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June's Memories Of An Alien Abduction

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June's Memories Of An Alien Abduction Experience

Forwarded By: Mike Harman


March 10, 2000


The conscious experience of August 15. 1997 at 8:00 PM in W. Palm Beach FL was explored. June had been visiting a friend, Linda, and upon leaving Linda's home noticed a "heavy" darkness. The street lights seemed diffused and dimmer than normal. As June continued to drive, the street lights seemed even dimmer. As she approached the traffic light by the railroad crossing on the corner of A1A and Park Ave in Lake Park three cars stopped at the intersection as though the light were red on both sides. While waiting for the traffic signal, June looked down Park Avenue and saw what appeared to be a tunnel. The street lights were only pin pricks of light.


Photo of the intersection


After a long time the light turned green and June proceeded into the "eye" of the tunnel. The road seemed black and she could not see the street or even the instrument panel on her car. She down-shifted and drove slowly. The 15- minute drive from Linda's house took 45 minutes. June arrived home badly frightened.




June was regressed to the time she was at the intersection where she waited for the light to turn green.


June: "Light above, bright light--all around me. Can't move. Don't know where I am. There's a room. Shadows around me; across the room, little people looking at me. One is touching me all over. He's got something bright-- shiny in his hand. About this long." [Indicates with hands about one foot.] "A rod-- light on end. Putting it on my body. I tell him to stop. I can't move. I can only see. Ugly. Stinks."


Hypnotherapist: "What does he look like?"


June: "Like a BUG. A praying mantis. I don't know what he wants me to do. It feels warm[the rod]. I want to go home. Won't let me get up. 'You stink!' Doesn't answer. Cold in that room. Smells. "


"Back in car. Can barely see to drive. They can't get me again. Can't see to drive. Where are the buildings--have to get home--no lights. Smells bad in car...... Home. "


Hypnotherapist: "Let's go back a little to when you were in that room. Take a look at the being and around the room."


June: "Skinny fingers. Ugly... Looks like a bug. Beak... People--shadows. Small room. Looks like platinum color. Small. Little bigger than me. Smaller beings in room. Looking at me like a specimen. Never saw him before. Goes away.


"Car stinks. Didn't close car door [when she arrived at home]. Couldn't unlock door for a minute. Pink shorts--washed."


Emerging procedure.


After emerging from hypnosis June remembered that she had begun to smell the odor even before she stopped at the light. She described this as "like a skunk." The being with the rod was described as about 4 ft. tall. He had four fingers and wiggled them slowly. He had antennae as well as a "beak". She remembered that he even put the rod with the light inside her mouth. June drew pictures of the being and his hand. The "bed" she was lying on was low and close to the floor. The room was described as curved and platinum but with a greenish light that came from the walls, ceiling and floor. She did not remember being hurt by the being.


"Praying Mantis. Three feet tall using silver wand with light to run all over my body. Very dim light

in small room 8' x 8'. It stared at me for a long time. I am paralyzed."


As June drove through the "tunnel", she remembered opening the car door to try to see the center line on the street, but did not see it. She took her foot off the clutch. She remembered that the car didn't sway as it normally did and she didn't feel the road beneath her. The street lights were dim and tiny. She had a hard time breathing. "Awful feeling.  Like you died."




Hypnotherapist's Evaluation: June spoke in a very soft voice throughout this session. She sometimes opened her eyes as though looking at something and then closed them again but did not emerge from trance. Afterward, she did not remember what she had said during the session until the notes were read to her. Then she remembered the experience and was able to supply details and to draw pictures. She said that she had not heard of a "praying mantis" entity previously.




More Memories


(Hypnosis sessions conducted March 10, 2000)


June: Cold -- scared -- teeth chattering. Somebody here? Can't see him. Space. Dark. There is a way out somewhere. Earth down there. Big as a blue basketball.  Where are we? Floating in air. Black.


Can see red ground. We landed. Entity is coming ------ He wants me to look at something. Sorry I open my eyes. Destruction! Ground all burned. Not even an ant is alive.  Nobody, no sun, moon, stars. Earth burned up-- chain reaction --lot of explosions. volcanoes opening. They all go off at once. Seas are dry.  Everything goes. Doesn't take long. No air. No birds just red burned dirt. Flat--no mountains, no rain for crops.


Learn and talk. Nobody pays any attention. To busy . Angels tell me to love them all. Back in space. I can see the earth. Floating. Going through time. Tell them-- I don't know where he takes me [on a tour]. ....


