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Ghosts of the Prairie

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Ghosts of the Prairie - America's Most Haunted Places, the Top Ten


By Troy Taylor


On an almost daily basis (it seems like), I receive calls and letters asking me what I believe are the most haunted places in America. Of course, there are a number of ways to answer that.... it can be answered with the idea of being the most active places (in which case I can name a couple of places that no one has ever heard of) or it can be the most legendary places (in which no real activity has been reported for decades but it remains a well-known spot). See the dilemma that I face?


So instead of trying to present some long and documented discussion of these haunted places and trying to break them down versus a "good story" and real paranormal activity, I decided to simply name what are my favorite haunted spots. I have chosen ten places which I feel fall into the category of "America's Most Haunted Places". They are not in order and have been listed randomly on the page.


I would be curious what you think of my choices and should you decide to send me some other spots, I would be happy to pass them along to our other visitors in our weekly newsletters. Let me know what you think via email.... Troy Taylor


1. THE BELL WITCH CAVE Associated with the story of the infamous Bell Witch, this site marks ones of the oldest stories in American ghost lore . It was believed by some that the witch escaped into this cave after she ended her haunting of the Bell family, but this is probably a convenient explanation to cover the weird events and strange phenomena associated with the cave. Located in Adams, Tennessee.


2. THE OLD SLAVE HOUSE (HICKORY HILL) This mansion marks one of the only places where slavery existed legally in Illinois and is today believed to be haunted by the ghosts of slaves who were imprisoned and mistreated there. Located near Junction, Illinois.


3. THE LEMP MANSION This home was one the pride of an eccentric brewing family named Lemp. After Prohibition was passed and the family fortunes dwindled, the house became the scene of suicide and tragedy. It is believed that several members of the family still linger today. Located in St. Louis, Missouri.


4. BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY Believed to be the most haunted place in the Chicago area, this abandoned and desecrated cemetery boast more than 100 documented paranormal events.Located near Midlothian, Illinois.


5. GETTYSBURG NATIONAL BATTLEFIELD The terrible fighting which took place here in 1863 and caused dozens of ghosts and spirits to linger here. There are a number of haunted places in the small town of Gettysburg and the battlefield itself which bear examination and make it a very haunted region. Located in southern Pennsylvania.

(Editor's Note) This one I personally know about, and their are hundreds of stories about this most famous Battle...who knows they are still finding artifacts in Gettysburg.


6. ALCATRAZ This former "escape-proof" prison, closed down in 1963, has been reportedly haunted ever since and documentation by staff members and visitors leads many to believe that many of the former prisoners are still waiting here to be freed. Located in the San Francisco, California bay.


7. DUDLEYTOWN Perhaps one of the most infamous locations on the East Coast! Dudleytown was a cursed and abandoned village that was first settled in 1738. The residents were plagued by accidents, suicide and insanity and eventually the town was deserted. The location remains a very haunted one today! Located in northwestern Connecticut.


8. THE WINCHESTER MANSION This mysterious house was started in 1884 by Sarah Winchester and she never stopped building! Believing that she was haunted by the spirits of those who died by Winchester rifles, she was instructed by a medium to never stop building or she would die. The house became a fantastic maze is said to still be haunted today. Located in San Jose, California.


9. THE MYRTLES PLANTATION This house was built in 1796 and has been haunted for more than a century. Perhaps the most famous ghost here is that of a former servant who was hanged for poisoning the young children of the plantation master. A spooky and intriguing place! Located near St . Francisville, Louisiana.


10. THE STEVE LEE HOUSE This is perhaps the only location on the list that does not have a famous story to tell.... but it is without a doubt one of the most haunted sites in America. Plagued by strange lights, apparitions and weird phenomena, this is one of the strangest places that I have ever heard of. Located near Black Forest, Colorado.

Editor's Note: My Thanks to Troy for his most generosity to WOTS. Also if you would like to view any materials on these place please visit the site for all the new information given.




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