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Nostradamus and Saddam Hussein

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Nostradamus and Saddam Hussein


BY: John Mainert


Did Nostradamus predict the death of Saddam Hussein and the overthrow of his regime?


When the Sixteenth Century seer and astrologer made his famous predictions for the future of mankind, he altered the names of people and places to conceal their true identities. One of the mysterious tyrants he mentions in his prophecies is called 'Mabus.'


Could Mabus be the dictator Saddam Hussein? If you spell Mabus backwards, you get the word Sudam. This sounds suspiciously like the French pronunciation of Saddam. Nostradamus, of course, was from Provence in the south of France.


Now let us look at the Mabus prediction (Century II - Quatrain 62):


"Sudam will then soon die, and there will come a horrible destruction of people and animals Suddenly vengeance will be revealed, a hundred hands, thirst and hunger, when the comet will pass."


Could this prophecy refer to the death of Saddam Hussein and a subsequent uprising of the Iraqi people - the Kurds, Shiites and others - against his supporters?


The prophecy refers to a terrible destruction of both people and animals. It is strange that he refers to the death of animals. Conventional weapons do not affect animals to any great extent. Does this mean that the people and animals will be destroyed by weapons of mass destruction or perhaps they will be poisoned by fallout from bombed chemical or biological weapons factories?


The fallout from the destroyed weapons factories would also poison the water supply and cause the "thirst" mentioned in the prediction. The people of Iraq are already "hungry" because of the UN sanctions imposed upon the Saddam regime. Warfare or chemical contamination would lead to severe food shortages.


Nostradamus says that these events will take place when "the comet will pass." He could mean this literally, in which case we will have to wait for a comet to pass over the Middle East. On the other hand, Nostradamus may have used the word 'comet' as a descriptive term. An observer from the Sixteenth Century may have described a jet aircraft or a missile as a comet. After the United States made a cruise missile attack on terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, local witnesses described the incoming missiles as 'comets.'


So, what do we have if we put all these interpretations together? The death of Saddam Hussein would be followed by a bloody uprising against his regime. Many people and animals will be killed by weapons of mass destruction or poisoned by the destruction of chemical and biological weapons plants. There would be chronic food and water shortages. These events will occur after a cruise missile attack.

Perhaps these events will take place soon.



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