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Interview With The Most Haunted Band In Canada

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Interview With The Most Haunted Band In Canada


Sci-Fi Prodigy" WOTS Pick Of The Month "Excellence Award!"





During a research I was conducting on "Curses" I came along a website that really caught my interest. As I started to read the different paranormal things that were on this site, I thought that I would do an e -mail interview with the leader of this band (Patrick Cross) to further understand about this fascinating Band and their on going investigations . I'm sure that you will also find that their true life stories and personal "ghostly" pictures are well worth the trip to their site.


Also I have named this site my March Excellence Award! All the stories are true that are presented on their site. Thank you Patrick for giving my readers your most gracious time in spending a few moments to better understand the motivations of your fine band!


WOTS>World Of The Strange


PC>Patrick Cross "Lead Vocals of the Sci-Fi Prodigy Band


WOTS: Please introduce the Members Of The Band! PC: That's a tough one..hahaha...because a lot of the members quit the band due to all the ghostly happenings, paranormal events and of course the Sci-Fi Curse! The current members are:

(myself)-Patrick Cross-Lead Vocals/All Guitars.

Rhonda Bruce-Bass Guitar/Vocals

Pulse Howard-Drums/Percussion/Sound Effects

Tom Augere-Keyboards/Vocals/Special Effects.


WOTS:What would you classify as the style of music you play and write? PC: Well, the music is actually our own genre-called Sci-Fi rock! We are the first band to be credited for developing and labeling Sci-Fi Rock! It's a mixture of classic rock, fusion, jazz, classical and soundtrack music with a lot of special effects. lasers, bombs, sci-fi sounds, space sounds, explosions and. hey just like watching a movie.


It's like Bryan Adams meets Star Trek and the X-Files. We have developed a huge sci-fi fan following and we are still independent as a rock band! We have turned down 3 major recording contracts because the record companies want to own everything and give us nothing, like steal the whole idea now that is developed but not market us for ourselves-all for them!


So we are D.I.Y. and shopping for an International Distribution deal. We do well! We market ourselves on the internet and science fiction magazines. I'm also a member of several ghost societies who do seminars ongoing to look for ghosts, hauntings and do ghost photography. We have a new CD out with our real haunted pictures of ghosts, put together by Dave Oester and Sharon Gill, famous paranormal researchers-called The Ghost Gallery!


As a rock band, we really do perform concerts at haunted houses, where ghosts do appear and we have radio remotes with the event, bar-b-ques and promotional giveaways. It is fun but also serious.



WOTS: I understand that the band Sci-Fi Prodigy is known as Canada's Most Haunted! Can You Tell Me Why?


PC: Yes..we are called Canada's Most Haunted Band! Due to the fact we have had many ghosts that appear in the studio, at gigs, performances.. and show up at different members houses and really scare the heck out of them! We seem to have at least 3 ghosts following and haunting the band! My apartment is haunted and we do have several ghost pictures taken around the band on stage in the studio and around my guitar! Frankly, I don't know why! It isn't really evil.. just ghostly apparitions! Also all kinds of things happen! Power failures.. weird lights, orbs coming out of the bands instruments, sounds, voices.. talking...and some bad experiences.. black smoke figures.. cars going up in flames.. and yes, we even have blood dripping from the walls at a gig, where 100 people saw all this! I guess it can be related to the fact that I grew up in a haunted house so I always have been around ghosts! When we perform. Ghosts do appear and doors open.. things happen! That is why we are called Canada's Most Haunted! Cause this is all real...documented with sound and pictures! Believe!...People are also really into these kind of ghost hauntings...I just call it a Sci-Fi Curse!



WOTS: So you're really "A Real Life Ghost Hunter"?


PC) Yes, I have been involved in parapsychology since in my teens. I have always been around ghosts and grew up with 3 ghosts in our house, sounds, voices, scratchings on the wall, footsteps, cold air chills, shadows and eerie music from an organ that was turned off and un-plugged ! I got involved with ghosts because I had a lot of them or strange things appear. Never knew why, but could talk or relate to them and studied ghosts, and what they are: from Larry Muntz-famous world paranormal researcher as well as worked with Barry Taft, Troy Taylor who dedicate their lives to looking for and researching ghosts and phenomena. Since I have always been fascinated by Science Fiction.


