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The Burns Hotel, Alloway

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The Burns Hotel, Alloway


Forwarded by: (Mark)


Tam O' Shanter and the three witches besides, the Burns Hotel has its own ghosts. Now undergoing renovation and soon to be re-named the Brigadoon Hotel, mysterious happenings are being reported from the site at the present moment.


Every security officer who has been on duty at the works since the early part of this year have reported mysterious banging's during the night. This could easily be put down to the building settling if it wasn't for the fact that they also occurred when the hotel was raised to the ground and all that was there was rubble. The guards have investigated the noises but have found no intruders or anything for that matter untoward. One particular noise is a terrific loud 'thud' which occurs at 1am. in the morning. Having gone through the report book, it shows that several guards have reported this, all at Apr. the same time of the morning and they have found no explanation to account for it.


Before its recent conversion the previous owner was convinced that the ghostly figure of a woman walked the halls and corridors during the night. It is said that a young chamber maid committed suicide on the premises and it is her spirit that haunts the site.


Residents have complained of ghostly footfalls in the night, the night porter became quite unnerved at not being able to account for the footfalls; frustrated at not being able to keep certain doors locked, even though he was the only one who had the keys, and annoyed at the lights which would continuously turn themselves back on after he put them out.


One ex-member of staff actually saw the figure of the ghost walking down a corridor, as she called , the phantom turned, looked at the woman, then turned again only to disappear through a wall. It was later discovered that at the particular spot in the wall which she passed through, there was once a doorway that had been blocked off. The witness described the phantom as, "young looking with long fair hair, pretty, but with a tormented look." The phantom is also said to cough and many times it has been heard.


Strange lights appear in the tree's which sit in the hotel grounds. Even today, with the electricity supply switched off, lights and glows are seen from the partially built building.


Maybe a new phantom haunts the hotel, as recently in June of this year a gentleman was observed in the early hours of the morning, whilst daylight, standing on the bridge looking down into the gardens and at the guard. The man disappeared in an instant.


As for myself, I have seen the lights in the tree's, have observed them from all angles and in different lighting conditions. I have noticed the effects passing car headlights and other light sources have in the area, and they remain a little enigma to me. I have also seen an eerie glow one evening while stood in the street talking with the security guard. We both entered the building to find an explanation but none was fourth coming. I have also heard the coughing which lasted intermittently for five hours. We could find no one who we could blame it on.


The new owner of the hotel hopes that the renovation will rid the premises of the alleged ghost, but in fact it seems to have made matters worse. If you should happen to find yourself in Alloway and decide to visit the Brig a' Doon and should see sat in a car a security guard, than spare a thought for him, give him a smile and a little pray as you pass on your way, for who knows what he might encounter later on in the night.



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