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The Ghost Of The Hotel Del Coronada

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The Ghost Of The Hotel Del Coronada


By: Karal Ayn Barnett c 1998


Billy Wilder's movie, SOME LIKE IT HOT, features some very famous stars from Hollywood like Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon to name a few. But the movie also stars a hotel, fictionally placed in Miami, Florida, where Marilyn meets Tony and falls in love. The movie's stars went on to become legends in Hollywood. But the historic Hotel del Coronado, actually located in San Diego, California, has become something of a legend in its own right.


Legend has it that WIZARD OF OZ creator L. Frank Baum fashioned his Emerald City on the hotel's Victorian cupola and ruby-shingled structure.  The Prince of Wales was rumored to have met his Mrs. Simpson there. President and Mrs. Clinton have stayed at the 692-room hotel, as have actor Kevin Costner and rock singer Bono.  While more than a few stars have been guests at this famous landmark, the hotel has a star all its own -- a ghost-star. It's haunted.


According to lore, a woman named Kate Morgan visited the hotel in 1892 to meet with her estranged husband. She checked into a room to wait for him, but sadly, he never showed up. Four days later, Kate was found on the beach, dead, from a bullet wound to the head. A pistol was found near her body, and it was believed that she committed suicide. But later it was determined that the gun was not the weapon used to kill her.


Apparently, Kate's spirit still cries out for justice. Hotel guests have complained to the management that strange things occur in the room that Kate once occupied -- the television comes on and goes off by itself; the cold water tap runs hot, and vice versa.


But it's the noise that seems to be most disturbing to some guests. When President Gerald Ford stayed in the hotel during his tenure, he asked his Secret Service agent to call the management and complain about a disturbance. He said that there was commotion on the floor above him and he wanted the management to intervene. But there didn't seem to be much that anyone could do. Yes, President Ford was in the very room where Kate Morgan had once stayed. But it was on the top floor of the hotel.


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My Thanks goes out to Karal, for all her support in sending WOTS her most welcomed articles!



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