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Newsletter Archive 2000

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Newsletter Archive 2000


Newsletter Archive Jan 2000


Jan 17, 2000

Our Moon's Forbidden History


Jan 24, 2000

Haunting: The House That Made Us Move


Jan 31, 2000

The Haunted Farmhouse
Antonio Villas Boa's Abduction



Newsletter Archive Feb 2000


Feb 7, 2000

Foo Fighters Over Europe
Hopkinsville Goblins (UFOs?)
The Burns Hotel, Alloway


Feb 28, 2000

Lemp Shades



Newsletter Archive Mar 2000


Mar 20, 2000

Haunted Yakama


Mar 27, 2000

Haunted Yakama (Part 2)

Cases of Ghosts and Poltergeists in German

Ghost' Prompts Murder Brains To Surrender

UFO Abduction



Newsletter Archive Apr 2000





Newsletter Archive May 2000


May 1, 2000

The Spook House


May 15, 2000

Man Beasts and UFOs
Hampton Court's Ghostly Tale


May 29, 2000

'Chupacabras' and a Black Helicopter



Newsletter Archive Jun 2000


Jun 5, 2000

Did America really go to the Moon
Chileans Believe Chupacabras NASA Creation


Jun 12, 2000

Haunted New Orleans
UFO Crashes In Latin America


Jun 19, 2000

FOIA Request Frustrations
Ghost Hunters Take Their Camera To Alton House


Jun 26, 2000

Spontaneous Human Combustion
Scientific Ufology-Roswell and Beyond
Chupacabra & Mothman Clearinghouse



Newsletter Archive Jul 2000


Jul 3, 2000

Ghostly Hauntings


Jul 7, 2000

A Florida Woman's Alien Encounter


Jul 17, 2000

June's Memories Of An Alien Abduction Experience


Jul 31, 2000

Ghosts Invade Kenyan Schools



Newsletter Archive Aug 2000


Aug 14, 2000

Ghosts: A Realtors Dream Or Nightmare


Aug 21, 2000

Martian and Lunar Anomalies
The Human Mutilation Factor


Aug 28, 2000

The Roswell Encyclopedia



Newsletter Archive Sep 2000


Sep 4, 2000

Is There a Landing Strip on The Moon?
Mystery Chupacabras
Chupacabra Killed - Corpse Found in Nicaragua


Sep 11, 2000

Ghost Chasers Buy Allegedly Haunted Castle
Image in House Photo Stirs Spirited Debate
Ghostly Happening At Crescent Hotel


Sep 18, 2000

Yajna to Get Rid of Crash Victims' Ghosts


Sep 25, 2000

Ancient Trees May Explain Story of Atlantis
Seen a Bigfoot Lately?



Newsletter Archive Oct 2000


Oct 2, 2000

Don't Trust This Face


Oct 9, 2000

Aliens Said to Observe Earth Through Vortex


Oct 16, 2000

The Dark Side Of The Moon Landings!



Newsletter Archive Nov 2000


Nov 13, 2000

WW II Document Research: In Search of 'Foo-Fighters'


Nov 27, 2000

The Mystery of Spontaneous Human Combustion



Newsletter Archive Dec 2000






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