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Siberian Yeti

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Siberian Yeti


In the decade after World War II Slavomir Rawicz, a Polish refugee living in England, wrote about his experiences in 'The Long Walk'. In this book he claimed that he and six others escaped from a Siberian prison camp and walked 2,000 miles to freedom.


During their grueling journey to India they crossed the Himalayas. It was there, one day in May 1942, that he said they saw two massive Yeti.


"They were nearly eight feet tall and standing erect," Rawicz wrote. "The heads were squarish and . . . the shoulders sloped sharply down to a powerful chest and long arms, the wrists of which reached the knees."


One was slightly larger than the other, and Rawicz and his companions concluded they were a male and female.


The unknown creatures looked at the humans, but appeared completely indifferent. Unfortunately, the beasts were in the middle of the most obvious route for the refugees to continue their descent, and the men were disinclined to approach much closer in spite of the apparent lack of interest.


The refugee party finally moved off by another route. Behind them the Yeti watched their retreat with obvious unconcern, and then turned away to look out over the magnificent scenery.



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