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Edward Leedskalnin and Coral Castle

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Edward Leedskalnin and Coral Castle


Edward Leedskalnin and Coral Castle - 20th Century Wonder


From time immemorial, men have created fabulous stone works that have excited the curiosity of later generations. People have marveled at the Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge of England, the Great Wall of China, and other famous stone works scattered about the earth.


One of the most awe-inspiring stone creations is the Coral Castle of Florida, created single-handedly by the late Edward Leedskalnin, an obscure Latvian immigrant. Located 25 miles south of Miami on U.S. Highway 1, it is breathtaking in scope and imagination, unbelievable for skill and patience required. Constructed in complete secrecy, it baffles engineers and laymen alike.


The story of this fantastic castle began more than 50 years ago when Edward Leedskalnin came to South Florida. He chose this sparsely settled section of Florida because he "wanted to get away from the world ." Here he began many years of self-induced hard labor in order to forget his unrequited love for his one and only sweetheart. This young girl who he always referred to as his "Sweet Sixteen," jilted him for another on the eve of their wedding day in his native Latvia. An extremely sensitive soul, he was deeply hurt and made the decision to leave his native country and seek solace elsewhere.


Here on the edge of the Everglades he apparently felt he was far enough away from people, and settled down on a small plot of land which a generous neighbor permitted him to use.


He built a house from logs cut from the surrounding pine trees and coral rock which he quarried on the premises.Thus began the strange and unusual project he set for himself, interrupted only by his moving to a larger plot of ground three miles north of Homestead, which after 25 years of continuous labor culminated in the completion of what can only be described as one of the strangest works of man in all history.


The Coral Castle is no ordinary structure. It is set on a 10-acre tract of land, the castle proper being surrounded by an eight-foot-high wall made of huge blocks of coral rock, each weighing several tons.


The tower contains 243 tons, the first floor of which Leedskalnin used as a workshop and the second floor housed his living quarters. An air of mystery prevailed about these quarters since no one was permitted entry.


Behind the huge walls of the castle in beautiful settings are fantastic pieces of coral rock furniture and movable objects which he created from his fertile imagination. There are rocking chairs weighing thousands of pounds so delicately balanced they move at the touch of a finger.


Couches, beds, chairs, tables of all sizes and shapes, including one table hewn from solid coral rock into the shape of the state of Florida , and another cut into the shape of a heart with a beautiful ever-blooming floral centerpiece growing out of the center of this rock table


There are huge crescents atop walls 20 feet high, an obelisk reaching up to the sky weighing 28 tons that Leedskalnin set in place by the use of simple hand tools. There is an ingenious Polaris telescope carved out of the coral rock standing 25 foot in height. As in most castles there is a subterranean well, with a circular staircase carved out of the rock leading down into the water. Leedskalnin's famous nine-ton gate is in the east wall.


The Coral Castle has become a familiar sight over the years to travelers on US Higway 1 on the way to the Florida Keys. Many, ntrigued by this coral edifice have taken the time to explore it, while others raced by wondering at its incongruity in this modern world of ours.


Those who stopped were met by the man who constructed this monumental work, and guided around while he explained its many mysteries. But one thing he never told anyone was how he ever was able to move the huge coral rocks weighing up to 35 tons which he excavated single-handed. When asked, he replied simply that he knew the secrets used in the building of the Pyramids of Egypt.


Whatever the secrets or principles of construction he used, they died with him when he passed away in a Miami hospital in December, 1951. It can be said his knowledge of the practical use of pulleys and levers was not exceeded by the ancient Greeks or Egyptians.


Altogether there are approximately 1000 tons of coral rock used in the construction of the walls and tower alone, a stupendous achievement for one man, unequaled in all history. In addition more than 100 tons of coral rock were used in the carvings of the artistic objects throughout the entire castle.


Recognition of Edward Leedskalnin's masterpiece has grown steadily over the years. Acknowledged today as possibly the best example of native or primitive art in the United States, it is also acclaimed as one of the finest examples of massive stone construction in America. It is considered by many as one of the true wonders of the world.


For more than 50 years it has been a landmark of South Florida, and Leedskalnin has become a legendary figure. Thus, although he never again saw the girl who inspired him, the Coral Castle of South Florida stands as a monument for all to see and marvel at the genius, imagination and skill of this strange but brilliant man.



Coral Castle : A Monumental Feat Accomplished by One Man by Fred Graham


A frail man weighing not more than 100 pounds quarried a piece of coral from the earth weighing over 28 tons. He then transported it, raised it, all alone, without the aid of machinery or modern tools.


Edward Leedskalnin of South Florida did just that and much more. He cut , quarried and raised a castle consisting of over 1,000 tons of coral rock and 100 tons of carvings, the greatest achievement in our history. His coral building blocks included stones weighing twice the weight of the largest block of the Great Pyramid. His creation of Rock Gate, later to be called Coral Castle, ranks with the great wonders of our world....with the mysteries in stone on Easter Island and with Stonehenge in England. It is located on U.S. 1 25 miles south of Miami.


To this day, no one, not scientist or engineer, can explain how he was able to accomplish this Herculean project.


B. J. Cathie, a captain flying with National Airways Corp. of New Zealand and author of "Harmonic 33" and "Harmonic 695, the UFO and Anti-Gravity," presents a look into the Coral Castle happening that Ed just might agree with if he were alive today.


Cathie's well researched theory is that a vast power grid that governs a whole array of extra-ordinary and unrelated world phenomena has been set up "between some groups on this planet and the UFOs."


Captain Cathie believes that "one day the scientists will no longer be able to turn their backs on the basic precepts of true science. They will have to examine all evidence impartially before they reach their conclusions; and instead of offering only ridicule, they will carry out a full world-wide investigation into all the phenomena related to UFO's and the grid from which those vehicles are drawing their power."


