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Scientific Ufology-Roswell and Beyond

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New Book: Scientific Ufology-Roswell and Beyond-How Scientific Methodology Can Prove The Reality of UFOs!


By: Kevin D. Randle, Ph.D Captain U.S.A.F.R.


Kevin Randle, the leading expert on the UFO crash at Roswell, reveals how scientific methodology can prove the reality of UFOs in his latest book "Scientific Ufology"


Captain Kevin D. Randle is respected as a fair-minded, serious researcher of the UFO phenomenon. Trained as a pilot, and working as an intelligence officer during his time in the Airforce, Randle brings a unique military background into ongoing research of the UFO phenomenon by exploring the viewpoints of lay people, government and the military alike. He is perhaps best known for his book "UFO Crash at Roswell," which provided the groundwork for the Showtime feature 'ROSWELL.'


Scientific Ufology examines the physical evidence of visitors from beyond our solar system, ignoring biased government documents and sensationalize media accounts. Randle mounts the first serious independent analysis of the UFO phenomena is the hard-hitting investigative report by using methods of scientific methodology to scrutinize, among other things, eyewitness reports, photographs and video footage, and radar images. Skillfully researched and detailed, Scientific Ufology provides, for the first time, accurate and riveting answers to questions about alien life and UFOs that have puzzled mankind for decades.


For the past 53 years the government has held back some of the forth coming information about this alien visitation or was it an invasion?


Some newly released letters will reveal how the government has lied about their involvement into this UFO research.


Don't miss this most intriguing book and the questions which will finally be answered...


This book can now be purchased through most book stores and on-line markets.


Scientific Ufology by Kevin D. Randle, Captain, U.S.A.F.R.

Harper Torch Publication: Printing June 1st, 2000





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Book - Scientific Ufology: Roswell and Beyond



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