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Believe It Or Not/200,000 Year Old...

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Believe It Or Not/200,000 Year Old Female Baby found in MOON Rocks


In 1969 Apollo 11 astronauts brought back what appeared to be an aborted baby in a rock that was found during their historic expedition. For 24 years, NASA kept the baby's discovery from the public. The story finally came to light when South African geologist Dr. Richard Call showed newsmen the baby's preserved remains. Dr. Call told the reporters the shriveled fetus had been smuggled to him by a concerned NASA lab technician. Dr. Call took the fetus to his laboratory in Durban, South Africa, and has spent the last six years studying it. 'Based on our studies of this baby, we've been able to draw some stunning conclusions about the moon, about the earth and - most importantly - about human evolution';


# The fetus is human, female, six inches tall and approximately 200,000 years old.


# Scans of the fetus' brain and her cranium size indicate that it's intelligence was even higher than that of modern man.


Therefore this is proof that ET's can travel backwards and forewards in time and space and have visited the Moon at least 200,000 years ago and have also probably been visiting Earth also for at least this length of time. It is also proof of their human cross-breeding and abduction programme. I wonder what other secrets NASA and the Governments of the World might be keeping from us?



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