In his writing he says, "We wonder; couldn't it be that the scientists have the full explanation of UFO's, and for reasons not yet clear, are deliberately keeping the knowledge as a jealously guarded secret within their own closed ranks?"


The captain explains that there exists, on our globe, an all-encompassing grid, the interlocking lines of which correspond to the lines of flight of verified UFO appearances.


Once the discovery of a geometric pattern of UFO activity was made, it seemed to indicate a definite purpose in the presence of UFO's about our planetary surface. When the grid was broken down into mathematical coordinates, it was found that all values represented in the grid had direct harmonic relationships with the speed of light, gravity and earth mass.


When the author correlated all of the different phenomena, he concluded, "All major changes of the physical state, anywhere in the world, are brought about by the harmonic interactions of those manifestations which we refer to as; gravity, light, mass, electrical and magnetic forces.


The controlled manipulation of these resonant forces would, in my hypothesis, make it possible to move mass from one point to another in space time (that is, to the eye of a theoretical observer, instantaneously).


In summation, Cathie says, "Other measurements from the Coral Castle position to the zero-degree and 90-degree longitude lines when they passed through the equator also yielded harmonics related to light and gravity. The final check of the distance between Coral Castle and grid pole A in the north dispelled any doubt about the site being in an ideal position to allow Leedskalnin to erect the huge blocks of coral with relative ease. Measurements from all major points gave the geometric harmonics necessary for the manipulation of anti-gravity


.It seems that Ed Leedskalnin knew what he was doing when he deliberately sele ted this area for the erection of his famed Coral Castle.


Whether or not he knew the secrets of the Pyramids, or more modernly, levitation, anti-gravity or the secret of the UFO grid will never be known. His secret died with him in 1951.


Was he a man born before his time, or was he a man from perhaps another time? Whatever the case, Ed Leedskalnin was a man whose mission on earth was known to him. He has left his monuments for us to ponder, his secrets for us to discover and his Coral Castle as an accomplishment worthy of our admiration and respect.



Vanguard notes...


The above information is sent out as part of a press kit obtained by writing Coral Castle of Florida, 28655 S. Federal Hwy., Homestead, Florida 33033.


Our attention was first brought to this interesting matter from the television show "In Search of...". The story was broadcast sometime in 1980 as I recall. From that a phone call was made to the proprietors of the structure which yielded the press kit.


The TV show said that Leedskalnin was believed to have sang to the stones. It was said that he placed his hands on the stone to be lifted and sang which somehow caused it to lose weight. NO ONE EVER SAW HIM DO THIS! However, the structure remains to show he knew something far in advance of engineering technology then or now.


Another comment from the TV show was that no trace could be seen indicating the use of a hoist, pulley or lever/fulcrum.


I was so intrigued that I finally flew out there for vacation in 1986. The site is very impressive and I climbed all over it to examine all the stone artifacts.


Contrary to the report about no indications of hoists or pulleys, I found several rings attached to the outside walls which could be used to provide a hoist. Also of interest was the technique Leedskalnin developed to quarry the coral. He would shatter the coral to develop a crack, then widen the crack with a tool by continual digging.


He would then heat up automobile shock absorbers (leaf springs) which would cause them to lose their spring. These were then placed in the crack between the stones. When cold water was poured on them, they would spring open to separate the coral.


Leedskalnin also did many experiments, particularly into the area of magnets and electricity. His point of view is so different from most that KeelyNet will place all the information we have on him in consecutive files named LEED1 and up.


The next file LEED2 will contain his outlook on politics and how property is the main reason for the existence of governments, etc. A most discerning viewpoint. All subsequent LEED files will contain as much technical info as we have on the subject.


As to levitation, the TV show had witnesses who had known Leedskalnin. One lady in particular spoke of the singing to the stones . Another account says he would have a large truck deliver a huge block.


When asked if he had a hoist or A-frame to move it, Ed would tell the driver to return on the morrow to retrieve his truck. Overnite, Leedskalnin would single-handedly manage to move the stone from the truck onto his site.


One of the witnesses said that many people tried to "catch" Leedskalnin in the act of moving a stone so that once and for all, his method would be known. She said that he seemed to "know" when he was being watched and would simply putter around or go to other parts of the structure.


At present, the verdict is not in on Leedskalnin. The fact that I SAW evidence of physical manipulation techiques does NOT preclude the possibility that he had other methods of moving the stones.


Personally, based on the researches of Keely in addition to others, I think levitation CAN be induced in matter, even with such a simple tool as the human voice. The priests of Egypt were trained to develop deep and resonant voices to carry out their priestly functions. The use of voice and music is touted in such legends as Orpheus and how music can soothe the savage beast.


It is known from the study of CHLADNI surfaces, resonance and interference, that all matter is affected to some degree by artificially applied waves of force, no matter what the nature of the force, i.e. sound, electricity, magnetic fields, heat, etc...If the waves are structured and intelligently applied, the effects can encompass a wide range of phenomena.


Stories and legends abound relating to Egyptians, Mayans, Druids, Eastern and Western Indians, etc. exhibiting "powers" generated from voice, geometric patterns and/or combinations of substances.


If Leedskalnin simply developed a superior means of multiplication of effort through leverage, then he must have researched the matter in local libraries or come to some "realization" beyond that currently available.


Based on his researches into magnetic current, it would appear that Leedskalnin was onto something FAR BEYOND simple leverage. For additional info, we suggest you download SAUCSONG in addition to the AIRSHIP series on KeelyNet.


Obviously this area is of intense interest to those of us at KeelyNet and Vanguard Sciences. We would greatly appreciate any further information you might be willing to share on this subject.



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