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'Chupacabras' and a Black Helicopter

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'Chupacabras' and a Black Helicopter


"Chupacabras" and a Black Helicopter  By c Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo


Unmarked black helicopters of uncertain provenance have been reported flying all over the United States, some sources listing hundreds of sighting from all over the country. We are aware that the frequency of black chopper sightings have increased within the past few years due to the special Internet bulletin boards and via small "underground" and "patriot" newspapers.


In 1992, similar black helicopter traffic was reported in Napa Valley area in California and in the west. Hamilton Air Force has confirmed that the black helicopters originate from their area and that the mission is classified. There are indications that government agencies are building new underground facilities in the event of disasters or nuclear war. It has been speculated that the black helicopters were providing direct laser communication to satellites. The agencies associated with these underground facilities include the Pentagon, CIA, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Security Agency (NSA).


FEMA is known to operates a number of underground installations across the country. This installations are usually surrounded by high fences and patrolled by armed guards. Wackenhut Corporation is a private security company that government agencies contract to provide security in prisons, hospitals, government installations and other facilities. Some investigators claim that the black helicopters are not a military operation, but rather are operated by this government agency.


Groups calling themselves freemen, patriots, constitutionalists and militias have grow louder during the past three years. They are turning up in a variety of places among people and groups with no visible connection to each other. The only common denominator is the distrust of a government grown too large and powerful. Experts estimate fewer than 100,000 Americans are involved. They are not dumb or crazy people. It's all sorts of people who feel a sense of desperation and frustration with economic, social and political issues. For them, unmarked black helicopters are buzzing the countryside now to find the biggest pockets of resistance. Some mystery blacks helicopter were observed during cattle mutilation in the west, but the majority, however, appear to be normal terrestrial craft. So what they were doing in Miami, flying over a ranch during a Chupacabras attack?.


On April 7,1996 Sunday, at 10 o'clock in the morning, journalist Manuel Figueroa, Kerry Cabre Barba, and I were at the gate of Rafael Moreno's ranch, where a chupacabras attack had taken place the night before. Suddenly we heard the motor sound of an helicopter. Camera ready, Figueroa shot two images of a black helicopter without marks, flying at an unsafe low altitude over our heads and over the ranch before disappearing in the horizon. Is the Chupacabra mystery some secret testing biological research by some government agency?. I don't know, but one thing is real, some one was tracking the chupacabras attacks and here is the photographic evidence. See it for yourself!!!.


In the top photograph, you can see the electrical cables and the black helicopter flying over head. In the bottom photograph, you can see the ranch entrance and the black helicopter (red arrow) flying over it.



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