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A Nottingham Ghost Story

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A Nottingham Ghost Story


By; John Mainert Freelance Researcher


Ghostly goings-on back in the eighties still haunt Glennis Cuddeford to this day. She quit her job as a chambermaid at Bestwood Lodge in Nottingham, England, after working at the reputedly haunted hall for two years.


During that time ghosts were said to stroll around the premises before vanishing into thin air, spooky voices were heard in the cellar where bodies were allegedly buried and some staff felt they were being watched.


Glennis said: "Although I never saw any of the ghosts, the things I felt and heard about will stay in my memory forever.


"I always remember when we had to clean the family room. It always smelled strongly of oranges whenever children had stayed there but there were never any oranges or peel around and it was only when kids had been in, never adults.


"Staff saw people dressed in medieval clothes who mysteriously disappeared and, once, when one of the barmen went to change a barrel in the cellar, the lights went out and a voice said to him 'Can I help you, Sir?'


"I remember him rushing back upstairs with his hair standing on end, his face as white as a sheet and his body shaking with terror and asking which one of us was playing tricks on him.

"Nobody had touched the light switch or been down there. But when he went back downstairs the barrel pipe had mysteriously been changed.


"I finally left after two years working there in 1985. The place scared me to death."


Bestwood Lodge was originally a royal hunting lodge. It provided shelter for the medieval kings of England when they hunted stags and wild boar in Sherwood Forest.


It was later used as a love nest by Charles II and his mistress Nell Gwynn. The grateful king gave the lodge to his lover in the 1680s. Nell Gwynn, of course, was famous for being a orange seller before becoming an actress and meeting the king. It's strange how you could still smell oranges in her home, 300 years after her death. Business Web Site not related to story line



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