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Chupacabra Killed - Corpse Found in Nicaragua

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Chupacabra Killed - Corpse Found in Nicaragua


Chupacabra Killed - Corpse Found in Nicaragua - Photo

By Marianela Flores Vergara (Malpaisillo)


Source El Nuevo Diario (Nicaragua)

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Photo Courtesy LAPRENSA LEON- The animal's skeleton that sucked the blood of the sheep at the farm "San Lorenzo", property of Jorge Luis Talavera, 154 kilometers of Malpasillo, was found in the early Monday morning hours 80 meters from the victim's corral.


"It could be a hybrid animal made up of several species, created in a laboratory by genetic engineering", said Gioconda Chévez, veterinarian of Malpaisillo.


The Specialist described the animal like a very uncommon specie, after observing the skeleton with yellow hair on its short tail, having great eye cavities, smooth bat skin like, big claws, jaw shows big teeth and a outstanding crest sticking out from the main vertebra.


Jorge Talavera explained that three days ago, He shot with his rifle a supposed "chupacabras" Killing it, but the " zopilotes" (vultures) had eaten the animal flesh and it was in a state of decomposition. In 15 days sucked the blood of 25 sheep and his neighbor lost 35 others. An average of 5 sheep per night."


In the meantime Captain Leonardo Carmona, Laboratory Criminalist Chief of Malpaisillo, said that the remain of the animal will be studied in the Hospital School of León, where veterinarians and biologists will assist in the examination of the remains, according with the information provided by Edgard Orozco, responsible for the Department of Pathology.


Here is the electronic link reported by newspaper " La Prensa" from Nicaragua

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