I think I'll go to bed.




Later session:


June: "What is it you want of me? Why do you bring me here again? I do bad things and you laugh at me! I don't want to be here."


Hypnotherapist: "To whom are you speaking?"


June: "Doctor- standing in front of me. I'm pinned down on a table. He's doing an exam."


Hypnotherapist: "What does he look like?"


June: "He's a little monstrous fellow. He looks like the devil without horns. He has a [dark purple] cape on. Medallion with an eagle. The cruelest eyes I've ever seen. Smirks a lot."


HT: "What is he doing to you?"


June: "Trying to dominate me. Does not succeed always. Mad! Shoots electricity through me - very painful. Often leaves me on the table a long time. I'm cold - no clothes. Little greys all around. They sound like chipmunks. Squeaky noises. Busy, busy little men. Put clothes on me, take me back through the tunnel."


HT: "What kind of tunnel?"


June: "Like a dark tornado. Plop, plop, through the roof.


Wake up. Nothing wrong - needle mark. Blood on pillow case."


MM: "Where did the blood come from?"


June: "From my arm. Greys do it with a needle when they come and get you."


HT: "What kind of exam did the doctor do?"


June: "Gynecological exam. I hate it! Sometimes he rapes me! Awful! So sore when he finishes. [Crying] I bleed a lot. I come home, wash my orange robe - so much blood. In the morning that is why the robe is wet."


[Pause, very upset. HT reminds her that she is safe now.]


June: "Sometimes he's not there. Somebody else, sympathetic- takes me around on the ship. Shows me how they run it. They run it with their minds --symbiotic."


HT: "What does this one look like?"


June: "The doctor looks like a young human with bigger eyes. Short blonde hair, little mustache. [Later memory, tight aqua uniform with snake emblem in gold, wearing boots.] Not big. Four or five inches shorter then me. Uses telepathy - says he knows my daughter. I don't know who it is. Where is she? He won't tell me. She stays on the ship. They are preparing her to come down here. He said to get used to it. I wanted to see her. She wasn't there. I said 'Where is she?' Laboratory ship. 'How old is she?' He said, 'How old do you think I am?' I said, '23-24?' He said '46' [age of daughter]. Her name? Won't tell me. [Crying] Take me to the other doctor! Help me find her! He couldn't. Why did you tell me? My daughter missed me. He took me back; the other doctor didn't show. Back down the tunnel. No needle marks. Why do they do these things? Go to sleep."


HT: "Let's go back just a little and see how you got into the tunnel."


June: "There is a ramp on the ship, looks like it's a walkway attached. Goes out on a gentle grade. It's corrugated with a railing on the platform. There's a door and it looks like the little hole begins to grow and grow until it sucks you in there. A vortex. Quiet. A little scary. You're way out --- like a parachute, an elevator. Looks dimly lit. A whitish light. Not bright.


June was emerged from hypnosis. The last regression seemed to be by far the most traumatic and we discussed it at length. June felt that she had been "taken" since early childhood and possibly impregnated and abused since age 13. The two "doctors" seemed to be hybrids. The abusive doctor was the same one she had recalled consciously. The "bad things" were her attempts to escape.


June's Past Experiences


The Net


June writes:  On Sunday May 14, 2000 at 11:07 A.M. I awoke from a weird dream. In it there were mountains, hills, trees, streams, and on the ground below me (I was flying) there stood five or six groups of people, 25 to 30 people in all. All of them seemed to be whispering things, just out of my hearing. As I soared over their heads they would look quietly up at me and then resume their whispering. These people looked normal in every way, right down to their shoes!


Suddenly I awoke and I was instantly aware of a kind of silver mesh net undulating throughout my entire bedroom and just above my body. it reminded me somewhat of a fish net drying in the breeze, only horizontally, or like a sail on a mast puffing in and out.


I closed my eyes tightly to dispel what I thought had to be a dream. But when I opened them again six or 7 seconds later, it [the net] was still there. It remained where it was for at least 30 seconds more, then it began to scrunch up and it sort of oozed down my hallway toward the living room, disappearing as it passed by the kitchen.


I instantly thought of dimension in time and space. Don't know why! I felt like I'd been enclosed inside the "net" and taken somewhere strange!"


June's sketch of the net.


[Unlike some of her previous experiences, June did not find this one frightening. She is, however, eager to know whether anyone has had a similar experience. Send correspondence to



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