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A Florida Woman's Alien Encounter

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A Florida Woman's Alien Encounter True Story


Forwarded By: Michael Harman


"Fighter", an attractive and articulate Florida woman, suddenly became aware of alien contact on January 13, 2000 when she awoke to find herself being dropped onto her bed by a non-human entity. Close to her face she saw a huge head approximately 14" by 16" on a thin body. At the same time she felt a puff of breath coming from the entity's open mouth. She sensed that the being was surprised that she had awakened. Although she was terrified, she went to sleep.


Fighter's Sketch


On February 6, 2000 Fighter again awoke and heard a screaming sound similar to a jet engine. She was totally paralyzed and her eyes were closed, but she "saw" a being approaching her and two other unclothed beings about 4 feet tall by the door of the room. Enraged that her privacy had been violated, Fighter strove to say "No!" It took about a minute until she was able to move her mouth, but when she did, the beings simply dematerialized and were gone. She later felt that these beings could have been extraterrestrial, lacked any kind of mercy or pity, and were probably programmed to perform their duties.


Other Experiences


In March 2000, Fighter lost what she thought was a filling, about the size of a mustard seed, from her tooth. Only later did she see pictures of implants that had been removed from abductees and realized that her "filling" looked similar. Unfortunately she had discarded the object.


On April 3, 2000 Fighter spread salt and used Eucalyptus oil aroma, blessed the whole house and slept with her Bible in anticipation of an intrusion by the beings. She had been noticing a lump coming up on one of her molars but on the morning of April 4, the lump was gone. The normally quiet dogs were restless all night.


For three successive months there has been evidence of an incident on the 6th of the month.


Fighter has had premonitions and feelings of dread that the beings would arrive on the night before this actually occurred.


In the 1970s Fighter was with three other young people near Virginia Beach when they all heard a noise like a jet engine and looking up, saw the underside of the biggest airship any of them had ever seen. It was probably triangular, but since it was so low (close to the treetops), and moved 5 to 20 miles per hour, it was impossible to see all of it. In the daylight they were able to view what appeared to be nodules in the craft, estimated to be 300 ft. wide. After this, none of the group had any memories of the rest of the day. Three of the four people remember seeing the craft.


The same four people saw a glowing cigar-shaped "ship" that zoomed from horizon to horizon almost instantaneously. The witnesses who were near a naval ordinance base in Norfolk, Virginia were standing on a bridge which allowed them an unobstructed view of the craft.


Physical Indications


Fighter has experienced three miscarriages from which no fetus was found. One of these occurred after her fallopian tubes had been surgically tied.


She has a faint circle on her left arm beneath which a lump can be felt. A burning sensation is often felt as a band on her upper left arm, but there is no visible evidence of injury.


She has experienced migraines and nosebleeds and in April 2000 three red dots appeared on the left side of her neck below the ear.


Family Signs


One of Fighter's two sons has suffered frequent nosebleeds and when he was four or five years of age had a dream that a "really tall man" was leading him somewhere. The other son has had frequent ear infections; both have experienced crust on their navels.


Paranormal Manifestations


At one time a blue thermos lunch box flew over the piano and bounced off of a wall.


Fighter has lived in three houses where "things followed me."


Fighter smelled Desert Flower, her grandmother's perfume after the latter had died; Fighter's husband saw a "smoky thing" while the dogs barked at the walls. There was at times a green light in the house. At another time Fighter saw her grandmother walking with her grandfather; "pure joy" accompanied them.


Objects have disappeared and sometimes reappeared.



[Editor's note: Fighter has used several methods to resist alien interference. She has firmly maintained that the aliens have no right to take her or to perform medical procedures on her. During an attempted abduction, she has managed to break paralysis by concentration and moving a part of her body. She has deep faith in God and calls on Him to protect her. She uses salt and Eucalyptus oil to discourage the aliens.


Her level of fear is a healthy one, "like a soldier going into battle" and her confidence is high. She hopes to "make them go away for good" and to help others to do so.]



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