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Hopkinsville Goblins (UFOs?)

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Hopkinsville Goblins (UFOs?)


Silver goblins from space, with huge elephantine ears and bulbous glowing yellow eyes, immune to bullets, and able to float through the air, terrorize a farmhouse in rural Kentucky. It sounds like the plot of an over-imaginative sci-fi movie. However, it is an accurate summary of the terrifying scenario that the Sutton family of Hopkinsville claimed to have experienced on that extraordinary August evening, after they watched a silver object fly over their home and land in a nearby gully.


There were at least two, and possibly more, of the bizarre goblin-like entities, - they moved so rapidly, scrambling over the farm's roof and peering through its windows, and inspired such fear among their panic-stricken human observers, that it was difficult to be sure of their numbers. Eventually, the Suttons fled, taking their story to the police. They then returned home with several officers, who saw nothing. Once the officers left, the goblins returned, and continued tormenting the Suttons until daybreak, before disappearing for good.


Despite receiving considerable ridicule over the years, the Suttons have stuck to their story, and the case of the Hopkinsville goblins remains one of the weirdest, yet most fascinating, reports of an apparent alien encounter ever recorded. - Karl Shuker



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