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Chupacabra & Mothman Clearinghouse

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Chupacabra & Mothman Clearinghouse


By: Jerry Glass, Mufon State Section Director


In 1957, I read a book entitled, "On the Tracks of Unknown Animals" by Bernard Heubelmann. Little did I know 40 years later, I would be driving around San Bernardino County's high-desert in a 4X4 searching for EL Chupacabra!


The green fireball, which flew from New Mexico to Ventura, California on October 8, 1996, produced hundreds of sightings. To my surprise several people reported encounters with a strange, unknown animal.


On January 18, 1997, at the Pyramid Book store in Hesperia, I interviewed five eye witnesses.


From their descriptions, the creature stood four feet tall. It's face was egg shaped with a small nose. The mouth was small and circular with long thin fangs. It had huge multi-faceted eyes which when reflecting light, glowed red. The body is covered with short fur, like a hyena, and was colored gray with dark grey spots. Porcupine-like quills ran from it's head down it's back. It's legs were powerful looking and shaped like a rabbit or kangaroo. One witness who reported an attack on his pet pig, stated the animal easily out ran his dogs (I estimated at 35 miles per hour). In it's escape, it leaped over a three and a half foot chicken wire fence. In another case, it was reported to have cleared a five foot hedge. Tracks with three- clawed toes were found. All encounters were located in the same isolated geographical area near the San Andreas faultline.


The creature our local witnesses described was first reported two years ago in Puerto Rico. "El Chupacabra," Spanish for "Goat Sucker" was so named because of the animals found drained of all blood. Since that time, reports indicated Chupacabras have migrated into Mexico, South into Costa Rica, North into Texas, and West into New Mexico, Arizona, California's San Diego County, and now, North (possibly following the faultline) into Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.


One witness followed the tracks from his home, two and a half miles into the surrounding foothills, where the tracks were washed away by the winter rains.


The witness also reported this past summer coyotes filled the area. The witness, who has nine dogs, said the coyotes were so brazen, they actually came up to the porch and ate the dog's food. However, within the past few months the coyote population has diminished. Remarkably, the witness's dogs discovered the bones of several dead coyotes. You might expect, that with the coyote population down, rabbits and rats would overrun the area, but their numbers are down too. I can only speculate that the coyote being the area's largest predator and top of the food chain, was culled by the Chupacabras due to competition.


Like the 1960's English and West Virginia reports of the Mothman, in some cases the Chupacabra has been reported to be able to fly. Like the Mothman, witnesses have also reported the loss of domestic barnyard animals.


In the Chupacabra's case two thousand animals have been reportedly found dead in Puerto Rico and Mexico alone. The animals were found with two deep puncure marks at the base of the skull, the liver removed, and the blood found was uncoagulated. Again, I can only postulate that some sort of pre-digestant venom was injected. Sadly, so many poor farmers have lost their livelihood that they are butchering poultry and other animals found and sending them to market. My worry is that ingesting this tainted food will cause hemorraging.


As the news spread about our area's local encounters, I received calls from television reporters and researchers world-wide. So many in fact, that MUFON Riverside County decided to make this site a clearinghouse. If you have sighted or encountered a Chupacabra or Mothman-type of creature, please use the reporting form enclosed, call, or E-mail us. <>


MUFON Riverside County 112 North Harvard Avenue, Suite 120 Claremont, CA. 91711 USA  Jerry Glass <> State Section Director: (909)471-1194



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