jairo found most startling was the lack of bodily hair and very small ears. Although the animal has been reduced to a skeleton after the vultures feasted upon it, it is shaped like a long, yellow-colored dog, given the pigmentation which can still be seen on part of its tail. Nonetheless, curiosity-seekers have indicated that its resembles no known specimen.



The Locals Lower Their Guard


People arrived by the dozens to learn more about the source of the area's panic, but as Giocconda Chevez noted, most people are interested in making sure that the so-called "Chupacabras" is dead.


Among the visitors to the San Lorenzo farm were the social workers of the Xochith Acatl Women's Center, an NGO which promotes sheep farming among women farmers, who were also affected by the Chupacabras's exploits.


In the community of San Claudio, located some 25 kilometers from Malpaisllo, the animal in question made free with two of the four sheep belonging to Mrs. Ludia Carrera, one of the parties of "Xochith Acatl". However, according to the social workers' own accounts, after learning that the alleged sheep slayer is finally dead, the population feels more at ease. "I was concerned, because I own goats and cows and at any given moment, [the creature] could turn up and kill my little animals. I hope it is the last and only one of its kind prowling this area, " stated Maria Isabel Lopez, of the town of Las Lomas.


The police and the municipal supervisor also visited the farm to verify the discovery.


Studies To Determine Species Will Be Performed


Jorge Luis Talavera, owner of the San Lorenzo farm, was responsible for bringing the Chupacabras's killing spree to an end. The carcass of this strange entity had to be removed from a cave in order that this newspaper's readers would be able to see it (photo: Xavier Castro). The skeleton and part of the animal's remains, according to Jorge Luis, shall be delivered to the Department of Biology of the UNAN (National University of Nicaragua) at Leon to undergo the corresponding specialized studies.


Biologist Pedrarias Davila indicated his willingness to carry out the corresponding analysis of the bone structure, since it is one of the most important parts employed in determining the type of species in question, along with its dentition, its skull and the shape of its claws. "Within a week we shall be able to determine if it is a domestic species or a new species not native to the country," claimed the expert.


Although there is still no scientific proof regarding the existence of an abnormal entity in the lands surrounding Malpaisillo, the public has combined myth and reality to explain the deaths of over 100 sheep through strange perforations on their necks as attributabtle to the Chupacabras--whose life of crime apparently came to an end with six bullets encrusted in its strange body.


Translation (c) 2000. Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi. Also Please Read The Next Article On This Creature!



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