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Chileans Believe Chupacabras NASA Creation

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Chileans Believe Chupacabras NASA Creation


Chileans Believe Chupacabras to be a NASA Creation  by Marcial Campos Maza (EFE)

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Monday 29, 2000

CALAMA (Chile) EFE newsagency


"The gringoes had at least three genetic experiments run away from them and they've only been able to capture two of them," states Dagoberto Corante, a Chilean architect.


Residents of the city of Calama and nearby communities are blaming NASA, the U.S. space agency for the apparitions and attacks of the mysterious Chupacabras, which has caused ruin among farm animals in the region and in other parts of Chile. Several dozen goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits and other animals turned up dead in northern Calama and its environs last April--their bodies completely exanguinated and undevoured by the mysterious predator.


Among the Chupacabras' alleged characteristics are the ability of leaping over three meter tall walls and walking unmolested among dogs, while police and volunteer patrols who have set out after it only find some scattered footprints which are nearly impossible to identify in the areas desert terrain, some 1500 km from Santiago.


An investigation ordered by the authorities concluded that the slayings were the product of attacks by packs of wild dogs, but no one beleived this version while claims of new Chupacabras attacks developed in different parts of central and southern Chile.


According to Dagoberto Corante, one such creature was captured by elements of a local regiment in an operation that resulted in the death of a soldier, but the military have allegedly refused to discuss the matter. "It is said that the captured animal was kept all day at the regiment's [barracks] until NASA experts arrived to take it away." observed Corante, who is well known and respected in the area in which the Chupacabras has feasted on blood and spread fear among the population. "The day that the events transpired, the military even closed the airport for several hours to enable the landing of a helicopter conveying American scientists." he added, "although no one is quite sure why they had to close an airport in order for a helicopter to function--these are devices able to land anywhere, and the fact has given rise to much spectulation and rumor."


Mario Ramos, a respected resident of San Pedro de Atacama, where he owns a butcher shop, largely agrees with the Corante's story and concerns, and while he doesn't care to discuss the subject, agreed that a soldier had indeed perished during the Chupacabras' capture.


Translation (c) 2000. Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Many thanks to Gloria Coluchi for this information.



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