I starting writing and composing music for film and television-now I create and compose special sound effects, multimedia and music for CD-ROM, games, TV commercials and my own originals.



WOTS: How do people receive you in this line of the paranormal?


PC: Well...people do accept it now...rather than say 5 years ago when we started! It is thought to be unique and hey.. why not relate the paranormal through music! Like a Musician's Guide To The Paranormal! We are definitely not categorized as your regular band!.. and we are looked on as professional.. rather than just a fad...or jumping on the band wagon! I have also done a lot of research on the subject of ghosts and hauntings and studied as a parapsychologist.. so I have a lot of understanding on this...and all the research and stories.. are presented to the ufo/ghost research society! I really think people like the serious.. helping approach! We do inform and teach.. so it is a helping hand! It just happens to be a rock band investigating rather than a group of scientists.. or university researchers! People accept it and find it amazing!!!



WOTS: You have been interviewed by Bud Hopkins? Have you also been featured in other spotlights?


PC: Yes, we have been featured on The Camilla Scott TV show, CTV Television Canada, The Toronto Sun-ShowBizz-August 1997 and many times a regular guest on the number one Canadian Radio Show-TheX-Zone! CKTB610am , St Catharines Ontario. Also been featured on the BBC-London England, April 1998-CONTAC, a ufo documentary. Featured on the Celebrity Cafe!-online interview,New York-December 1998! We recently did a TV show special on CKVR-The New VR, Barrie Ontario, October 29,1998.We are now working on a major movie for a tv show, in Los Angeles California.



WOTS: What was your most interesting investigation to date?


PC: Actually, the best one of all, was in my own apartment in another building where I lived. This was 1988 when I just got married! This was Oakville, Ontario-Canada My wife and I had got home late from our wedding honeymoon and were sleeping in the next day. When I awoke to the sound of someone in our apartment! It sounded like someone was moving around...moving the wedding gifts..paper and stuff! I freaked.. thinking someone had broken in, but we were on the 3 floor and no one could climb the balcony. I went out slowly to the front room and first looked around, to see if anyone was there? No sign of anyone! I went to see if the door was locked..and that was still locked with the chain on the door. I went to the middle of the front room and looked around, I had a knife in hand, thinking someone was hiding in the dining room! To my surprise, all the papers, gifts, everything was moved around. Not the way we left it! Like someone had looked at it all! Then, the movement of paper wrappings happened about 5 feet in front of me, I froze and it literally, moved in the air! I was scared, so I tried to make sense of this..then I saw a whitish...image moving around or hovering around the apartment! It was transparent, the outline of a man or figure! This freaked me out! I just yelled and my wife came out and she saw the image too. The ghost moved thru the presents knocking them to the floor and just vanished, as if we distracted it! So, that scared me the most! As it happened right in front of me! The fact my wife also saw it, made me know it was real and I didn't make it up! I found out later, that we thought it was my wife's dead brother, who committed suicide several years ago and maybe was visiting to see the newlyweds! It was also a cold, draft of air, no sound but chilling cold! Go right past you! Every time I think of it, I get goose bumps! Anyway, I have had many other ghost experiences, but this one made a lasting impression! The coolest one most recently was a month ago at the haunted recording studio! There is a ghost of a cat that appears there and you can feel it brush against your leg It jumps on the chairs and you feel a cold spot, at one spot only in the middle of the room! I thought this was interesting, since it proves animals come back as ghosts too!



WOTS: How Can People Contact You On Your Songs?


PC: Ok..ghost fans! Just visit our website and email us at:


also contact us at: 1-416-201-4670 Our 24hour ghost/ufo info line!



WOTS: Are you planning to tour at all in the USA? PC: Yes! We do tour off and on! We played Las Vegas 2 times now, and plan to play in Florida and Los Angeles, California this summer!

People can also visit our concert/tour/convention listings at:



EDITORS NOTE: Patrick Cross will be appearing at the SYMPOSIUM May 14 - May 16 1999 at The 1999 'X' Symposium, Lecture & Symposium The Parkway Ramada Inn & Convention Center, St. Catharines,Ontario, Canada Exhibitor - SCI - FI PRODIGY BAND - Canada's only Sci-Fi and Haunted Band, Featuring PATRICK CROSS.

Sci-Fi Prodigy Band!

"Canada's Official Science Fiction Band!"



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