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Haunting: The House That Made Us Move

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Haunting: The House That Made Us Move


By: Diana



I've lived in houses inhabited by spirits before, I'm happy to have them around for the most part. They keep me company when I'm lonesome and I never get that feeling of being alone. For a woman that's a pretty big deal in this day and age when Home invasions seem run of the Mill.


I've always been willing to share my home with any other worldly inhabitance as long as we can get along.. this is the story of the one place we couldn't get along, the only place I've ever moved away from in utter fear of my life and sanity.


My husband and I moved to Louisiana where my Mom was living when I was 3 month pregnant, back in 1994, her friend had bought a home and was refurbishing it to rent and as the rent was reasonable and the house was lovely with a Gigantic back yard for the dog, so we jumped at the chance.


Three days before the landlord had finished the final touches we took a tour of the house. It only had 2 bedrooms so one was obviously going to become the nursery (the smaller of the 2 logically). However the smaller of the 2 rooms didn't feel right, it was creepy to say the least but I never mentioned it or spoke up to my husband since we had paid 2 months rent already and nothing was going to stop us from moving in...besides he had lived with Ghosts before so what was the big deal?! -right?


At the time my husband was having to work 2 jobs to afford all the baby things but he didn't mind and I, having been told to stay off my feet due to medical complications, spent a lot of time in the house alone.


The small bedroom and the bathroom were right next to one another at the end of a short hallway that came off the living room and kitchen area. Our master bedroom was also off the hallway and shared a common wall between closets of the "nursery" (we started calling it 'the room' soon after moving in) also located in the hall was a small door that had the AC/heat unit in it which was had a pilot light.


At first it was just real creepy around 'the room' and that feeling continued to grow. I didn't like going into the room and here I was supposed to be decorating for a new baby, it was supposed to be a joyful time and yet it wasn't. Around my 6th month of pregnancy (that time when your bladder shrinks to nothing) I had to make frequent use of the facilities but I found the dread so overbearing that I would hold it until I near to burst before dashing down the hall then I'd try to get the business over with as soon as possible so 'it' wouldn't notice me.


My husband who would come home in the wee hours of the morning to sleep for 3 hours before going out to his next job started reporting not only the discomfort but noises (which I never heard) coming from where the heat and AC were located- he said it sounded like Pacman.. when the ghosts would eat him- the sound of pacman dying as it were.


Every morning he would hear this and upon checking that AC closet would note that the pilot light had gone out yet again.


At night I would lie awake in bed in the dark with the light from the bathroom on (I was too afraid to sleep in full darkness) until I was parched, my thirst seemed unquenchable and thus I had to make frequent trips to the refrigerator and the restroom... a frightful journey.


On Several Occasions I noticed something out of the corner of my eye dash from the hall into the living room and I always thought it was a blond child about fiveish years old, of course that could be predetermination since from the 3rd day we had moved in I would wake up in the night hearing a child cry "Mommy Mommy Mommy" (however my mother convinced me that was typical for a pregnant woman and I was all too eager to believe)


I finally broke down and smudged the house and told the spirits living there that we could share the house if they would stop frightening me. However this seemed to increase the activity and the feelings associated with 'the room'.


Late nights my dog (professionally trained) would be lying at the foot of my bed usually asleep and would jolt upright and begin barking furiously and growling at the door, several times I would give her the command to go check it out (me being the chicken I wasn't going anywhere near it) but she wouldn't budge and if given a shove towards it she would back peddle and whine with her hackels up-totally, unlike her normal self. In the following weeks she began urinating in the house and cringing a lot which was totally abnormal for her, she acted like we were beating her or something...


I closed off the room and decided we should start looking for another place to move but hadn't yet broached the subject with my husband.. That night I fell asleep late and was awaken in the middle of the night parched and having to pee but was not going to get out of the bed. No way no how no sir. Starting to coax myself back into dreamland I heard distinctly a little girls voice crying "mommy mommy!" well that snapped me wide awake and my eyes flew open. There should have been light coming from the hall since I always left the bathroom light on but there wasn't and as I peeked around my stomach I saw 2 figures in the doorway... scared the living crap out of me let me tell you.!!


It was a woman and a child the woman looked like her eyes had been burnt out with a hot poker or something and the child (thankfully) normal looking but they were both.. not glowing.. but I could see them distinctly even in the pitch blackness of the room. The feeling was one of anger and overwhelming sorrow and an underlying feeling of loss. The child kept tugging the woman's hand and saying "Mommy, Mommy!" the lady's eye's which were nothing more than black holes in her face started glowing a red color and behind them was a red light as well and it gave the impression of a fire, then they were gone and the light that had looked so much like fire was the normal white light from the bathroom that I could not see when I first sat up.


The next day I told my husband of it and said we were moving or at least I was.


I don't know if I was being told that a fire had killed them.. or there was going to be a fire in that house. When we packed to move we noticed that a few things had turned up missing, all of which had been stored in the closet adjoining 'the room''s closet, among the items was my husbands gun (he was in security and had a permit). No one had been in that house but us and we both knew where it was. To this day my mother thinks he pawned it but he just isn't the type. But we moved and after my son was born I've never had him call me mommy.... He calls me momma.



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