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Antonio Villas Boa's Abduction

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Antonio Villas Boa's Abduction


by Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo c 1998


We bring this case up because the subject was never contacted by telepathic means, non he was paralyzed and the abduction was done with sign language.


The confrontation occurred in October 15, 1957 in a ranch located in San Francisco de Sales, in the State Minas Gerais, Brazil. Sometime after the experience, Antonio Villas Boas reported it to a reduced group of friends and the rumor alerted two Brazilian experts in UFOs, the journalist Joao Martins and Dr. Olavo Fontes. After two years of silence a Brazilian journalist Heitor Durville obtained the complete text and the medical report of the secret investigation done by the Brazilian Navy Intelligence Department. This report was published in two parts by the 2001 Magazine No 21 and No 22. Here is a brief taken from that report.


It happens in the night, about 1a.m.,and Villas Boas was plowing the ground with his tractor, when he notices a red star in the sky. The light grew larger and looked as if it were coming to him. In a few moment it had grown into a very bright, egg-like object. The object hovered at about 160 feet above him. Then the object dived forward and stopped it landed at about 35 to 45 feet in front of the tractor. The object looked like a large elongated egg, with three metal spurs in from of it, they were three metal bars, thick at one end and spiked at the tip. Those metal legs or tripod were holding the object when it landed. Villas Boas jumped out of the tractor and tried to escape by running away, but he was caught by a small female figure. He turned around and gave the creature a violent push and tried to continue his escape, but at the same time, he was attacked by three other entities.


They took him by the arms and lifted him off the ground, he could not defend himself. He began to call for help and yell and curse, demanding to be freed. He noticed that as they were dragging him to the machine, his yelling had aroused their curiosity and surprised them. They stopped to watch him closely every time Villas Boas opened his mouth to yell.


In this manner they carried him to the UFO. A door was opened out from top to bottom, forming a kind of bridge, the end of which was held to a metal ladder. He was lifted up to it.


Once inside the UFO, he noticed that they were standing in a small room. There were 5 of them altogether, one of them made a gesture to him with his hand, (sign language) to go to another room. He decided to obey him. They went into another large room, oval in shape. He believed this room must have been in the center of the UFO. The only furniture visible was an oddly shaped table that stood at one side of the room surrounded by several backless swivel chairs. Here is what happened then, continued Villas Boas:


"For endless moments I stood in that room, both my arms held fast by two of the men while those strange people watched me and apparently talked about me. I say "talk" as a manner of speech, for what they said had no resemblance whatsoever to human speech. They talked in growls, like dog do, in a way. This comparison is not quite fitting, but it's the only one I can think of to describe those sounds, so different were they from anything I had ever heard before."


"The grunts were emitted slowly; they were neither high-pitched nor too low; some were longer, others shorter, sometimes containing several different sounds at the same time, at other times ending in a tremor. But they sounded to me only like animal growls and there was nothing that could be taken for the sound of a syllable or for a word in a foreign language. Nothing what so ever!."


"To me, it all sounded the same, so now I cannot remember a word of it. It baffles me how those people could understand each other."


After that, they undressed him. Villas Boas protested but they obviously couldn't understand him. They stripped him naked. One of the men got near him, he was holding something like a wet sponge and began to spread a liquid all over his skin.


The three men who were growling and making signs, took him to another room. There, he was left alone for over half an hour. The room was empty, except for a large couch in the middle of it. It looked like a kind of bed. Then he began to notice an odd smoke and smell which made him sick. He ended up by vomiting. Then he starting having difficulty in breathing, the smoke ceased but he still kept feeling sick. After what seemed to him an enormously long time, a noise at the door made him stand up. The door was open and a woman, entirely naked, came toward him in silence.


"She had blonde hair, pale skin, large blue slanted eyes, reduced lips, nose, ears and high flat cheekbones that gave the impression of a sharply pointed chin. She was looking at me all the while as if she wanted something from me."


She hugged him and began to rub her head against his face. He became uncontrollably sexually excited and ended having intercourse with her. Then they opened the door and one of the men appeared at the doorstep. Before leaving she turned to him, pointed to her belly, and pointed to the sky.


One of the men came back again bringing his clothes and beckoned to him to get dressed. They left the room and went to another, where three of the crew were sitting on swivel chairs, growling, among themselves. One of the men got up and motioned to follow him. We walked to the front door that was open once more and the ladder was down.


They didn't go down, though, the man made him understand that he should follow him toward the platform that went around the machine. Farther on, the man pointed at three metal poles, which were solidly fixed into the sides and into the front part of the machine, like three metal spurs. There were no windows to be seen. After visiting the front of the machine, we turned back, they stood still for a few seconds and then the man pointed up to where the enormous saucer- shape copula rotated, it turn slowly around and was lit up by greenish, fluorescent lights. It made a sound like a vacuum cleaner socking in air, a kind of whistle. After the visit to the back of the machine, they walked back to the door. The man pointed to the metal stair and signaled him to go down it. He then pointed to himself, then to the ground, and then to the southerly direction to the sky, he again signaled him to step back, and disappeared inside the machine.


The metal ladder began to shrink, each step fitting into the other like a pile of boards. When it reached the top, the door began to lift until it fit right into the wall and became invisible. The lights got brighter, the saucer-shape copula turned around so quickly that it became invisible, the machine began to lift slowly straight up. At the same time the three legs of the tripod began to lift sideways so the lower part of each began to fit into the upper part. The bottom looked as smooth and polished as if the tripod had never been there


The machine kept rising slowly into space till it was a little over 14 feet above the ground. It stopped for a few moments. Then the machine darted off suddenly like a bullet, southward, and disappeared from sight in a few seconds.


Villas Boas went back to his tractor. It was 5.30 a.m.. He spent four hours and fifteen minutes on it.





As you can notice, all the Villas Boas abduction was lead by hand sign language and some guttural sounds coming from the throat. This resembles deaf-mute people. Contrary to today's abductions, there was no missing time; and the sexual contact was physical, without resorting to traumatic methods experienced by today abductees. The abduction of Villas Boas is an example of sexual compatibility between these entities and a human being. This makes us believe that their DNA is consistent with ours. Therefore, do we all have the same roots?.


After his experience, Villas Boas drew back from public life to continue his studies, getting a law degree and becoming a practicing attorney in the city of Formosa, Gojas.


We met him in 1983 at the 2nd International Congress in Brasilia, Brazil. He died in 1992 in the city of Uberaba, in Brazil's Triangulo Minero.



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